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#619317 Fight Party Pet Peeves

Posted by Franchize on 23 April 2015 - 12:18 PM

So my pops called me the other day like "hey I was thinking about ordering the fight at the house, you should come up." I live in Maryland. He lives in my hometown of NYC. Part of me wants to go but the other part doesn't feel like driving and paying all those tolls. So I call my boys here. I only have like 2 close friends I chill with here. I asked a simple question. "What yall doing for the fight." One of them takes mad long to respond...as usual The other says "nothing really." Then he says "I was thinking about having some people over." Then he says "but my boy who's a bartender said he's having a hot tub fight party and is inviting some chicks over who are straight eye candy." 


All I cold think of was "nigga didn't you start off with "nothing really." Looks like I might be buying this one at the crib like the last 2 and watching it alone. He fronts like he's a sports fan, but he really just likes to attend shit for the experience. We get free tickets to Wizards games, this MFer barely be watching the game. We get fights, this MFer focused on getting chicken wings and watching other shit until the main event come on. Nah pimpin. Yall know my rule. When I order the fight, I want to see the entire card. Iont give a fuck if Jim Gray is fighting Jim Lampley for the BJC (Best Jim Championship) belt. When I get a birthday card from CVS I don't get just the message on a piece of paper. I get the whole fucking card. So if I'm paying for PPV, same rules apply. I want the WHOLE FUCKING CARD! At $100, that shit is gonna stay on my TV until them MFers say "aight man...shit is over." 

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#619839 PPV-@9PM(ET)/6PM(PT)-Mayweather v.s Pacquiao-SPOILERS (Topics Merged)-Updates...

Posted by Dolimite on 05 May 2015 - 01:29 PM







Casual Fans & Media: FUCK EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU BITCHES! How dare you comment on a sport that you know jack shit about and have the audacity to complain! You don't know shit about boxing but want to say the fight was boring and all Floyd did was run? Skip Bayless you are beyond hopeless. I can't believe you assholes want to complain about this fight. You only watch boxing once every two years but all of the sudden you make yourselves overnight experts on the sport? Really? Nevermind Floyd has fought this way his entire career, he is a defensive wizard, was it his fault Pac couldn't make the adjustments? You guys are unreal. Go watch watch UFC or Rocky. You guys suck and for the millionaires who were able to watch a fight that real fans should of had, I hope you got what you paid for. 


Domestic Violence Protesters- Fuck you as well. Where were you when Floyd fought Cotto, Alvarez or any other fight? You take a issue that is international and you pimp it for viewers and internet clicks. These chargers aren't new. They didn't even happen last year. Some of the chargers the accuser recanted their statement. Jossie Harris was at the first Maidana fight and at his jail release party. I have no idea what happened between Floyd and his women, but what Jim Brown said was right and perfect. neither man is perfect but hopefully they can be champions outside the ring. Why try to hang a person for past allegations? I am glad Floyd denied credentials to the two chics who were going to try and grill him about DV. The shit was old, fuck these opportunist people.


Pacquiao- You are a sore loser and a fraud for real! First you said you won the fight, then your shoulder was torn? Okay. you took your loss to Bradley better than you did with this fight. What happened to you being humble? You pimped God and cheated the fans.


Floyd- Good damn job!


Roach- 7 TOTY and you let your main gun supposedly fight hurt? But he is like a son to you? Your game plan was awful and you have no idea how or when to make adjustments for a fight. You did the same thing with Shimming.  You never taught him how to cut the ring off and how to avoid the same damn punch! WTF! Retire. Why was Bueboy giving Manny all the advice? Who is the trainer?


Arum- I can see why you didn't want them to fight five years ago. You burned lots of bridges old man.


Koncz- Terrible!


NSAC- Way to do your job! 

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#619726 PPV-@9PM(ET)/6PM(PT)-Mayweather v.s Pacquiao-SPOILERS (Topics Merged)-Updates...

Posted by sduck on 03 May 2015 - 12:16 AM

Skill won this fight. Pacquiao looked GOOD this fight, he actually did better than I thought he would. Mayweather's skill is what ultimately and inevitably made the difference.





On a personal note; Goodbye pactards. You tainted the sport long enough.

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#620384 Bob Arum separating himself from Pac? Toradol and what it can do

Posted by Cshel86 on Yesterday, 09:06 AM

Help me out here....Pac fans were cool with the NSAC "doing their jobs" when Floyd wanted OSDT, right? Now that people are saying that the NSAC approved Xylo for Floyd's hand, it's an issue?! 


Pac hides his injury, asks for a shot a couple of hours before the fight, and the NSAC is wrong for denying him a shot? If Floyd made it known in the past that his hands were hurt and got approved for Xylo (which ISN'T a PED), now it's an issue? 


I don't get it.....

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#620203 HBO@10PM(ET)/7pm(PT)-Gonzalez vs. Sosa & Golovkin vs. Monroe (SPOILERS)

Posted by Cshel86 on 16 May 2015 - 10:10 PM

Now watch thesw knob gobblers praise GGG. Monroe did a good job, but he could have held when they got close...whether he was hurt or not. My thing is, if the other guy hits like a mule, take that power away...move, turn him, hit and hold, then get your shit off.

Golovcunt is saying that he allowed Monroe to hit him...he's full of shit. If I know what I think I know about this sport is, you NEVER "let" a fighter hit you for shits and giggles....fuck outta here.

I like Golovkin, hate his fans (Golovcunts), whom includes HBO.
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#620115 4.4M Sold For Mayweather-Pacquiao (Record PPV Buys)

Posted by Franchize on 13 May 2015 - 12:51 PM

The only reason this isn't as mind blowing to me is because of the ridiculous 5.6 rumor I heard on the Monday after the fight. 4.4 is fucking incredible though. If I was either fighter, I'd get on my Scrooge McDuck with all that money.


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#620054 PPV-@9PM(ET)/6PM(PT)-Mayweather v.s Pacquiao-SPOILERS (Topics Merged)-Updates...

Posted by Cshel86 on 10 May 2015 - 11:11 AM

So fuckin sick of the media and these HBO butt boys (Lampley and Kellerman)....and they wonder why nobody really trusts them. Kellerman went out of his way to blame the NSAC for not giving Manny a shot in his shoulder....now this is the same guy who "hates needles", according to his handlers. 


On top of that, how true is it that USADA signed off for him to take certain drugs or whatnot to treat the pain? I don't even believe that anymore. My thing is, at the end of the day, if a fighter DIES in a fight, very few people other than the fighter are held accountable....we see the condition Magdomed (sp) is in after his fight with Perez. How many people were held accountable for that?


With that said, it was Manny's fuckin' responsibility to check off a fuckin box, regarding any past and/or present injuries and so on. They showed Floyd filling out the form....the proof is right there. Sadly, the public is gonna go by the crap that Manny's team, the media (which is Manny's team well), and any of his handlers have to say. Smh


The two HBO butt boys (Lampley and Kellerman) went out of their way to shit on last weekend's fight. Why? Because their guy (Manny) lost. They're putting all of the blame on the NSAC and that is gonna undoubtedly trickle to being Floyd's fault....that's usually the way things go. 


As usual, the idiot casual fans are complaining, qualified observers who are unhappy with Floyd winning are complaining, and excuses are being made and/or validated from Team Manny's end, and now casual fans are starting to get this clueless revelation that Manny lost because of his shoulder. Bullshit


My thing is, for for people to hate Floyd sooooo much, they demand STILL demand so much of him, though they know that he fights how he wants, makes business moves when he wants, and fights whomever he wants. My thing is, if I don;t care for a fighter, I wouldn't demand so much from him. Period


So here we go, they're trying their best to drum up a rematch because Manny stunk up the joint and his leeches want more money. I couldn't care less about him at this point, and his handlers are full of it. Again, they're all sore losers. They'd rather take the attention off of Floyd's win and still win with the public, rather than admitting defeat.


With all of these pending lawsuits, we're probably looking at the downfall of Pacquiao as we speak....sad, but I don't feel sorry for him. It's not about what Floyd did in the fight, it's about the lack of adjustments and initiative on Manny's end. From what I saw, Floyd was in a pretty good distance for Manny to try and get off, but he (Manny) just didn't wanna get countered....tough titty.

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#619928 PPV-@9PM(ET)/6PM(PT)-Mayweather v.s Pacquiao-SPOILERS (Topics Merged)-Updates...

Posted by Franchize on 08 May 2015 - 08:05 AM

The problem here is this....


After almost a week now after the fight, I have had more time to think about all this.


Now the problem with Manny is this... for 5 YEARS he was brainwashed by Arum and everybody around him that he is ON THE SAME LEVEL, if not BETTER than Floyd. It went on for 5 YEARS like that. Yes 5 LONG YEARS.


That was all erased in one night with a slap of reality on the face May 2nd. Just ONE NIGHT brought 5 YEARS of belief to an END.

So the problem now with Manny is that he is on DENIAL. Like it hasn't sink in to him yet. Like it was all just a bad dream. Like he still couldn't believe it.

Like somebody you loved had passed away, and you refuse to believe it. Manny couldn't accept reality right now. That is what he is going through. Remember, 5 YEARS of brainwashing. It is not easy to just put away in his mind.



This may be a weird analogy but I compared this fight and the buildup to a party I threw way back in HS. So here it was, the summer after my senior year in HS. I was fairly popular in HS (best player on my HS BB team) but I was quiet. I'd just graduated and was in that early part of the summer where I had no idea what I was going to do. I was chillin in my grandmother's pool with my best friends when one of them gets an epiphany. Let's throw a pool party! After my friends twisted my arm, I decide to break out of my shell a bit and do it. My best friend was hyped. The scene was set. I had every girl that even batted their eye at me or wrote something subliminal in my yearbook excited about the party (including my now wife *yikes*). My boy's acting like he's a club promoter. Every second I'm with him I hear him telling a girl "you coming to our pool party right." So I'm getting amped now. One of my friends from my HS BB team was so amped he and his brother offer to DJ the party for free. The anticipation for my party was so big, he left his own party and came to mine. So the day arrives. As promised, chicks are there. Some in bathing suits. Some dressed in skimpy summer outfits. There was a perfect ratio of pretty girls and guys to capitalize lol. Everything is looking good. Except one thing. Fucking DJ never showed up! Now here I am, the dude everyone knew about but not too many people actually knew. The dude who EVERYONE said was having this amazing pool party...trying to have a party run off a fuckin boombox and CD's. What's worse is, my aunt decides she's going to throw a party for my cousin at the same time. So my little cousin's friends are there. She swore she'd handle the food. Her cheap ass bought like 2 packs of franks. By the end of the night, there was people eating lettuce with ketchup on it. 


Where am I going with this? At the end of the day, people thought they were getting a pool party that we'd be talking about for years (fight of the century)...Manny showed up with  boombox and a pack of fuckin franks (weak gameplan and little to no productivity). Now was it because people flaked on me (Manny's shoulder) or because I was hyping up a party I knew I couldn't deliver on (Manny's overrated skill level)? The guests (the fans) may never know. All they know is, the shit didn't live up to expectation, but you can't go around blaming the pool for being boring (Floyd). That shit was clean and did what pools do (Floyd boxed). 

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#619892 Porter vs Broner

Posted by Franchize on 07 May 2015 - 10:33 AM

I gotta give Broner credit. He has balls. No way if I'm in his camp would I allow this lol I hope they're fighting at a catchweight because I can't imagine him putting up with Porter's relentless activity and effective aggression for 12 rounds. Porter is a bully and Broner doesn't have the height and footwork of Brook. It'll be interesting to say the least. If he pulls it off, I think he deserves to be right back where he was before the Maidana fight. If not higher. 

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#619885 Porter vs Broner

Posted by The Original MrFactor on 07 May 2015 - 12:07 AM

Great potential fight on PBC. Thanks Al Haymon!! Cant wait for this one.

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#619859 PPV-@9PM(ET)/6PM(PT)-Mayweather v.s Pacquiao-SPOILERS (Topics Merged)-Updates...

Posted by KSUN247 on 06 May 2015 - 09:18 AM

Manny is just a pawn of those around him. He and his team are just being sore losers. Plain and simple, he took the money and ran. Now he's dealing with the backlash of his stupidity. All of this foolishness could have been settled 5 years ago, if he would have took the random testing. He probably wouldn't have made as much, but casual fans would have appreciated the fight a lot more. Now, he dealing with being labeled a hypocrite. He and his team are jokes.
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#619770 PPV-@9PM(ET)/6PM(PT)-Mayweather v.s Pacquiao-SPOILERS (Topics Merged)-Updates...

Posted by ks1 on 03 May 2015 - 06:15 PM

didnt Mayweather do the same with the shoulder injury for the Castillo fight?

Ha!  You can relax with the Devils advocate stuff now.  You well know that Floyd didn't do "the same" for the 1st Castillo fight at all.    First, unlike Pac, he complained about his shoulder in between rounds during the fight but sucked it up and went on to win.  Pac's using it as an after the fact excuse for a loss.  Stop it...

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#619727 PPV-@9PM(ET)/6PM(PT)-Mayweather v.s Pacquiao-SPOILERS (Topics Merged)-Updates...

Posted by Dolimite on 03 May 2015 - 12:23 AM

Pac a sore loser and I loved what Jim Brown said about both fighters. Amen to him. Bye Pactards. Floyd put on a clinic. My ex fiancee went to jail, a great night for me!
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#619514 Mayweather-Pacquiao: May 2, 2015-Preview and Poll! (Bar/Casino PPV Ticket...

Posted by Franchize on 28 April 2015 - 12:53 PM

To the casual fans who think they are more than just that. The ones who are the thorn in my side at fight parties. The ones who only watch the main events and formulate their opinions based on whatever commentator is covering the fight that night. This fight is about Floyd dancing around the ring and trying not to get hit and Manny Pacquiao hunting him down and avoiding getting hit with one Marquez like punch. I see it as TOTALLY different. 


1. For starters, people keep talking about the shoulder roll. Floyd really doesn't use the shoulder roll that much, especially vs southpaws. It's not his only method of defense. In fact, the only time I see him exclusively use the shoulder roll is in fights he decided to languish on the ropes. Which brings me to my 2nd point.


2. Every Mayweather fight, those who want to see him lose or have their bright idea on how he can lose, want him to capitalize on the glimmers of hope from opponents past. They always point to Castillo, Maidana and to a lesser extent Cotto. Those were bigger, rugged dudes. Manny Pacquiao is not muscled Floyd to the ropes and bullying him. You can forget that. In fact, I'd even be willing to say it's Pacquiao who will want the fight in the center of the ring. Pacquiao need to find the perfect distance where he's close enough to close the reach gap but NOT fighting on the inside. He needs to make Floyd fight shorter.


3. People keep talking about Floyd's right hand lead as if it's his main and only weapon. To say this is to say you haven't seen or understood most of his career. Floyd's best weapon in MY opinion is his jab to the belly. It's literally been the foundation and key to success in most of his fights. Even in fights where he didn't get off to great starts (Maidana 1, Judah, DLH, etc) the jab to the belly changed the momentum of the fight. He made Oscar and Marcos double over by the 8th or 9th rounds. 


4. I don't think Floyd's best counterpunch vs Manny will be the straight right hand. I think he should bring the check left out of the bag early and often. Then as he gets a feel for Manny's speed + gets his timing and distance perfected, his him with the straight right. If he goes to it too early, he runs the risk of catching return fire. Given the opposite stances, he may have to reach with some straight right hands. With the check left, I think it will be there early and often. Let's face it. Most of Manny's success has come from 1's and 2's. And the 1's aren't always thrown with conviction. His jab at times is more of a distraction for the straight left. If Floyd steps to his left and hooks over every lazy jab Manny throws, he could widen the gap early on the cards. Furthermore, instead of making adjustments. I think Manny will try to throw the combination even quicker. That could open up the straight right and right uppercut in the latter rounds.


5. Everyone who believes Manny will win talks about speed and power. As Paulie said before, "Nobody really has made a convincing argument about why Manny will win." I thought this until I heard Oscar make an interesting point in the piece HBO did about w/ the legends discussing the fight. Floyd hasn't defended the jab very well in a lot of his fights. I've always thought to beat him you have to have an excellent jab. Fuck the going to the body and roughing him up ideology. It'll work as long as he allows you to do it. Then you'll realize he's stronger than you though and he'll start grappling right back with you. Not to mention, while you're throwing punches on the inside, he'll be catching and shooting right back. I thought vs Cotto, Miguel did a good job in some rounds throwing the jab and Floyd didn't really have much of an answer for a while. It thwarted his offense. As did Maidana. Now eventually Floyd timed it and every time it was lazy he came over the top, but it took a while. If u can bank a few round while he figures it out, I think that's a win. When he figures it out, switch things up. 


6. It'll be interesting to see if Floyd is still quick enough to consistently throw hooks to the body without incurring return fire. If so, it can be a long night for Manny. 


All in all I think this will be an exciting fight. As Floyd said, I don't think Manny has it in him to go into survival mode so whether he's winning or getting his ass whooped, he's going to push the pace. I actually disagree with people that say the fight isn't interesting because it's passed its peak. On the contrary, I think it's more interesting because Floyd isn't as quick as he was 4-5 years ago. I think in their primes, Floyd would have put it on Manny something serious. He still could but I think the physical gap isn't as wide. I also think Manny, before his loss to Marquez, would have been even more aggressive which to me works in Floyd's favor. I think Manny will be a lot more controlled in his aggression Sat. 

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#619461 HBO@10PM(ET)/7PM(PT) W. Klitschko vs. B, Jennings-SPOILERS

Posted by BigHouseLou on 25 April 2015 - 11:07 PM

also, i think deontay can pull it off if he gets his weight up because he wont have to eat jabs to give em  but hes gonna have to stop skippin leg day

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#619293 Will Manny Retire??

Posted by Dolimite on 22 April 2015 - 11:22 AM

Manny will need to keep fighting or change his spending habits. He has a lot of debts (IRS & others). He's still spending so much money on his own, his wife's spending, plus his so called inner/outer circle that he supports. Not to mention, the money he has to give to Arum, Koncz and Roach. He got too many hands in his pockets. He's a generous guy, but not the most fiscally smart. Folks are taking advantage of his generosity and gullibility.

You forgot Golden Boy, I think he is still paying them. His wife has gone ballistic in L.A. He just bought a new mansion for 12 million, he has to furnish it. He has a 20 person entourage as of now, he plans on flying more people in from the PI. He has to pay all the people you mentioned. I am worried this guy is going reckless with his money. He hasn't even gotten his purse yet. The IRS are taking their money off top, maybe he can side step the BIR who knows. I hope he has a secret account, because this dude is spending like crazy. He is making it rain so much in Kali that the drought maybe over.

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#619211 HBO@ 9:45PM (ET)/6:45 (PT) Provodnikov vs. Matthysse-SPOILERS (No Showtime Ca...

Posted by Franchize on 19 April 2015 - 11:43 AM

This fight was as advertised. Only thing that surprised me a little was that Lucas' hand speed was a little better than I thought. That jab was snapping in the early rounds at a fast rate. Some of the punches these dudes were throwing had me cringing. I had a headache after this fight. It fulfilled my bar room brawl fix for the season lol. Definitely a FOTY candidate. That being said, both fighters need to take some fights against some light punchers. They should not rematch each other any time soon. I know that'll disappoint fans but for the sake of their careers and honestly their lives, they need to take it easy...maybe even take some time off. 

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#618941 NBC@5:30PM(PT)/8:30PM(ET)-Garcia-Peterson/Quillin Lee SPOILERS

Posted by Franchize on 13 April 2015 - 03:58 PM

Lamont had a sound strategy and made it into a 2 part fight. Early on, he used his movement to wear down a fighter known for fading in the later rounds. 2nd half of the fight, he turned it up and was the one being the aggressor. However, I can see how people could score the fight for Danny. Peterson may have waited a round or 2 too long to implement the second part of his strategy. He CLEARLY won the 2nd half of the fight, and if you asked me who I'd rather be afterwards, I'd rather be Lamont for sure. That said, he gave a round or 2 away clowning around and while he showed ring generalship in the early rounds, he lost rounds with lack of offense. I have no issues with someone saying Lamont won, but to say he "clearly" won is ridiculous. Also, I haven't seen one person who gave Lamont the nod give credit to Danny for his solid work to the body from the onset of the fight. It's ok to prove your point but still give the other guy credit you know. This isn't an election.

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#618296 Khan vs Algieri

Posted by The Original MrFactor on 29 March 2015 - 10:50 PM

Wasn't Porter world class. Khan ran out of reasons to fight Brook. Handwrighting is on the wall here. Brook is a serious threat to Khan stepping in against Mayweather. If not Khan, then I'd love to see Brook against Thurman who i think is getting vulnerable  by some of the damage he's taken lately.

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#618062 Should Berto Avenge his Loss or move on

Posted by Franchize on 24 March 2015 - 01:24 PM

Ronda Rousey vs Victor Ortiz -- WHO would win?


Serious question. Now Ronda is not allowed to use kicks and grapples. She is only allowed to use her boxing discipline.


Now WHO is you pick and why?

Just for clarification purposes, this isn't a serious question right? 

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