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#620495 Al Haymon Lawsuit...

Posted by Cshel86 on 23 May 2015 - 07:34 PM

So let me get this straight, everybody has cried about boxing being so unorganized, fighters getting ripped off, etc., and now that Haymon is running a tight ship, it's an issue? 


I also find it funny that most of you are actually being educated while you hate on the man. Half of yall had no idea what the Muhammad Ali Act was, let alone the difference and responsibilities of a promoter and a manager. :lol:


I made those duties and differences clear in a thread a couple of months ago, now everybody's running wild with this "knowledge" of what this man is doing. At the end of the day, people will watch these fights REGARDLESS, so why try to drum up this petition to run Haymon out? 


We're actually getting most of the fights that we want to see because of him? Nobody pissed and moaned in 2013, but then it surely surfaced in 2014 about not getting the fights that "the fans" wanna see. I can understand last year's decline, a little, but c'mon, this year has been pretty damn good thus far and STILL people are complaining about Haymon. 


I find it funny that people care about fighter's money, management, title belts and so on when it's convenient for them....when they're trying to drive a point. My thing is, who cares? It's the fighter's own responsibility when they sign up for stuff like this. It's not like boxing is going to end IF this lawsuit holds up. 


I swear, some act like yall are handling these fighters' careers and losing money behind it. Hell, half of yall rarely show up around here on fight night, but go out of your way to try and prove how bad Haymon is for boxing when a flimsy lawsuit surfaces. 


I'm in no way defending what Haymon is doing (if he's in fact committing a crime), because truthfully, I couldn't care less....I'm not the fighter, it's not my career. I'm just addressing the hate and the fact that people hate some (if not all) of Haymon's fighters, starting with Floyd, Broner, Garcia, and the list goes on. Get over it. 


Where was all of this evidence when Arum was fucking fighters over? The guy (Haymon) has to know what he's doing, if he and a few others can gather nearly half a billion dollars together and get this whole ship sailing. Nobody's gonna gather that much money and stumble across something as simple as the MAA and ruin it all.


I find it funny that a guy(Oscar) who stole a fuckin fighter (Canelo) from a promoter, can make such an outcry about the best interest of fighters....something that a promoter has shit to do and couldn't care less about. 

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#619317 Fight Party Pet Peeves

Posted by Franchize on 23 April 2015 - 12:18 PM

So my pops called me the other day like "hey I was thinking about ordering the fight at the house, you should come up." I live in Maryland. He lives in my hometown of NYC. Part of me wants to go but the other part doesn't feel like driving and paying all those tolls. So I call my boys here. I only have like 2 close friends I chill with here. I asked a simple question. "What yall doing for the fight." One of them takes mad long to respond...as usual The other says "nothing really." Then he says "I was thinking about having some people over." Then he says "but my boy who's a bartender said he's having a hot tub fight party and is inviting some chicks over who are straight eye candy." 


All I cold think of was "nigga didn't you start off with "nothing really." Looks like I might be buying this one at the crib like the last 2 and watching it alone. He fronts like he's a sports fan, but he really just likes to attend shit for the experience. We get free tickets to Wizards games, this MFer barely be watching the game. We get fights, this MFer focused on getting chicken wings and watching other shit until the main event come on. Nah pimpin. Yall know my rule. When I order the fight, I want to see the entire card. Iont give a fuck if Jim Gray is fighting Jim Lampley for the BJC (Best Jim Championship) belt. When I get a birthday card from CVS I don't get just the message on a piece of paper. I get the whole fucking card. So if I'm paying for PPV, same rules apply. I want the WHOLE FUCKING CARD! At $100, that shit is gonna stay on my TV until them MFers say "aight man...shit is over." 

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#621043 Article Bashing This Friday's Spike TV Card.

Posted by thehype on 12 June 2015 - 11:12 AM

It does appear to be a series of Haymon's guys set up for the win.  At least going in, not one of PBC's better nights.  Here is the article.  The first is a press release and scrolling down is comments about it:




Credit: The Sweet Science .com




I STRONGLY disagree!


Don't get me wrong, FRIDAY'S card does indeed seem like a bunch of mismatches because, in my opinion, Delvin Rodriguez should NOT be fighting Erislandy Lara for his title. That being said, just about every other PBC card has been headlined by pick 'em fights...and actually, just about all of them have delivered some good action. The REAL problem is that too many DIEHARD fans and media think that they are experts when it comes to predicting the outcome of fights. Furthermore, some of those same diehard fans and media are already biased against Al Haymon.


The fact of the matter is that at different times, ALL promotional companies put together mismatches for various different reasons. Sometimes it's because they want to showcase a fighter. Other times it's because a fighter is coming off of a tough loss, or even a tough win for that matter. The point is, it's not just a PBC issue. 


Thus far, the following fights have headlined PBC cards, and all of them were either pick 'em fights or they delivered in action:


Thurman vs. Guerrero
Berto vs. Lopez
Stevenson vs. Bika
Garcia vs. Peterson
Dirrell vs. Jack
Figueroa vs. Burns
Dirrell vs. DeGale
Khan vs. Algieri
Guerrero vs. Martinez
I think there's ONLY three out of the nine that really stand out as fights that were perceived as mismatches before they took place: Dirrell vs. Jack, Khan vs. Algieri and Guerrero vs. Martinez. Ironically, all three of those fights turned out to be action-packed. I'll concede the fact that, for all intents and purpose, Guerrero vs. Martinez was indeed supposed to be a mismatch, but considering that Guerrero was coming off of a grueling 12-round fight with Keith Thurman just 3 months prior, I did't mind him getting a soft touch. Dirrell vs. Jack and Khan vs. Algieri, however, are prime examples of fights that diehard fans and media made assumptions about. In my opinion, Chris Algieri is and always was a tricky fight for ANYONE. The kid can box, and he proved that when he got up off the canvas and boxed circles around Ruslan Provodnikov, who diehard fans and media were just praising for going toe-to-toe with Lucas Matthysse. Furthermore, he made a long overdue change in trainers, which was only going to make him a better fighter. Those that assumed that Khan was going to walk right through Algieri either 1) have Khan highly overrated, or 2) have no real concept of the importance of styles and skill sets. Again, don't get me wrong, that's not to say that Khan isn't a top fighter because he is. Algieri, however, is also a top fighter. So are guys like Thurman, Porter, Broner, Garcia, Bradley, and more. On any given night, any one of those guys could beat each other. Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, however, are the exception. They're not "top" fighters...they are "elite" fighters...future Hall of Famers. The difference is that Mayweather and Pacquiao separated themselves from the pack long ago. Right now, all of those top fighters are hoping that they too can separate themselves from the pack. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don't, but until they do, diehard fans and media should really stop bashing fighters simply because they didn't live up to their preconceived notions. Just because Anthony Dirrell lost to Badou Jack, that doesn't make him a bad fighter....and just because Badou Jack beat Anthony Dirrell, that doesn't mean he's separated himself from the rest of the 168-pounders. It just means on that given night, he was the better man who had the right style to win.
But I digress...
Getting back to the issue of PBC and mismatches, compare some of the above pick 'em fights to the following list of fights that diehard fans and media were praising, despite the fact that, on paper AND in the ring, they too were mismatches:
Alvarado vs. Rios 3
Golovkin vs. Murray
Klitschko vs. Jennings
Canelo vs. Kirkland
Golovkin vs. Monroe Jr.
Cotto vs. Geale
For whatever reason, the same people complaining about PBC cards fail to make a big stink whenever mismatches are presented by other promoters and networks. In my opinion, I think it's more about the hatred for Al Haymon as opposed to the actual fights themselves. If any of those PBC fights were promoted by Top Rank and aired on HBO, I don't think we'd be hearing quite as many complaints. 
It's funny how quickly people forgot about some of the following main event DUDS that HBO gave us in 2014:
Vazquez vs. Shafikov
Kovalev vs. Agnew
Shiming vs. De La Rosa
Golovkin vs. Rubio
Klitschko vs. Pulev
Anyway, like I was saying, the whole point is that mismatches happen ACROSS THE BOARD with ALL promoters. Fans and media shouldn't hold PBC to a different standard than Top Rank and Golden Boy Promotions. If you're going to complain about mismatches, that's fine, but don't just single out PBC, who in my opinion has actually put together some nice cards with great action (whether they meant to or not).
Just my 2 cents though.

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#620401 Al Haymon Lawsuit...

Posted by MaxPayne on 21 May 2015 - 11:09 PM

This is the most important thing to take note of. 


The Ali Act was made to ensure that fighters would not be wrongly exploited by Promoters/Managers/Whoever.


Promoters operating the way in the current way are routinely robbing fighters and we all know this for a fact. Just look at Arum and what he's done to Pacman. 


Al Haymon is getting his fighters paid and getting them major exposure and you don't hear ONE WORD of discontent from any fighters.


I think one of the Dirrell brothers was the only one to leave him and even that was amicable. Besides, who knows what the fuck the Dirrells are thinking.


All you hear about is how much they praise Haymon and do shit like naming their kids after him (Leo Santa Cruz's son).


Whereas you see tons of malcontents with Arum's fuckboy organization. 


Nonito tried to leave. Yuriorkis Gamboa left after a complete shit show. The Chavez Jr. situation. Mikey Garcia being locked up in litigation. 


If these guys felt happy and content, why the fuck would they want to leave ? Put 2 and 2 together. 


This may be selfish, but beyond getting great fights, all I care about is the fighters getting paid so that they are taken care of.


Boxing is legalized violence. No sport involves so directly killing yourself, blow by blow, to get money. 


So I hope that each and every pro fighter can maximize their value without filthy fucks like Arum stealing from them. 

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#619839 PPV-@9PM(ET)/6PM(PT)-Mayweather v.s Pacquiao-SPOILERS (Topics Merged)-Updates...

Posted by Dolimite on 05 May 2015 - 01:29 PM







Casual Fans & Media: FUCK EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU BITCHES! How dare you comment on a sport that you know jack shit about and have the audacity to complain! You don't know shit about boxing but want to say the fight was boring and all Floyd did was run? Skip Bayless you are beyond hopeless. I can't believe you assholes want to complain about this fight. You only watch boxing once every two years but all of the sudden you make yourselves overnight experts on the sport? Really? Nevermind Floyd has fought this way his entire career, he is a defensive wizard, was it his fault Pac couldn't make the adjustments? You guys are unreal. Go watch watch UFC or Rocky. You guys suck and for the millionaires who were able to watch a fight that real fans should of had, I hope you got what you paid for. 


Domestic Violence Protesters- Fuck you as well. Where were you when Floyd fought Cotto, Alvarez or any other fight? You take a issue that is international and you pimp it for viewers and internet clicks. These chargers aren't new. They didn't even happen last year. Some of the chargers the accuser recanted their statement. Jossie Harris was at the first Maidana fight and at his jail release party. I have no idea what happened between Floyd and his women, but what Jim Brown said was right and perfect. neither man is perfect but hopefully they can be champions outside the ring. Why try to hang a person for past allegations? I am glad Floyd denied credentials to the two chics who were going to try and grill him about DV. The shit was old, fuck these opportunist people.


Pacquiao- You are a sore loser and a fraud for real! First you said you won the fight, then your shoulder was torn? Okay. you took your loss to Bradley better than you did with this fight. What happened to you being humble? You pimped God and cheated the fans.


Floyd- Good damn job!


Roach- 7 TOTY and you let your main gun supposedly fight hurt? But he is like a son to you? Your game plan was awful and you have no idea how or when to make adjustments for a fight. You did the same thing with Shimming.  You never taught him how to cut the ring off and how to avoid the same damn punch! WTF! Retire. Why was Bueboy giving Manny all the advice? Who is the trainer?


Arum- I can see why you didn't want them to fight five years ago. You burned lots of bridges old man.


Koncz- Terrible!


NSAC- Way to do your job! 

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#619726 PPV-@9PM(ET)/6PM(PT)-Mayweather v.s Pacquiao-SPOILERS (Topics Merged)-Updates...

Posted by sduck on 03 May 2015 - 12:16 AM

Skill won this fight. Pacquiao looked GOOD this fight, he actually did better than I thought he would. Mayweather's skill is what ultimately and inevitably made the difference.





On a personal note; Goodbye pactards. You tainted the sport long enough.

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#621846 Fixed fights

Posted by Jack 1000 on 05 July 2015 - 09:57 PM

Bad Officiating,


Also forgot to add Russell Mora's allowing Abner Mares to punch Joseph Agbeko 60+ times in the balls with no points taken away. That was their first fight.  Al Bernstein calling the fight, and normally as collected as ever was outraged.  Mora called such an obvious low blow in the 11th round a knockdown!  I think there was some shit between Mora and Golden Boy that went down that night.  It was just awful!



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#621044 Oscar De La Hoya hinting at comeback

Posted by thehype on 12 June 2015 - 11:14 AM

For a split second, I thought he was serious....but then when he mentioned Golovkin's name, I quickly realized he was full of shit! LOL

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#621041 Oscar De La Hoya hinting at comeback

Posted by Franchize on 12 June 2015 - 08:18 AM

Victor Ortiz vs. Oscar

The Battle of the Attention Whore/Crazy

On one condition, Loser stays the fuck away from boxing forever. Winner joins him. 

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#620943 HBO@10:30PM(ET)/7:30(PT)-Cotto vs. Geale-SPOILERS

Posted by KSUN247 on 06 June 2015 - 10:16 PM

Cotto did make a small statement tonight. So Canelo vs Cotto should be a great fight.
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#620759 Porter vs Broner-Preview and Poll

Posted by Franchize on 02 June 2015 - 10:03 AM

One thing's for sure, as much as the boxing public hates Broner, he is UNDOUBTEDLY taking bigger risks than any of these other dudes who have been calling Floyd out and Broner doesn't seem to have any interest in a Floyd fight. 

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#620384 Bob Arum separating himself from Pac? Toradol and what it can do

Posted by Cshel86 on 21 May 2015 - 09:06 AM

Help me out here....Pac fans were cool with the NSAC "doing their jobs" when Floyd wanted OSDT, right? Now that people are saying that the NSAC approved Xylo for Floyd's hand, it's an issue?! 


Pac hides his injury, asks for a shot a couple of hours before the fight, and the NSAC is wrong for denying him a shot? If Floyd made it known in the past that his hands were hurt and got approved for Xylo (which ISN'T a PED), now it's an issue? 


I don't get it.....

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#620203 HBO@10PM(ET)/7pm(PT)-Gonzalez vs. Sosa & Golovkin vs. Monroe (SPOILERS)

Posted by Cshel86 on 16 May 2015 - 10:10 PM

Now watch thesw knob gobblers praise GGG. Monroe did a good job, but he could have held when they got close...whether he was hurt or not. My thing is, if the other guy hits like a mule, take that power away...move, turn him, hit and hold, then get your shit off.

Golovcunt is saying that he allowed Monroe to hit him...he's full of shit. If I know what I think I know about this sport is, you NEVER "let" a fighter hit you for shits and giggles....fuck outta here.

I like Golovkin, hate his fans (Golovcunts), whom includes HBO.
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#620115 4.4M Sold For Mayweather-Pacquiao (Record PPV Buys)

Posted by Franchize on 13 May 2015 - 12:51 PM

The only reason this isn't as mind blowing to me is because of the ridiculous 5.6 rumor I heard on the Monday after the fight. 4.4 is fucking incredible though. If I was either fighter, I'd get on my Scrooge McDuck with all that money.


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#620054 PPV-@9PM(ET)/6PM(PT)-Mayweather v.s Pacquiao-SPOILERS (Topics Merged)-Updates...

Posted by Cshel86 on 10 May 2015 - 11:11 AM

So fuckin sick of the media and these HBO butt boys (Lampley and Kellerman)....and they wonder why nobody really trusts them. Kellerman went out of his way to blame the NSAC for not giving Manny a shot in his shoulder....now this is the same guy who "hates needles", according to his handlers. 


On top of that, how true is it that USADA signed off for him to take certain drugs or whatnot to treat the pain? I don't even believe that anymore. My thing is, at the end of the day, if a fighter DIES in a fight, very few people other than the fighter are held accountable....we see the condition Magdomed (sp) is in after his fight with Perez. How many people were held accountable for that?


With that said, it was Manny's fuckin' responsibility to check off a fuckin box, regarding any past and/or present injuries and so on. They showed Floyd filling out the form....the proof is right there. Sadly, the public is gonna go by the crap that Manny's team, the media (which is Manny's team well), and any of his handlers have to say. Smh


The two HBO butt boys (Lampley and Kellerman) went out of their way to shit on last weekend's fight. Why? Because their guy (Manny) lost. They're putting all of the blame on the NSAC and that is gonna undoubtedly trickle to being Floyd's fault....that's usually the way things go. 


As usual, the idiot casual fans are complaining, qualified observers who are unhappy with Floyd winning are complaining, and excuses are being made and/or validated from Team Manny's end, and now casual fans are starting to get this clueless revelation that Manny lost because of his shoulder. Bullshit


My thing is, for for people to hate Floyd sooooo much, they demand STILL demand so much of him, though they know that he fights how he wants, makes business moves when he wants, and fights whomever he wants. My thing is, if I don;t care for a fighter, I wouldn't demand so much from him. Period


So here we go, they're trying their best to drum up a rematch because Manny stunk up the joint and his leeches want more money. I couldn't care less about him at this point, and his handlers are full of it. Again, they're all sore losers. They'd rather take the attention off of Floyd's win and still win with the public, rather than admitting defeat.


With all of these pending lawsuits, we're probably looking at the downfall of Pacquiao as we speak....sad, but I don't feel sorry for him. It's not about what Floyd did in the fight, it's about the lack of adjustments and initiative on Manny's end. From what I saw, Floyd was in a pretty good distance for Manny to try and get off, but he (Manny) just didn't wanna get countered....tough titty.

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#619928 PPV-@9PM(ET)/6PM(PT)-Mayweather v.s Pacquiao-SPOILERS (Topics Merged)-Updates...

Posted by Franchize on 08 May 2015 - 08:05 AM

The problem here is this....


After almost a week now after the fight, I have had more time to think about all this.


Now the problem with Manny is this... for 5 YEARS he was brainwashed by Arum and everybody around him that he is ON THE SAME LEVEL, if not BETTER than Floyd. It went on for 5 YEARS like that. Yes 5 LONG YEARS.


That was all erased in one night with a slap of reality on the face May 2nd. Just ONE NIGHT brought 5 YEARS of belief to an END.

So the problem now with Manny is that he is on DENIAL. Like it hasn't sink in to him yet. Like it was all just a bad dream. Like he still couldn't believe it.

Like somebody you loved had passed away, and you refuse to believe it. Manny couldn't accept reality right now. That is what he is going through. Remember, 5 YEARS of brainwashing. It is not easy to just put away in his mind.



This may be a weird analogy but I compared this fight and the buildup to a party I threw way back in HS. So here it was, the summer after my senior year in HS. I was fairly popular in HS (best player on my HS BB team) but I was quiet. I'd just graduated and was in that early part of the summer where I had no idea what I was going to do. I was chillin in my grandmother's pool with my best friends when one of them gets an epiphany. Let's throw a pool party! After my friends twisted my arm, I decide to break out of my shell a bit and do it. My best friend was hyped. The scene was set. I had every girl that even batted their eye at me or wrote something subliminal in my yearbook excited about the party (including my now wife *yikes*). My boy's acting like he's a club promoter. Every second I'm with him I hear him telling a girl "you coming to our pool party right." So I'm getting amped now. One of my friends from my HS BB team was so amped he and his brother offer to DJ the party for free. The anticipation for my party was so big, he left his own party and came to mine. So the day arrives. As promised, chicks are there. Some in bathing suits. Some dressed in skimpy summer outfits. There was a perfect ratio of pretty girls and guys to capitalize lol. Everything is looking good. Except one thing. Fucking DJ never showed up! Now here I am, the dude everyone knew about but not too many people actually knew. The dude who EVERYONE said was having this amazing pool party...trying to have a party run off a fuckin boombox and CD's. What's worse is, my aunt decides she's going to throw a party for my cousin at the same time. So my little cousin's friends are there. She swore she'd handle the food. Her cheap ass bought like 2 packs of franks. By the end of the night, there was people eating lettuce with ketchup on it. 


Where am I going with this? At the end of the day, people thought they were getting a pool party that we'd be talking about for years (fight of the century)...Manny showed up with  boombox and a pack of fuckin franks (weak gameplan and little to no productivity). Now was it because people flaked on me (Manny's shoulder) or because I was hyping up a party I knew I couldn't deliver on (Manny's overrated skill level)? The guests (the fans) may never know. All they know is, the shit didn't live up to expectation, but you can't go around blaming the pool for being boring (Floyd). That shit was clean and did what pools do (Floyd boxed). 

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#619892 Porter vs Broner-Preview and Poll

Posted by Franchize on 07 May 2015 - 10:33 AM

I gotta give Broner credit. He has balls. No way if I'm in his camp would I allow this lol I hope they're fighting at a catchweight because I can't imagine him putting up with Porter's relentless activity and effective aggression for 12 rounds. Porter is a bully and Broner doesn't have the height and footwork of Brook. It'll be interesting to say the least. If he pulls it off, I think he deserves to be right back where he was before the Maidana fight. If not higher. 

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#619885 Porter vs Broner-Preview and Poll

Posted by The Original MrFactor on 07 May 2015 - 12:07 AM

Great potential fight on PBC. Thanks Al Haymon!! Cant wait for this one.

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#619859 PPV-@9PM(ET)/6PM(PT)-Mayweather v.s Pacquiao-SPOILERS (Topics Merged)-Updates...

Posted by KSUN247 on 06 May 2015 - 09:18 AM

Manny is just a pawn of those around him. He and his team are just being sore losers. Plain and simple, he took the money and ran. Now he's dealing with the backlash of his stupidity. All of this foolishness could have been settled 5 years ago, if he would have took the random testing. He probably wouldn't have made as much, but casual fans would have appreciated the fight a lot more. Now, he dealing with being labeled a hypocrite. He and his team are jokes.
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#619770 PPV-@9PM(ET)/6PM(PT)-Mayweather v.s Pacquiao-SPOILERS (Topics Merged)-Updates...

Posted by ks1 on 03 May 2015 - 06:15 PM

didnt Mayweather do the same with the shoulder injury for the Castillo fight?

Ha!  You can relax with the Devils advocate stuff now.  You well know that Floyd didn't do "the same" for the 1st Castillo fight at all.    First, unlike Pac, he complained about his shoulder in between rounds during the fight but sucked it up and went on to win.  Pac's using it as an after the fact excuse for a loss.  Stop it...

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