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#613540 PPV@9PM(ET/6PM(PT)) Pacquiao vs. Algieri-SPOILERS

Posted by mrchitown on 24 November 2014 - 04:46 PM

Caught the fight on YouTube before it got taken down luckily, I'm glad I didn't purchase the PPV. No one I knew who actually bought it enjoyed it.

I heard Lomanchenko was looking good and when I asked about Zou all I got was crickets lol

The knockdowns weren't even legit knockdowns,many were slips because it was puddles in that damn corner. A few of them were legit though, I forget which round it was but I think it was the 6th and Pacquiao hit Algieri with a left clean and the lights flickered real quick...the worse part of the fight had to be when Algieri's trainer was talking about cutting Algieri loose and he gets knocked down right when he said that crap lol

It was a mediocre fight though imo Pacquiao did look better then he has in recent fights. Part of me wants to attribute it to him being the catch weight King and the other part of me wants to think it was because he actually took thenfight serious and trained hard. Also think he looked marginally better defensively, but Algieri didn't do himself any favors by not throwing frequently..the post fight was corny, the commercial wasn't that funny Manny give it a rest lol. Algieri's exuded confidence in the lead up to the fight, seems like when he got hit all that confidence left

HBO was pathetic as usual, it was blocked punches beimg oohed and ahh'ed by Lampley and Kelerman and once again Roy had to snap them back to reality
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#614587 Showtime@9PM(ET)/6PM(PT)-Khan vs Alexander (Quadrupleheader)-SPOILERS

Posted by mrchitown on 14 December 2014 - 10:52 PM

Why do people keep saying he got reach when his fucking reach is equal to Floyd's? Canelo's reach is 71 or 72, same as Mayweather's. And we saw what happened there. Khan has speed and combination punching that's it. Minimal ring IQ, and strong emphasis on minimal. He's not Mayweather's equal physically or skill wise because he's made a career off of being repetitve and fighting amateurish. Birgil has made him more patient, that's his biggest gain but he still mediocre or below defensively. I have no problem giving him credit for the win but people grasping at straws now with this Khan shit.

No one, and I repeat no one is going to beat a ATG like Floyd by fighting like an amateur
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#614532 Showtime@9PM(ET)/6PM(PT)-Khan vs Alexander (Quadrupleheader)-SPOILERS

Posted by Franchize on 14 December 2014 - 12:16 AM

Put your hand down Devon. Go in the corner with Ortiz, Guerrero, Rosado etc. The STFUF (shut the fuck up forever) corner. 

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#614673 tarver KO of banks

Posted by mrchitown on Yesterday, 12:52 AM

Let's not go there about Iron Mike please lol
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#614652 Crawford vs. 140

Posted by MAHDI on 17 December 2014 - 11:36 AM

I beg to differ with Lamont Peterson being a lower level opponent.. He is proven and has been in with tough comp. He would give Crawford hell at this point in my view

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#614624 Showtime@9PM(ET)/6PM(PT)-Khan vs Alexander (Quadrupleheader)-SPOILERS

Posted by mrchitown on 15 December 2014 - 11:42 PM

Paulie gets in his feelings a lot, so I don't always rock with everything he says. Khan just gets greedy, sloppy, and impatient....he showed shades of that on Saturday. Guys can't say that he's improved "so much", but the minute that people point out flaws, we hear the "he's still getting adjusted to training with Hunter" nonsense. 
He was getting careless, and Devon ended up winning a few late rounds. I haven't watched the fight since Saturday, but I remember Devon pressing the action later in the fight and Hunter started getting frustrated with Khan. 
Don't get me wrong, I like Khan in the ring, his mouth and begging/entitlement bothers me. I honestly wouldn't mind seeing him fight Floyd, but not off the strength of a fight with Devon, just yet. I wouldn't mind seeing him on a split-site cofeature against Brook, but not Floyd just yet. 
Well, I don't even know at this point. I'm trying to see who in the WW division has connected with the fans (or brought on enough hate, lol) enough to fight Khan and drum up interest in a Mayweather fight. I don't wanna make it seem like a guy has to go through all of these hoops to fight Floyd, but his numbers aint lookin' all that great nowadays....I guess the cofeature at the very least, needs to be worth buying.

I have seen some improvements in Khan but let's not act like he's faced mind blowing competition with the exception of Devon since he's been with Virgil. The best thing Virgil did for him is settle him down a bit but it shows he's mentally incapable at times at sticking to it because in every fight under Virgil and that's including this past Saturday, he's resorted back to being impatient and doing all that bouncing around wasting energy. And we need to acknowledge that Devon was only looking to counter, when he opened up and threw the right hook he was on point

Khan is likeable inside the ring because he brings it, I'll give him that. He does some good things in there but the issue is he reminds me of Guerrerro. He's begging for the fight and he's been begging for it for yrs, Khan would still beg for the fight after he got beat by Lamont and KO'd by Danny. The public was deceived by Guerrero and now the public is being deceived by Khan

Khan-Brook is the fight that should be made if possible imo. It's clearly some bad blood there and thst fight would sell like crazy in the UK. But if he gets a Floyd fight then prepare to hear months of annoying statements from Khan
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#614560 Showtime@9PM(ET)/6PM(PT)-Khan vs Alexander (Quadrupleheader)-SPOILERS

Posted by MaxPayne on 14 December 2014 - 12:42 AM

Khan vs Brook makes sense. Porter, Guerrero, and Thurman are styles I think Khan will avoid. Khan vs Berto would be fun.


Porter would be a joke. Khan would beat that ass badly. 


Guerrero would try to rough-house Amir, but Virgil's already made Amir a better clinch fighter. Next.


Thurman...very, very good fight. Thurman gets the slight edge for me, because he has that power to shake Khan up and has good technique as well.


He's much more marketable than all of those guys put together, so it should be a big fight next. 


By that, I mean Mayweather or Pacquiao. 

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#614556 Showtime@9PM(ET)/6PM(PT)-Khan vs Alexander (Quadrupleheader)-SPOILERS

Posted by Franchize on 14 December 2014 - 12:40 AM

Lol at Al Bernstein drinking the kool aid

Well clearly he's been drinking the Tropicana OJ because his teeth are as yellow as melted butter.  Look like elephant tusk

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#614470 Showtime@9PM(ET)/6PM(PT)-Khan vs Alexander (Quadrupleheader)-SPOILERS

Posted by MaxPayne on 13 December 2014 - 11:39 PM

30-27 Khan...things getting rough in there. Muhfuggas jawing back and forth. 


I like it. 

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#614326 Manny and Arum DUCKING Floyd

Posted by mrchitown on 13 December 2014 - 12:54 AM

That's how you turn the tables. All the taunts from Arum, Roach, and Pacquiao. Now he responds, and I like the way he did it. He didn't wait for Farhood to follow up he just went in and put it all out there
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#614265 Manny and Arum DUCKING Floyd

Posted by mrchitown on 11 December 2014 - 07:21 PM

mayweathers reputation with the media i think is what hampers him when it goes to anything legacy related. The fact that pacquiao is a good boy and a media darling also helps him get awards like FOTD and other bullshit like that. In the end it means absolutely nothing what a sports writer votes on, because boxing lives in the minds and hearts of fans. so if we think floyd is ATG then he is. period.

Eh, I think that's bullshit reasoning. Not on your part but against the media members who think like that and there obviously are some. Don't see how Manny could be looked at as a good guy when he's an adulterer who cheated on his wife yet now he's supposedly seen the light lol. Round my way we call that bible thumping, we don't like that shit. Plus the media hates Vick for dog fighting and Manny was involved in the same shit over in his country, and there's more then that. But unfortunately media today aren't actual journalists their bloggers who inject their personal opinoon way too much

I think Mayweather could and probably should open himself up to be interviewed by more then just fighthype but I can see why he doesn't. I've seen plenty of articles by Rafael and Iole during fight week where they nut hug him and then the next week when he's not in their face, they take little jabs at him. Bunch of phonies. That's why I took issue with Iole's recent article and called him out on it

At the end of the day, Mayweather is an ATG and a HOFer, but for members of the media to get their panties in a bunch because he doesn't fight one guy is disgusting. There wouldn't be a HOF if that's the criteria to go on. Ray Leonard didn't fight Pryor so he shouldn't of got in
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#614217 How much Credit should we give Pac?

Posted by The Original MrFactor on 09 December 2014 - 06:30 AM

Whats was Mayweather's highest purse prior to Baldomir?. You guys are looking at a lot in hindsight. You also may be putting way to much faith in people wanting their hand in the cookie jar of a potential DLH fight down the road. Goosen gave Floyd 8mill for Baldomir. Since we have the gift of hindsight, was that really worth the money?? Was that a true reflection of the man's worth OR was it just somebody wanting to win a bidding war for Mayweather's services for the DLH fight. Gamble a little money now to get a boatload later.

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#614214 Manny and Arum DUCKING Floyd

Posted by Franchize on 08 December 2014 - 07:10 PM

If it was up to Pacquiao's camp it would be NADA

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#614197 How much Credit should we give Pac?

Posted by BrutUalBK on 07 December 2014 - 07:59 PM

As I remember it correctly; Floyd wanted to fight Cotto for 10 million at the time and Bob Arum did not want to give him that amount and that fight also included Mayweather having to take on Margo and another fighter (I forget who it was at the time) but Arum wasn't willing to sacrifice Cotto who he viewed as a future cash cow that he didn't want ruined by Floyd.


Baldo beat a legit fighter in Zab and people act as if it was a bad decision for Mayweather to take him on instead of taking on a bum cheater in Margarito who only got as far as he did by cheating, there is no way in this world that anyone can tell me that his KO of 6 Heads Lewis and his tearing off the ear of Sebastian Lujan had nothing to do with his gloves being loaded.


Any reasonable REAL boxing fan doesn't even waste time to include a cheating bastard like Margarito, as far as I'm concerned his victories are all tainted and should be stripped from the record books.

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#614049 How much would Showtime/HBO charge on PPV for a card like this...?

Posted by Cshel86 on 05 December 2014 - 11:03 AM

I'll up that, I think by itself Mayweather/Pacquiao is around that range, now add the third most anticipated fight in boxing on the card should boost it around 3 mill or even 3.1 mill.

The undercard fights on there would get people speaking and more would gain interest. The only bout I see where the ratings might dip is Gonzalez/Estrada 2 since casuals don't know them at all. Shit, speaking of it, which of those fights you think will stel the show as far as best overall fight in your opinion?

I kinda have mixed feelings about this fight and how it sells, honestly. On one end, I don't want to put too much mustard on it and say that it sells 3M+, but on the other hand, I wouldn't wanna short change it either. 


I remember Mayweather/Cotto, and how guys were saying that it was gonna sell x, y, z (insert ridiculous amount) PPVs, and it did 1.5M. I think people were guessing as high as 1.8 or 2M because of the undercard...mainly because of Mosley/Canelo. That let people know real quick, just how much drawing power every fighter truly had. 


Mosley never been a big seller, but he's a name...and Canelo's not a huge seller either, so we saw that it didn't make THAT much of a difference. As for Floyd and Cotto, as we've seen in the past Cotto isn't THAT big of a seller either, but he's definitely not the worst. We can't believe the Cotto numbers that Arum spewed back in the day, but say that Arum hypes up all of his PPV sales....hes been doing it forever. 


It's crazy because I didn't think that Mayweather/Canelo was going to sell 2.2M, regardless of the huge press tour during the build up. With that in mind, yes, Mayweather/Pacquiao could sell 3M+ PPVs, if we're looking at it from that stand point. 


I guess we'll have to look at the price, if it ever gets made. At $75 a pop, yes, they'll make PPV history. At $100 a pop, that remains to be seen. I'll stick with the safe number of 2.8M...simply because I believe that people will group up and buy this fight, if the price is that high. 


I'll also stick with my prediction that regardless of the undercard, the fight will sell. You gotta look at how many more casual fans will buy the fight just because, versus us hardcore fans who look for certain fights in a card, to get more bang for our buck. Most casuals don't even know who most of these guys are. 

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#613975 Kovalev May Fight Pascal in Canada (If Pascal Wins This Weekend)

Posted by Cshel86 on 03 December 2014 - 01:13 PM

Poor Stevenson, he may have to go back to pimpin soon

:lol: :lol: :lol:


Shiiiiid Stevenson is gonna get broke off for fighting nobodies...let's not forget who his manager is and how big his fan base is in Montreal.


"Ehhh uhh, I, I, I gets lot of mon-ey for nahkouts, because de people love nahkouts...ehh...excitement. Big up to Haiti! Big up to de bess manager in de sport of bossin', Al Haymund! Happy New Yeeear" - Adonis Stevenson

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#613932 Crawford vs. 140

Posted by mrchitown on 01 December 2014 - 04:38 PM

Broner takes him, BandCamp all day! It would be a good fight but I think Broner walks him down and opens up. Thing that's so interesting about Broner-Crawford is that they're both vunerable. Crawford comes alive when he's hurt or gets hit and Broner imo is the best in the sport right now at catching and shooting. Would be a nice fight for sure

Judah believe it or not would have some success against anyone at 140, I think he performs better at that weight.midmlesn towards Crawford but I'll never count out a Zab Judah that's laser focused

I don't see a scenario in which he beats Danny, he ain't ready for that and I think Lamont Peterson would beat Crawford too at this point

I think he'd bust up Lomanchenko, he better not move up. He got a promising career. No need to be slaughtered so soon

Crawford in with Ruslan and Matthysse are 50/50 fights...I think Crawford is special but at 140 he will get rocked and he will be dropped. The question is whose going to do it. He got a warrior mentality but at some point he better grab hold. Ruslan and Lucas are jsut 2 of the heavy handed guys at JWW. He won't get away with some stuff like he did at the lower weights

Right now Pacquiao beats him handily but as time goes on that fight gets closer to going Crawford's way

Mikey and Crawford is another 50/50 fight.
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#613903 HBO@10PM(ET)/7PM(PT)-Crawford vs. Beltran-SPOILERS

Posted by Cshel86 on 30 November 2014 - 01:17 AM

Well it's been fun guys. I'm signing out with my 1000 post. See you next Big Fight.

Welcome to the club, X!!!

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#613902 HBO@10PM(ET)/7PM(PT)-Crawford vs. Beltran-SPOILERS

Posted by xxxxxx on 30 November 2014 - 01:15 AM

Well it's been fun guys. I'm signing out with my 1000 post. See you next Big Fight.

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#613878 Manny and Arum DUCKING Floyd

Posted by xxxxxx on 30 November 2014 - 12:47 AM

Everything mostly coming from the TR side, so who knows. But in my personal opinion I do think there are negotiations taking place

I also get the sense that negotiations are ongoing and it has a realistic chance of happening next year. If Floyd really only wants to fight 2-3 more times than now would seem like the ideal time for this to happen. He could always do a world tour and fight average fighters after retirement if he wanted, but that is unlikely.

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