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#623566 How will YOU remember Floyd Mayweather (Floyd Thanks OUR SITE! Post #7-Video!)

Posted by checkleft on 13 September 2015 - 11:29 AM

Ice water. The guy got absolute all the hate in world that an athlete could get and not once did he let it affect his performance in the ring. That to me is probably his greatest achievement ever, being one of the most talented boxers to ever lace up, enduring all of the criticism and hate in the world, and still being great
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#626200 Bigger threat to 47

Posted by checkleft on 03 February 2016 - 08:58 PM

In light of recent events I think canelo is the biggest threat to the fighters at 147
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#624807 Canelo wants a catchweight

Posted by BrutUalBK on 28 October 2015 - 08:50 PM

I just don't see what type of pride a fighter feels after they've asked a fighter to meet them at a catchweight. I mean, if the fighter wins, then how much credit do they want for making a guy come down a few lbs?


Yeah I know...."b-b-b-b-but it's only 4 lbs doe. He weighed in 2 lbs heavier in his lass fight, so can come down 2 mo pounds bruh". Stop it....some of these guys work hard just to hit the contracted weight limit, so asking that 1 or 2 or 4 lbs may be a lot. 


GGG can't decide what weight class he's in, unless it's the right guy. Hell, he should catch flack for that, but in a sense, if the money's right, then....we all know how the money thing goes. GGG won't fight Ward at 168, but he was willing to face Chavez...which he saw as an easier and more lucrative fight. Can you blame him? He was only willing to go down to 154 to face Floyd, can you blame him? He said it, right?


I mean....Sergio did it when a Kirkland fight was brought to him years ago. He was willing to come down to 154 to face Floyd or Manny, but he wanted Kirkland to move up? Yep....seems like most of these guys are doing it. 


Canelo is still holding on to 154/155....I mean....who tha fuck else could he fight at 154 that will be entertaining and make sense? It's just an ugly situation for boxing when it comes to these catchweights, but shit, if they produce good fights, then why not? Hell....I can see Crawford and Manny fighting at 144 or maybe even 142....I don't see Manny coming down to 140....he'll flex his A-side muscle on that one, I promise. 

Stuff like this "weight posturing" back and forth and being picky about the opponent when doing so makes me appreciate guys like Tito Trinidad even moreso today than I did back then, he never made weight an issue, he'd take a year off and come back and fight the top dude without a tune-up bout.


How I long for the day to return when we have another fighter as ballsy as Trinidad, I guess they just don't make em like that anymore.  Nowadays all we get are a bunch of moneygrubbing, cherrypicking, candy-asses who shelter themselves behind their promoters and fight only when it is convenient to do so.

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#624700 Floyd Mayweather Drug Testing Controversy/Possible PED

Posted by daprofessor on 22 October 2015 - 06:36 PM

pay close attention to the ppl writing these articles. they're the same ppl who have been hating on floyd and al haymon since the beginning. they also happen to be the same people who gave pac a pass when he refused testing...and who also gave life to the bullshit stories that lead to the lawsuits from mainevents, toprank and gbp. it's all bullshit. they are shills aka pens for hire. 

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#622882 Manny Pacquiao reportedly admits to faking injury

Posted by Dolimite on 14 August 2015 - 07:20 PM

Can someone please explain to me how this constitutes as him faking his injury?

They said he had a tear like Kobe Bryant, Kobe was out a year plus. He wasn't traveling or swimming in the sea. plus they showed Kobe's MRI, still hasn't seen Pac's. He lied plain and simple. Do you honestly believe he hurt his shoulder? He raised his arms high up in the air after the bell in the 12th round. He even told Max that he felt he won the fight. Pac got exposed and he isn't keeping up with the script.
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#620495 Al Haymon Lawsuit...

Posted by Cshel86 on 23 May 2015 - 07:34 PM

So let me get this straight, everybody has cried about boxing being so unorganized, fighters getting ripped off, etc., and now that Haymon is running a tight ship, it's an issue? 


I also find it funny that most of you are actually being educated while you hate on the man. Half of yall had no idea what the Muhammad Ali Act was, let alone the difference and responsibilities of a promoter and a manager. :lol:


I made those duties and differences clear in a thread a couple of months ago, now everybody's running wild with this "knowledge" of what this man is doing. At the end of the day, people will watch these fights REGARDLESS, so why try to drum up this petition to run Haymon out? 


We're actually getting most of the fights that we want to see because of him? Nobody pissed and moaned in 2013, but then it surely surfaced in 2014 about not getting the fights that "the fans" wanna see. I can understand last year's decline, a little, but c'mon, this year has been pretty damn good thus far and STILL people are complaining about Haymon. 


I find it funny that people care about fighter's money, management, title belts and so on when it's convenient for them....when they're trying to drive a point. My thing is, who cares? It's the fighter's own responsibility when they sign up for stuff like this. It's not like boxing is going to end IF this lawsuit holds up. 


I swear, some act like yall are handling these fighters' careers and losing money behind it. Hell, half of yall rarely show up around here on fight night, but go out of your way to try and prove how bad Haymon is for boxing when a flimsy lawsuit surfaces. 


I'm in no way defending what Haymon is doing (if he's in fact committing a crime), because truthfully, I couldn't care less....I'm not the fighter, it's not my career. I'm just addressing the hate and the fact that people hate some (if not all) of Haymon's fighters, starting with Floyd, Broner, Garcia, and the list goes on. Get over it. 


Where was all of this evidence when Arum was fucking fighters over? The guy (Haymon) has to know what he's doing, if he and a few others can gather nearly half a billion dollars together and get this whole ship sailing. Nobody's gonna gather that much money and stumble across something as simple as the MAA and ruin it all.


I find it funny that a guy(Oscar) who stole a fuckin fighter (Canelo) from a promoter, can make such an outcry about the best interest of fighters....something that a promoter has shit to do and couldn't care less about. 

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#619317 Fight Party Pet Peeves

Posted by Franchize on 23 April 2015 - 12:18 PM

So my pops called me the other day like "hey I was thinking about ordering the fight at the house, you should come up." I live in Maryland. He lives in my hometown of NYC. Part of me wants to go but the other part doesn't feel like driving and paying all those tolls. So I call my boys here. I only have like 2 close friends I chill with here. I asked a simple question. "What yall doing for the fight." One of them takes mad long to respond...as usual The other says "nothing really." Then he says "I was thinking about having some people over." Then he says "but my boy who's a bartender said he's having a hot tub fight party and is inviting some chicks over who are straight eye candy." 


All I cold think of was "nigga didn't you start off with "nothing really." Looks like I might be buying this one at the crib like the last 2 and watching it alone. He fronts like he's a sports fan, but he really just likes to attend shit for the experience. We get free tickets to Wizards games, this MFer barely be watching the game. We get fights, this MFer focused on getting chicken wings and watching other shit until the main event come on. Nah pimpin. Yall know my rule. When I order the fight, I want to see the entire card. Iont give a fuck if Jim Gray is fighting Jim Lampley for the BJC (Best Jim Championship) belt. When I get a birthday card from CVS I don't get just the message on a piece of paper. I get the whole fucking card. So if I'm paying for PPV, same rules apply. I want the WHOLE FUCKING CARD! At $100, that shit is gonna stay on my TV until them MFers say "aight man...shit is over." 

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#632101 Major Blow to the Sport of Boxing?

Posted by Cshel86 on 06 March 2017 - 02:12 PM

Boxing fans are their own worst enemy.

Took the words right outta my mouth! I've been saying that for a while now, and at this point, I'm blue in the face. 


Boxing fans ask for shit, then still find a reason to complain about it. We ask for the best to fight the best, we get the fights, and look what happens.


1. We want GGG to be bigest next big star, but only about 100k people bought the Lemiuex fight.


2. We want an undisputed champ at 175....rougly 150k bought the Ward/Kovalev fight. Most of the bitches that complained about the fight, didn't even buy it. How does that work? Now we're publicly trashing an unified champ at 175 because he wasn't the one that we wanted to win. Bullcrap. 


3. We complained about the "mismatch" cards that Haymon puts on, but somehow, someway, the Garcia/Salka tripleheader pulled in 800k views. Somehow, the Jack/DeGale fight only pulled in half of that....and that was a unification bout. Sad.


4. We hate Floyd and want him to retire for good, but we entertain the idea of a stupid McGregor fight, and still make fantasy fight threads. 


5. We complained about PPV prices being so high, but complain about FREE boxing and ask for ALL big fights....but don't wanna pay. Go figure. You gotta pay to play.


6. We're mad at the results of Thurman/Garcia, but nobody wants to admit that there's something special about Garcia, because Keith couldn't go out there and blast through him. Had he done exactly that, Keith would've immediately become "the truth", but nobody would've given Danny credit. How can a man be labeled "the truth" after knocking out a "bum", as most have called Danny over the years. Still confused about that one. 


7. We want to keep the sport alive, but we publicly trash it on social media when a fight doesn't go our way.


8. We call ourselves real boxing fans, but get upset with the outcome of a fight when it doesn't live up to the advertisements. Some of these "fans" aren't even smart enough to know how the sweet science works, and realize that those KO highlight real commercials and social media posts are for those who don't know who the fighters are. Sad.


9. We ask for unification bouts, but only 450k people tuned in to the DeGale/Jack unification bout...but still found a way to get upset about the decision. We got that same 450k buys for the Matinez/Chavez fight....a fight that everyone begged for. 


10. We as boxing fans complain about the same nagging issues that we create. Go figure. 


No surprise here. 


PS: If you wanna be upset with Garcia/Thurman, take it out on Keith like people do Floyd when his fight turns out the be "boring". Keith's the one with all of the "power", movement, and skills....against a flat-footed Danny who only seems to know how to throw a left hook all while not knowing how to cut off the ring. If you ask me, you're SUPPOSED to either dominate and/or knock out a guy like that. But what do I know? I'm just a boxing fan. 



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#626804 Does anyone care that Pacific is fighting?

Posted by sduck on 06 April 2016 - 03:46 PM

Most of Pacquiao's fanbase were bandwagon fans, and once the phenom was finally over May 2nd of last year, most of them jumped ship. The real selling point of this fight is "Pacquiao's last fight" that's the only thing worth tuning in for. No one wanted to see him fight Bradley, people felt cheated by the decision of the first fight, and then felt cheated by Bradley's performance in the second fight. There could be some fireworks, with the addition of Teddy Atlas in Bradley's corner, but people really aren't expecting much. 


I personally will tune in (not buying), because I'm a fan of Boxing, and I try to watch any fight I can.

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#626206 Khan vs Canelo (Poll Added)

Posted by thehype on 04 February 2016 - 09:57 AM

i wouldn't doubt if this was haymons idea, he probably got khan his biggest pay day which is what he usually does for his fighters, amir is one of his least popular fighters among casuals and hardcore fans so its not like hes in danger of losing his cash cow, and if by some upset he happens to win he takes his strap to pbc and knocks off hbos golden goose.


Winner, winner, chicken dinner.


Canelo, Brook, and Garcia were the options...Canelo was the best $$ on the table. Contrary to reports, Al was involved in all details of negotiations. Although he did not speak face to face with anyone from Golden Boy, he had representatives from Team Khan relaying all information. De La Hoya may have thought he was dealing directly with Khan's father and lawyer, but the fact of the matter is they were simply carrying out Al's marching orders. Team Khan asked for a catchweight of 152 and a rehydration clause, but Canelo said N to the O...take it or leave it. After a few days of mulling it over, Khan agreed and the fight was a done deal.


It's really a win-win for Khan AND Haymon. If Khan wins, it's a HUGE upset for him, catapults his name into the PPV realm, and it would spell disaster for Golden Boy Promotions, whose cash cow would've lost to a smaller guy. If Khan loses, it's not a big deal since no one is expecting him to win anyway. Furthermore, because the fight is taking place at 155, Khan won't really lose any stock at 147 and can still come back to big paydays against the likes of Kell Brook, Danny Garcia, etc. For Al, if Khan wins, he just placed a huge nail in the coffin of Golden Boy, and even if Khan loses, he just made a big-money deal with the people who are suing him, so that only helps his side of the case.

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#624709 Canelo wants a catchweight

Posted by MaxPayne on 22 October 2015 - 10:52 PM

From the front page of our very own Fighthype.


I don't really care about ducking because it's been going on since before my Grand-daddy's balls dropped.


Having said that, we need to be real about this shit instead of going for these catchweights.


Canelo looks like much more of a sissy by being about this whole "come see me...but only at 155" bullshit.


I had mad respect for Cotto's people when many years ago, when he was reigning at 140 lbs. and people were clamoring for a Floyd fight, his handlers were straight up saying "he ain't ready for that shit cuz".


We all know that fighters need to grow their skills so that they're able to be competitive and give us good fights, but enough of politics with catchweights.



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#624438 The James Kirkland Circus Continues

Posted by Cshel86 on 16 October 2015 - 09:48 AM

James Kirkland is 0-15 against James Kirkland......

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#623935 Breaking News About Mayweather vs Pacquiao Fight Pt.1

Posted by checkleft on 29 September 2015 - 05:58 PM

Nobody said the fight was easy for Floyd. Was it easy to score? Yes. Fights dont get scored in slow mo. Compubox is generally shit and so are most punch stats, he won the fight wide on the cards because as everybody's real motion eyes saw that for the most part he controlled the pace, the real estate, and landed the cleaner more effective punches which is probably the reason Pac was as inactive as anyone's ever seen. Three rounds for Pac would be fair any more than four would be pushing it, he was very gun shy, frustrated and looked really sloppy at times. Although I saw him hurt Floyd a few times I think Floyd hurt him and surprised him as well a few times. I think they both earned each others respect.... Until the excuses poured out
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#623926 Breaking News About Mayweather vs Pacquiao Fight Pt.1

Posted by MAHDI on 29 September 2015 - 02:33 PM

I had no idea Floyd was landing the right hand like he was until the replay and slow mo. Pac actually attacked very cautiously as a result.. the judges got it right-- wide UD for sure

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#623825 Floyd Mayweather Drug Testing Controversy/Possible PED

Posted by klonopinz on 24 September 2015 - 05:03 PM

you know your good as shit at something when dudes are trying to call violation on you breathing during competition. aha! you was tryin to breathe i knew it!!!! fraud ass!!! floyd dont need oxygen to win anymore, im sure charles darwin would have loved to analyze this new anaerobic specimen known as money maybreather.

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#623750 Floyd Mayweather Drug Testing Controversy/Possible PED

Posted by ks1 on 21 September 2015 - 11:20 AM



Dude, just be quiet already.  The fake scandal is over.  "By the same standards..." lol.  Like Mayweather was the one who ran from drug testing because he was "scared of needles and it made him weak" and so on.  Nonsense.

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#623608 How will YOU remember Floyd Mayweather (Floyd Thanks OUR SITE! Post #7-Video!)

Posted by Franchize on 15 September 2015 - 10:00 AM

I'll remember him as one of my favorite all time athletes and one of the last of a dying breed. A guy dedicated to his craft and to the fundamentals. His work ethic is unparalleled. His ring IQ is phenomenal and his skillset is immense. If you likened boxing to real estate, Floyd is one of the last master craftsman in a sport where everyone is slapping together builder grade bullshit. I don't think he's the best ever but I think he's certainly in the discussion. I definitely think he has the best defense of all time though. I think the sport is going to take a hit without him. Is it going to die? No. But much like hip hop, boxing media is damaging the sport and the lack of appreciation for technique and skill (lyricism), and the over glorification of sluggers with no defense (club songs) is going to lead to the sport being a shell of itself. I pray the Andre Wards, and Rigos and Lomachenkos etc start wiping these guys out because at some point, after being told that Floyd's style of boxing is "bad for the sport" kids are going to start wanting to be GGG and Ruslan Provodnikov. Then, we're going to go a while before we see true greatness again.


I'll also remember him as a guy who, along with De La Hoya, helped to revolutionize the financial aspect of the sport. He's really put pressure on the role and relevance of the promoter. His entrepreneurial spirit should open doors and pave ways for fighters to be treated more fairly going forward. I see a lot of young fighters nowadays combating the "you'll take what I give you" regime, which to me, is a good thing. 


I'll remember him as a guy who inadvertently proved how fucked up this sport and this country is. Floyd, at one point, was fairly humble. The media and fans allowed Arum to put him on the back burner as "just another nigger." While Oscar, Shane and Cotto were thrust to the forefront. It wasn't until he became an asshole that he started getting all the big fights and money. 


All in all, I'll miss him n the ring but I don't think he should fight again. It's not worth it. Fighting without your heart being in it is a dangerous thing. Plus, the negativity and personal attacks are overshadowing the fights at this point. It's becoming a soap opera every time he fights. Not good for the sport. The drama needs to be IN the ring. Not in the press. 


My favorite fight and moment was him beating Arturo Gattio (RIP). Might have been the single best display of pure boxing I've ever seen.  

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#623592 Keith Thurman needs to shut the F up--

Posted by sduck on 14 September 2015 - 05:06 PM

Keith Thurman is speaking too highly of himself at this stage in his career, especially when his performances don't look very promising. He looks good fighting guys at a range, but I don't care what anyone says, that Collazo fight exposed him. It's different when you see a guy screw up and get punished for it, like a Floyd Mayweather or Amir Khan, Thurman was getting pressured, was throwing shots leaving himself open, and got hit to the body twice, and almost folded, getting walked down. He was saved by Collazo's bad cut. Collazo was a guy he was supposedly supposed to blow through with ease, and Thurman barely made it out there. He can probably beat Amir Khan, cause of Khan's chin, but against Porter, he in for a fight of his life. Kell Brook would likely outpoint him, and win a decision. A fight with Danny will be no walk in the park, I believe Danny takes shots better than Thurman. People talk about Errol Spence, Spence gets hit easy, so we won't know how he fairs against Thurman's power, but Spence can also dish out some goods, especially to the body. Thurman is in for some tough competition to be speaking like he the next great. If he can get to that level, I'll highly respect it, but he need to step his game up. He got some tough competition.

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#623563 How will YOU remember Floyd Mayweather (Floyd Thanks OUR SITE! Post #7-Video!)

Posted by mitukczuk on 13 September 2015 - 07:53 AM

Ok, that was it. No matter if this really was Floyd's last fight, for now he is officially retired.

During the post fight press, I felt kinda emotional. It sure is the end of an era.


I am wondering how will you guys remember him?


For me, he is the reason I've started following boxing many years ago. I immediately fell in love with his pull counter right. Im not a fan of two guys just beating the living shit out of each other. But I am a fan of hit and not get hit.

I don't give a damn about his personal life, we have all made some crucial mistakes. I have always followed his boxing act rather than his life, because 90% of it was for the cameras anyway and the rest is just his own damn business. I don't give a damn about that so called "cherry picking"...first I don't agree, second all fighters do it if they are in the position to call shots.


Floyd has set numerous records. His work ethic and skills are unmatched and truly a testament of pure science even at 38 years of age. He introduced drug testing to boxing. He brought BIG, unprecedented cash to the sport. He has been at the pinnacle for THREE EFFIN DECADES and remained UNDEFEATED and even not officially knocked down (Dat Judah tiny knockdown...whatever :D ). Nuff said.


And the negatives? Hell....I don't know. When it comes to boxing, I see none. Outside of the square circle? Who gives a f...


My favorite fights were for sure vs Corrales, Gatti, Marquez, Cotto and Canelo.


I feel very lucky to have witnessed his reign. Incredible talent.

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#622946 Manny Pacquiao reportedly admits to faking injury

Posted by AZWildCat on 16 August 2015 - 05:38 PM

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