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#616300 HBO@9:45PM(ET)/6:45PM(PT) - Rios vs Alvarado 3 - SPOILERS

Posted by Franchize on 28 January 2015 - 04:43 PM

Rios did look good. Hopefully,Alvarado's team isn't a bunch of leeches and just out for the paycheck. That stuff in the corner at the end was telling. Someone on his team needs to look out for his best interest. Not sure if Mike is in the best shape mentally to do that. He needs a break and some professional help. Boxing will be there if/when he gets his life together. Don't want to see another Johnny Tapia situation.

The fact that they still wanted him to fight was disgusting. You could tell from the first round he wanted no parts of that ring. At least with Tapia, he looked like he wanted to be there even if he wasn't in the state to be there. Alvarado looked like he just wanted to get it over with. 


Only fight I care to see Rios in is against Ortiz. The buildup and animosity oughta be worth suffering through the suffering of watching such piss poor fundamentals lol

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#614842 Floyd vs Cotto has to be next

Posted by xxxxxx on 29 December 2014 - 07:44 PM

Mayweather-Cotto 2 for Middleweight lineage is the only fight I would be content with outside the Big one. First fight was good and entertaining. Cotto is the real deal folks.

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#613540 PPV@9PM(ET/6PM(PT)) Pacquiao vs. Algieri-SPOILERS

Posted by mrchitown on 24 November 2014 - 04:46 PM

Caught the fight on YouTube before it got taken down luckily, I'm glad I didn't purchase the PPV. No one I knew who actually bought it enjoyed it.

I heard Lomanchenko was looking good and when I asked about Zou all I got was crickets lol

The knockdowns weren't even legit knockdowns,many were slips because it was puddles in that damn corner. A few of them were legit though, I forget which round it was but I think it was the 6th and Pacquiao hit Algieri with a left clean and the lights flickered real quick...the worse part of the fight had to be when Algieri's trainer was talking about cutting Algieri loose and he gets knocked down right when he said that crap lol

It was a mediocre fight though imo Pacquiao did look better then he has in recent fights. Part of me wants to attribute it to him being the catch weight King and the other part of me wants to think it was because he actually took thenfight serious and trained hard. Also think he looked marginally better defensively, but Algieri didn't do himself any favors by not throwing frequently..the post fight was corny, the commercial wasn't that funny Manny give it a rest lol. Algieri's exuded confidence in the lead up to the fight, seems like when he got hit all that confidence left

HBO was pathetic as usual, it was blocked punches beimg oohed and ahh'ed by Lampley and Kelerman and once again Roy had to snap them back to reality
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#616335 Manny and Arum DUCKING Floyd

Posted by BrutUalBK on Yesterday, 10:07 AM

No way Manny would have more success fighting as a counterpuncher, Pacquiao's best chance is to come forward behind a double and triple jab (everything to the body) and always be ready to use his right hook, he is going to have to put out a lot of punch output because he cannot outbox Mayweather and his arms are much shorter too.


I think once Floyd figures him out in 4-5 rounds, get his timing down along with his distance it is going to be bombs away and relatively one-sided fight.

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#616305 Sounds like Canelo-Kirkland on May 2nd

Posted by BoxingFan86 on 28 January 2015 - 07:14 PM

I'm ready for Mikey Garcia to make his return; he's been on the shelf too long.  The same thing goes for Andre Ward.

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#616268 Ariza's thoughts on May/Pac back when he was working with Manny

Posted by BrutUalBK on 26 January 2015 - 08:36 PM

I wonder why it appears that not one person has stated the age old question yet and asked "Where's Freddie Roach"?


I can tell you where he's at; he's been silenced by Bob and has had a Gag Order placed on him because he has a penchant for slipping up and leaking stuff out that while unassuming to him it comes off as condemnation to Manny, himself or Arum.


Roach already admitted it was Manny's fault the first time negotiations failed, he later admitted that Ariza was giving Manny those "Special Shakes" and Arum knows better than to allow him to speak now because he'd mess around and slipped up and say that "there's no contract" and we're just waiting on the networks to get it done.


Why no one bothered to turn on the lights and spray some Raid so that the Roachman would come out coughing up the truth??

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#616232 Where does Showtime go from here?

Posted by Cshel86 on 26 January 2015 - 12:20 PM

They were essentially with Al Haymon during the last 2 years. Now Al is taking a big chunk of that business to NBC and Spike. Showtime currently has no fights scheduled for this year. They obviously wanted Garcia-Peterson and Thurman-Guerrero. They still have a relationship with Golden Boy but Golden Boy has started to take some of their big names (Canelo) over to HBO. It will be interesting to see what Showtime can do moving forward.

Let me guess, you're waiting for Showtime to go under, so you can laugh, point your finger, and say, "I told you so!"?


I've never seen anybody so gung ho to point out the fact that a certain network doesn't have any fights lined up for "the year". We're still in January, don't you realize that? Now, had there been NO major boxing scheduled on HBO and Showtime, then I'd raise some concerns. 


All you need to know is, there WILL be boxing "this year", there just hasn't been anything announced for Showtime yet. Espinoza already made it clear that those fighters on the NBC and Spike TV cards will be returning to Showtime, and fighting on multiple networks. 


Why can't boxing fans just be happy with what's going on, instead of drumming up some blame-shifting rebuttal that pushes their agendas?

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#616104 Ariza's thoughts on May/Pac back when he was working with Manny

Posted by BoxingFan86 on 24 January 2015 - 01:30 PM

Ariza always spits the real deal, the funny thing is that the way the PacTURDS deal with this is they'll just say something stupid (or should I say "usual" for them) like "Ariza can't be trusted, he's just saying those things because he's with Mayweather's camp now" but the truth is far from that.


The truth is just as most of you stated; Ariza has always told it like it was even when he was with the TR camp.  Don't be surprised when Arum invents another classic BS excuse.

I don't think Arum will ever be able to top his "stadium" excuse, no matter what stunt he pulls next.

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#616093 AL HAYMON (UPDATE: NBC Deal Done): Broner/Molina & Thurman/Guerrero (3/7)...

Posted by BoxingEinstein on 24 January 2015 - 03:34 AM

Damn, you made me think of my dad with that "cowboy" shit. He used to say that a lot (we actually nicknamed him, "Cowboy," 'cause of it), but he passed away last August right before his 61st birthday.  <_<  :(

I am sorry
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#616057 Ariza's thoughts on May/Pac back when he was working with Manny

Posted by kej718 on 23 January 2015 - 03:33 PM

He was always consistent even when he was with Manny, and if you look at some of the things he has said you would understand why they fired him.  He kept it 100.

Always said that the problem is Arum, and that Manny is only allowed to fight Top Rank fighters.  Even talked about Koncs (Manny' advisor) before the whole Vision Quest hing.

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#616016 The Bigger Picture

Posted by mrchitown on 23 January 2015 - 12:14 PM

One thing that is important to remember is Haymon has bosses. Haymon has someone above him cutting the checks. THOSE are the guys that need to be financially rewarded. If not, their money dries up and all of a sudden HBO and Showtime are offering the most money again and this entire PBC/NBC experiment is over. The reason Haymon is able to get his fighters the most money is that it is coming from financial backers. Those backers aren't doing charity work. They are spending millions of dollars in the now to get rewarded in the future. I think some of you guys believe Haymon is doing all of this with his own money just for the betterment of boxing. That isn't true at all.

We get it you don't like Haymon just like you don't like Mayweather

But consider something, true he does have financial backers but who doesn't? But he is a boss in every sense of the word...just look at his dealings at live nation for an example. I guess we should eliminate Oscar somewhat since after Schaefer left half of them backed out any way...this is a business, the boxing business, none of these guys are bank rolling this shit themselves so while your point is noted it's kinda pointless since that statement can be used by ALL boxing figures

You think Arum, Dibella, etc put that money up themselves? You'll go broke in this sport like that and promoters have said that themselves. They rely on the networks and site fees and other streams of revenue

Yall don't hear me though lol...too busy down talking some shit and don't know nothing about it
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#615831 Unreleased Michael Koncz interview from last week...

Posted by BoxingFan86 on 20 January 2015 - 03:22 PM

Fuck May 2nd, all the excitement is in here. Cshel86 and HyyerBlaze got me feeling like I'm at a heated press conference right now. #Salute
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#615764 Unreleased Michael Koncz interview from last week...

Posted by mrchitown on 20 January 2015 - 12:11 AM

Because it all comes down to Mayweather. The networks have issues that they will resolve amongst themselves. They are minor issues that always work out. The key issues...Steroid testing, location, split, gloves, etc are agreed to based on what Top rank/HBO discussed with Showtime/CBS. Espinoza isn't the man in charge here, it is going above him to the guy at CBS....Espinoza's boss. They have been negotiating this thing for weeks. They have discussed it. PAC agreed to the terms per multiple outlets. It's either yes or no from Floyd.
The networks don't have every T crossed and every I dotted when fighters agree to face each other. Promoters in big fights often negotiate minor things weeks after the agreement is put in place. Everyone is waiting for Floyd's decision. That's the next step.
PAC-Vargas would be terrible but PAC doesn't want that. He clearly wants the Floyd fight. Just stop making excuses for Floyd and admit he is ducking if he picks Cotto. It would be so obvious.

I don't believe in that word, don't no fighter duck the other. I believe the word is thrown around by fans who 99% of the time no nothing about the boxing business and I put strong emphasis on "business" and fans who have never laced up a day in their lives

Floyd ain't ducking Manny and Manny ain't ducking Floyd....TR and their leader is known to tell a tale or two, so you'll have to forgive me for calling duck tales on a known 80yr old lying sack of shit

The outlets you speak of are known TR slurpers, so once again, forgive me for not jumping off the bridge because some middle aged dick suckers reported something about Manny

Like I stated, it's common sense, if what's being reported was true, then why haven't we heard that Mayweather agreed? My mother raised me to be a thinking man and as a thinking man there's no way you can spin me on the thought that Manny agreed to everything but yet here we are and things still need to be negotiated....I do not for one minute believe that Mayweather's team sent an offer,team Pacquiao agreed and Mayweather just went ghost...that's a bunch of bullshit.

And still, there's no fight if both networks don't come to an agreement. The stuff your talking about usually doesn't involve both networks working together, this is a completely different scenario from a Golovkin fight which HBO only has their hands in and a Stevenson foght which Showtime only has their hands in. Plus there's so much money to be made, seems like both networks are being greedy

I'm sure Pacquiao doesn't want that fight, I'm sure he wants this fight and I believe Mayweather wants it as well
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#615708 Unreleased Michael Koncz interview from last week...

Posted by BoxingFan86 on 19 January 2015 - 04:30 PM

Great interview, even though Koncz wasn't willing to play ball. Ben asked the questions that needed to be asked; the questions that matters. Koncz was shook like a deer in the headlights. He even contradicted himself at times.
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#615674 Showtime@10PM(ET)/7PM(PT)-Stiverne vs Wilder - SPOILERS

Posted by mrchitown on 18 January 2015 - 01:30 AM

Great fight, Wilder showed a dimension to his game no one knew he had. Many of the questions about him have been answered. There is still room for improvement but he's only going to get better. The jab was working nice and he mixed in the right hand pretty good as well

He took some good shots and stayed focused. I was impressed with his boxing but I was more impressed with the way he stayed poised and didn't fall for Stiverne's little traps

Stiverne fought to the best of his abilities, that crap he was spewing to Jim Gray was garbage. He wasn't a 100% because Deontay was tagging him at will. He needed more head movement and to be more active. He just couldn't do it, but credit to him for staying in there. He took some big shots

Wilder isn't ready for Klitschko yet but in another yr I actually think he could give him a run for his money. I think he beats Jennings and Fury. Right now he's the #2 HW in the division and if he continues to box like that and with the power he has I don't favor any other HW to beat him with the exception of Klitschko and even that windows closing
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#615340 Bermane Stiverne vs. Deontay Wilder

Posted by BoxingFan86 on 15 January 2015 - 12:38 AM

I was hyped for Klitschko-Brock....I really thought Brock had a chance, smh

*Dead* at that gif
I was exited about the Haye fight too. Maybe it was because of Haye's over the top shenanigans

Fuck Haye's big toe and fuck that fight! As a spectator, I felt like I was on an episode of "Punk'd." They got me good!
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#615332 AL HAYMON (UPDATE: NBC Deal Done): Broner/Molina & Thurman/Guerrero (3/7)...

Posted by mrchitown on 14 January 2015 - 11:31 PM

Al Haymon =Black Excellence

I can't wait for the first show to happen and this is just the beginning. Let's not forget he's supposed to b buying airtime on Spike also..if successful which I believe it will be, this will put a lot of pressure on the other networks and on promoters. And for him to bring back boxing on network TV is a very big deal. And he can take his other fighters to Showtime still. It's a win/win for Haymon

I think Thurman beats Guerrero and Broner beats Molina.Garcia and Peterson are 50/50 fights

Reading around the net, I still see some hate for Haymon but he did something that these veteran promoters that fans slurp up like Arum, couldn't do and wouldn't do
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#615185 Bermane Stiverne vs. Deontay Wilder

Posted by bnoles4life on 11 January 2015 - 10:04 PM

I think either is capable of KO'ng the other. Wilder is the more exciting of the two, w/ that height, reach and KO power.  However, Stiverne, IMO, has the better boxing "instincts". I can see Wilder hiding that straight right behind his jab and Stiverne readily eating it.  That being said, pretty sure Wilder has a chin produced by Lladro and if so, Stiverne has a good chance of finding it.  One thing Stiverne can't do, is sit on those ropes like he did w/ the 2nd Arreola fight, in hopes to counter Wilder.  One, Wilder doesn't square up like Arreola and secondly, Wilder can throw that jab from across the street. He's 6'7....hard to play that game w/ that type of length.

After all that, it's a pick 'em. However, if you MADE me choose, I'd pick Wilder...AFTER he gets off the canvas.

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#615111 AL HAYMON (UPDATE: NBC Deal Done): Broner/Molina & Thurman/Guerrero (3/7)...

Posted by Cshel86 on 09 January 2015 - 06:02 PM

I swear I hate boxing fans! Yall are never happy about shit. Most of the Haymon hate comes from his dealings with Floyd. If he worked with Manny, refused press, signed a bunch of fighters, put on mismatches, etc....nobody would make peep about it. 


2014 wasn't the best year of boxing, I'll admit, but c'mon now, some of yall are just being bitter. As Brutual mentioned, we got Mayweather/Maidana (which most of yall bitched about), Lara/Canelo (which a lot of you bitched and moaned about Canelo ducking him...and weren't happy with the result), GRJ finally stepped up, Alexander/Khan, Stiverne/Wilder got signed, etc. 


Yall cry about eeeeevery freakin thing, I swear. Okay, so 2013 was better than 2014, it happens, get over it. Thing is, at the end of the day, a lot of you just hate Haymon because of his dealings with Floyd. One thing I didn't hear in 2013, was any thanks to Haymon, yall just said how "great" the matchmaking was...which half of the time, was AFTER the results. 


Wait a minute, hold up....I remember how some of yall creamed and whined over Canelo ducking Trout, but as soon as the fight happened, yall whined about Trout not winning the damn fight....as if the fight never happened...as if you never asked for it in the first place. Smh


At the end of the day, stop being cry babies about things that you can't control. So what if the guy runs boxing right now, get over it. Nobody cried about the crappy cards that Bob puts on. The only time those cards have a sense of worth, is when he's co-promoting. Manny's PPV numbers have dropped tremendously, but for some reason, these Haymon fighters are still selling....hmmmm


Sad thing is, half of yall "hardcore" fans don't spend a damn dime on PPV and you piss & moan about free cards....cards that you DON'T HAVE TO WATCH, like the Garcia/Salks triple-header, which yall helped bring in a whopping 850k views that weekend.


Just watch MMA, since your favorite figure isn't running the sport or you "hate" a man so much that you just cant stop watching the cards that he puts on. Showtime is buying the damn fights anyway, and I doubt if anybody around here can pinpoint JUST how much money they do/don't have and how long they'll keep buying the cards.


Some of yall hate HBO so much (in one breath), but turn right around and commend them for not buying into Haymon's idea of fights...how does that work? Either you hate the company or not. This is how boxing works...they get the casual fans (the ones who actually watch and/or buy the damn fights to raise the viewership and buy rates) to buy the fights. What do casual fans wants? Knockouts. What is the easiest way to build a fighter, provide knockouts, and build up a fan base for the sport overall (rather than focusing on one fighter)? Match them light. Do I fully agree with that? Not much.


This is what draws fans to the sport, but some of these "hardcore" fans push casual fans away, but talking down on the same sources that try to build up the sport. Not only that, but you get mad and blow casual fans off when they do decide to watch fights and blog on forums about the sport. What more do you want?   

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#614855 Lampley goes in on Haymon

Posted by mgrover on 30 December 2014 - 12:14 PM

Yeah, It was a shit fight. Algieri should of never been in the ring with Pacman. Shit fight, shit fight. I wonder how you will spin it when Pac fights the undefeated.Vargas. Just because you are undefeated doesn't equate to you being a world beater. Just look at Wilder.


No but he was a strong hungry young lion haha

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