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#622882 Manny Pacquiao reportedly admits to faking injury

Posted by Dolimite on 14 August 2015 - 07:20 PM

Can someone please explain to me how this constitutes as him faking his injury?

They said he had a tear like Kobe Bryant, Kobe was out a year plus. He wasn't traveling or swimming in the sea. plus they showed Kobe's MRI, still hasn't seen Pac's. He lied plain and simple. Do you honestly believe he hurt his shoulder? He raised his arms high up in the air after the bell in the 12th round. He even told Max that he felt he won the fight. Pac got exposed and he isn't keeping up with the script.
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#620495 Al Haymon Lawsuit...

Posted by Cshel86 on 23 May 2015 - 07:34 PM

So let me get this straight, everybody has cried about boxing being so unorganized, fighters getting ripped off, etc., and now that Haymon is running a tight ship, it's an issue? 


I also find it funny that most of you are actually being educated while you hate on the man. Half of yall had no idea what the Muhammad Ali Act was, let alone the difference and responsibilities of a promoter and a manager. :lol:


I made those duties and differences clear in a thread a couple of months ago, now everybody's running wild with this "knowledge" of what this man is doing. At the end of the day, people will watch these fights REGARDLESS, so why try to drum up this petition to run Haymon out? 


We're actually getting most of the fights that we want to see because of him? Nobody pissed and moaned in 2013, but then it surely surfaced in 2014 about not getting the fights that "the fans" wanna see. I can understand last year's decline, a little, but c'mon, this year has been pretty damn good thus far and STILL people are complaining about Haymon. 


I find it funny that people care about fighter's money, management, title belts and so on when it's convenient for them....when they're trying to drive a point. My thing is, who cares? It's the fighter's own responsibility when they sign up for stuff like this. It's not like boxing is going to end IF this lawsuit holds up. 


I swear, some act like yall are handling these fighters' careers and losing money behind it. Hell, half of yall rarely show up around here on fight night, but go out of your way to try and prove how bad Haymon is for boxing when a flimsy lawsuit surfaces. 


I'm in no way defending what Haymon is doing (if he's in fact committing a crime), because truthfully, I couldn't care less....I'm not the fighter, it's not my career. I'm just addressing the hate and the fact that people hate some (if not all) of Haymon's fighters, starting with Floyd, Broner, Garcia, and the list goes on. Get over it. 


Where was all of this evidence when Arum was fucking fighters over? The guy (Haymon) has to know what he's doing, if he and a few others can gather nearly half a billion dollars together and get this whole ship sailing. Nobody's gonna gather that much money and stumble across something as simple as the MAA and ruin it all.


I find it funny that a guy(Oscar) who stole a fuckin fighter (Canelo) from a promoter, can make such an outcry about the best interest of fighters....something that a promoter has shit to do and couldn't care less about. 

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#619317 Fight Party Pet Peeves

Posted by Franchize on 23 April 2015 - 12:18 PM

So my pops called me the other day like "hey I was thinking about ordering the fight at the house, you should come up." I live in Maryland. He lives in my hometown of NYC. Part of me wants to go but the other part doesn't feel like driving and paying all those tolls. So I call my boys here. I only have like 2 close friends I chill with here. I asked a simple question. "What yall doing for the fight." One of them takes mad long to respond...as usual The other says "nothing really." Then he says "I was thinking about having some people over." Then he says "but my boy who's a bartender said he's having a hot tub fight party and is inviting some chicks over who are straight eye candy." 


All I cold think of was "nigga didn't you start off with "nothing really." Looks like I might be buying this one at the crib like the last 2 and watching it alone. He fronts like he's a sports fan, but he really just likes to attend shit for the experience. We get free tickets to Wizards games, this MFer barely be watching the game. We get fights, this MFer focused on getting chicken wings and watching other shit until the main event come on. Nah pimpin. Yall know my rule. When I order the fight, I want to see the entire card. Iont give a fuck if Jim Gray is fighting Jim Lampley for the BJC (Best Jim Championship) belt. When I get a birthday card from CVS I don't get just the message on a piece of paper. I get the whole fucking card. So if I'm paying for PPV, same rules apply. I want the WHOLE FUCKING CARD! At $100, that shit is gonna stay on my TV until them MFers say "aight man...shit is over." 

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#622946 Manny Pacquiao reportedly admits to faking injury

Posted by AZWildCat on 16 August 2015 - 05:38 PM

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Posted by BrutUalBK on 12 August 2015 - 09:18 PM

I'm a huge Floyd fan but I agree he isn't the best ever. That being said, to say he bought anything is odd to say the least. He earned his status. Your comment makes it seem as if he's some hype job. I also disagree that Ali was the best of all time. One could argue Larry Holmes over Ali. In my opinion, the best ever is Ray Robinson and Hagler is up there as well. Floyd deserves to at least be in the discussion though. The reason why he's in the discussion is because everyone else from his division who could have been in any discussion, he beat. Pacquiao, Cotto, Mosley, De La Hoya were the top dogs. The HOF fighters of this era...and he beat them. And no unbiased critic can argue whether he won those fights either. 

Name one top black fighter that SRR faced and beat in his time???  I think too much emphasis is placed on names from the era when I was growing up, let's be honest here; how many of you believe that Floyd would've lost to someone with 7 fights??


Sure Ali was great, but was he truly the greatest?  Journeymen took him the distance, he was flattened by Frazier in the first fight and showed much vulnerability throughout his career, not to mention receiving a broken jaw vs Norton and not being able to do much vs Foreman except languish on the ropes allowing Big George to punch himself out and later after the fight having to explain his inept ability as "The Rope a Dope".


I love Ali but his career ended early by today's standards, the same can be said for the cherrypicking of SRL, he retired early by today's standard as was beaten to a pulp by Norris and even Hector Macho Camacho, he waited late into his career to face MMH and used CW's to face Lalonde and never wanted to face The Hawk.


Today there aren't too many fighters talked up in the way that the fighters of the 50-80's are talked up, if you were to totally hang your hat on the way these old legends are described you'd swear none of them ever lost, beat only elite champions and was rarely touched in fights but this just isn't true.


When we speak of legends today it is with far more scrutiny vs those of the past, we diminish and weaken the eras after the 90s because none of the names are as celebrated as those from the past.  I hate unfair criticism and i believe in fairness, comparing eras is stupid, we should just dispense with these ATG lists and whatnot because there is just no fair way to compare fighters of now to then and vice versa.


Hopkins is definitely a top fighter in our era just as SRR is a top fighter in his era, to take away from BHop simply because you are looking at other fighters from other eras is totally unfair.

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#622785 Fave moments

Posted by Franchize on 12 August 2015 - 09:06 AM

I'll go outside of the actual fighting 

1. Bro Naz making Shane repeat him because Floyd was wearing his ass out

2. Emmanuel Steward's "oh my God" in Ortiz vs Berto

3. Roy Jones "ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo" when Pacquiao got KO'd with Jim Lampley struggling hard with denial in the background

4. Floyd wearing the sombrero vs Oscar. (I was at a cookout with my cousin's friends who were all Mexican. They were drunk off Corona's and talkin shit all night)

5. Roy Jones commentary in the Mayweather vs Gatti fight. He was very blunt about the fact that Gatti had no shot and didn't miss any opportunities reminding everyone lol

6. When ole boy threw up blood in his corner after a Marquez body punch. 

7. Floyd making football predictions mid fight.

8. Roy Jones little behind the back figure skating routine before a KO lol

9. Joe Frazier and Tommy Hearns hop, skip jumps after getting rocked vs Foreman and Hagler respectively lol

10. Ricky Hatton's fans when he fought Floyd. Might be the greatest fans of all time.

11. Wilfred Benitez laughing after he KO'd Maurice Hope knowing he just caught him with the okie doke lol

12. Mike Tyson vs James "Bonecrusher" Smith, Jim Lampley turns to Harold Letterman and says his trademark " Harold how do you see it so far?" to which he replied "It's the first round Jim" 

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#622226 Demetrius Andrade

Posted by Cshel86 on 22 July 2015 - 09:12 AM

Just another young and cocky fighter who's starting to believe his own hype. To me, he was never really anything special....and I'm speaking of his rise to the premium TV during his FNFs days. 


When you win a fuckin title as young fighter, you fight everybody, not get complacent and entitled. I remember back in the day, when a guy won his first title, you couldn't turn on the TV without seeing them in the ring.


I love Floyd as a fighter, but a lot of these guys are taking after him....in the wrong way, of course. These cats win one belt (which is often a vacant title), then they sit back, protect their padded records, and try to let everybody else batter each other.


Floyd started doing this late in his career....after he earned it. These guys struggle against B-level fighters, which are supposed to be step-up fights for them.


I used to be happy for young guys who won their first title, but it's become a struggle to support as of late. He ruined the Charlo fight, which is around the time that I wrote him off. If he never fights again, I won't lose any sleep. 

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#621043 Article Bashing This Friday's Spike TV Card.

Posted by thehype on 12 June 2015 - 11:12 AM

It does appear to be a series of Haymon's guys set up for the win.  At least going in, not one of PBC's better nights.  Here is the article.  The first is a press release and scrolling down is comments about it:




Credit: The Sweet Science .com




I STRONGLY disagree!


Don't get me wrong, FRIDAY'S card does indeed seem like a bunch of mismatches because, in my opinion, Delvin Rodriguez should NOT be fighting Erislandy Lara for his title. That being said, just about every other PBC card has been headlined by pick 'em fights...and actually, just about all of them have delivered some good action. The REAL problem is that too many DIEHARD fans and media think that they are experts when it comes to predicting the outcome of fights. Furthermore, some of those same diehard fans and media are already biased against Al Haymon.


The fact of the matter is that at different times, ALL promotional companies put together mismatches for various different reasons. Sometimes it's because they want to showcase a fighter. Other times it's because a fighter is coming off of a tough loss, or even a tough win for that matter. The point is, it's not just a PBC issue. 


Thus far, the following fights have headlined PBC cards, and all of them were either pick 'em fights or they delivered in action:


Thurman vs. Guerrero
Berto vs. Lopez
Stevenson vs. Bika
Garcia vs. Peterson
Dirrell vs. Jack
Figueroa vs. Burns
Dirrell vs. DeGale
Khan vs. Algieri
Guerrero vs. Martinez
I think there's ONLY three out of the nine that really stand out as fights that were perceived as mismatches before they took place: Dirrell vs. Jack, Khan vs. Algieri and Guerrero vs. Martinez. Ironically, all three of those fights turned out to be action-packed. I'll concede the fact that, for all intents and purpose, Guerrero vs. Martinez was indeed supposed to be a mismatch, but considering that Guerrero was coming off of a grueling 12-round fight with Keith Thurman just 3 months prior, I did't mind him getting a soft touch. Dirrell vs. Jack and Khan vs. Algieri, however, are prime examples of fights that diehard fans and media made assumptions about. In my opinion, Chris Algieri is and always was a tricky fight for ANYONE. The kid can box, and he proved that when he got up off the canvas and boxed circles around Ruslan Provodnikov, who diehard fans and media were just praising for going toe-to-toe with Lucas Matthysse. Furthermore, he made a long overdue change in trainers, which was only going to make him a better fighter. Those that assumed that Khan was going to walk right through Algieri either 1) have Khan highly overrated, or 2) have no real concept of the importance of styles and skill sets. Again, don't get me wrong, that's not to say that Khan isn't a top fighter because he is. Algieri, however, is also a top fighter. So are guys like Thurman, Porter, Broner, Garcia, Bradley, and more. On any given night, any one of those guys could beat each other. Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, however, are the exception. They're not "top" fighters...they are "elite" fighters...future Hall of Famers. The difference is that Mayweather and Pacquiao separated themselves from the pack long ago. Right now, all of those top fighters are hoping that they too can separate themselves from the pack. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don't, but until they do, diehard fans and media should really stop bashing fighters simply because they didn't live up to their preconceived notions. Just because Anthony Dirrell lost to Badou Jack, that doesn't make him a bad fighter....and just because Badou Jack beat Anthony Dirrell, that doesn't mean he's separated himself from the rest of the 168-pounders. It just means on that given night, he was the better man who had the right style to win.
But I digress...
Getting back to the issue of PBC and mismatches, compare some of the above pick 'em fights to the following list of fights that diehard fans and media were praising, despite the fact that, on paper AND in the ring, they too were mismatches:
Alvarado vs. Rios 3
Golovkin vs. Murray
Klitschko vs. Jennings
Canelo vs. Kirkland
Golovkin vs. Monroe Jr.
Cotto vs. Geale
For whatever reason, the same people complaining about PBC cards fail to make a big stink whenever mismatches are presented by other promoters and networks. In my opinion, I think it's more about the hatred for Al Haymon as opposed to the actual fights themselves. If any of those PBC fights were promoted by Top Rank and aired on HBO, I don't think we'd be hearing quite as many complaints. 
It's funny how quickly people forgot about some of the following main event DUDS that HBO gave us in 2014:
Vazquez vs. Shafikov
Kovalev vs. Agnew
Shiming vs. De La Rosa
Golovkin vs. Rubio
Klitschko vs. Pulev
Anyway, like I was saying, the whole point is that mismatches happen ACROSS THE BOARD with ALL promoters. Fans and media shouldn't hold PBC to a different standard than Top Rank and Golden Boy Promotions. If you're going to complain about mismatches, that's fine, but don't just single out PBC, who in my opinion has actually put together some nice cards with great action (whether they meant to or not).
Just my 2 cents though.

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#620401 Al Haymon Lawsuit...

Posted by MaxPayne on 21 May 2015 - 11:09 PM

This is the most important thing to take note of. 


The Ali Act was made to ensure that fighters would not be wrongly exploited by Promoters/Managers/Whoever.


Promoters operating the way in the current way are routinely robbing fighters and we all know this for a fact. Just look at Arum and what he's done to Pacman. 


Al Haymon is getting his fighters paid and getting them major exposure and you don't hear ONE WORD of discontent from any fighters.


I think one of the Dirrell brothers was the only one to leave him and even that was amicable. Besides, who knows what the fuck the Dirrells are thinking.


All you hear about is how much they praise Haymon and do shit like naming their kids after him (Leo Santa Cruz's son).


Whereas you see tons of malcontents with Arum's fuckboy organization. 


Nonito tried to leave. Yuriorkis Gamboa left after a complete shit show. The Chavez Jr. situation. Mikey Garcia being locked up in litigation. 


If these guys felt happy and content, why the fuck would they want to leave ? Put 2 and 2 together. 


This may be selfish, but beyond getting great fights, all I care about is the fighters getting paid so that they are taken care of.


Boxing is legalized violence. No sport involves so directly killing yourself, blow by blow, to get money. 


So I hope that each and every pro fighter can maximize their value without filthy fucks like Arum stealing from them. 

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#619839 PPV-@9PM(ET)/6PM(PT)-Mayweather v.s Pacquiao-SPOILERS (Topics Merged)-Updates...

Posted by Dolimite on 05 May 2015 - 01:29 PM







Casual Fans & Media: FUCK EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU BITCHES! How dare you comment on a sport that you know jack shit about and have the audacity to complain! You don't know shit about boxing but want to say the fight was boring and all Floyd did was run? Skip Bayless you are beyond hopeless. I can't believe you assholes want to complain about this fight. You only watch boxing once every two years but all of the sudden you make yourselves overnight experts on the sport? Really? Nevermind Floyd has fought this way his entire career, he is a defensive wizard, was it his fault Pac couldn't make the adjustments? You guys are unreal. Go watch watch UFC or Rocky. You guys suck and for the millionaires who were able to watch a fight that real fans should of had, I hope you got what you paid for. 


Domestic Violence Protesters- Fuck you as well. Where were you when Floyd fought Cotto, Alvarez or any other fight? You take a issue that is international and you pimp it for viewers and internet clicks. These chargers aren't new. They didn't even happen last year. Some of the chargers the accuser recanted their statement. Jossie Harris was at the first Maidana fight and at his jail release party. I have no idea what happened between Floyd and his women, but what Jim Brown said was right and perfect. neither man is perfect but hopefully they can be champions outside the ring. Why try to hang a person for past allegations? I am glad Floyd denied credentials to the two chics who were going to try and grill him about DV. The shit was old, fuck these opportunist people.


Pacquiao- You are a sore loser and a fraud for real! First you said you won the fight, then your shoulder was torn? Okay. you took your loss to Bradley better than you did with this fight. What happened to you being humble? You pimped God and cheated the fans.


Floyd- Good damn job!


Roach- 7 TOTY and you let your main gun supposedly fight hurt? But he is like a son to you? Your game plan was awful and you have no idea how or when to make adjustments for a fight. You did the same thing with Shimming.  You never taught him how to cut the ring off and how to avoid the same damn punch! WTF! Retire. Why was Bueboy giving Manny all the advice? Who is the trainer?


Arum- I can see why you didn't want them to fight five years ago. You burned lots of bridges old man.


Koncz- Terrible!


NSAC- Way to do your job! 

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#619726 PPV-@9PM(ET)/6PM(PT)-Mayweather v.s Pacquiao-SPOILERS (Topics Merged)-Updates...

Posted by sduck on 03 May 2015 - 12:16 AM

Skill won this fight. Pacquiao looked GOOD this fight, he actually did better than I thought he would. Mayweather's skill is what ultimately and inevitably made the difference.





On a personal note; Goodbye pactards. You tainted the sport long enough.

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#622998 Manny Pacquiao reportedly admits to faking injury

Posted by checkleft on 19 August 2015 - 01:03 PM

we'll find out for definite, next time you can see his shoulder if there was surgery there will be scars.

look maybe he was hurt, but are we really gonna put much faith into the same group of doctors arum got to OK margaritos eye for the cotto fight? If there is anyone that can fabricate a injury in the boxing game, its bob.
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#622145 Squandered Summer

Posted by Franchize on 18 July 2015 - 05:55 PM

So, Mayweather v Pacquiao has come and gone, though the shoulder tear heard round the world didn't want to let it go. Floyd won by a wide, yet somewhat unimpressive margin (by his standards). In my personal opinion, this would be a PERFECT opportunity for a young, hungry lion to stake his claim to the future of boxing. I mean the stage is set perfectly. Floyd is presumably retiring, or at the least probably going to market his next as such. You get your lottery ticket punched as the B side in a Mayweather main event with a farewell fight kicker. If you're a big name Welterweight looking to be the heir apparent and new face of boxing, the stars are aligned perfectly for you. So that leads to my question and the point of this thread. Is it me or did the Welterweight division completely piss away this opportunity of a lifetime? Furthermore, what does it say about the future in a division that seemed like the most promising in the sport? 


Now here me out. I'm a Floyd fan unapologetically but I get why some people want him out of the sport. That being said, maybe it's going to be a case of be careful what you wish for. These so called young lions in the division are really performing like pussy cats. 


Thurman- About as scripted as you can get when it comes to interviews and trash talk. It's like he writes his responses down before hand. Very cheesy. That being said, he was becoming the guy that supposedly nobody wanted to face. But inexplicably, after constantly calling out every fighter with a name at WW, he not only faces Collazo but gets hurt and looks very vulnerable.


Khan- His entire life for the last 2 years has been devoted to calling out and chasing Floyd. I won't go into how he pissed the fight away the first time and got leapfrogged by Maidana. Now, he's sitting there with the opportunity to atop the list since he is more of a household name than Thurman, and he goes and fights Chris Algieri. Not only that, he gets walked down and kind of roughed up by the feather fisted kickboxer.


Brook- His name spring-boarded for 2 reasons. His back & forth with Amir Khan and his win vs Shawn Porter. Instead of building on the momentum of beating someone widely considered formidable on American soil, he fights Jo Jo Dan and Frankie Gavin. Like really...wtf?


Porter- I won't say he squandered his opportunity because Broner to me was the best fight out of anyone all of these guys took. That being said, he had a chance to make a large statement a la Maidana. Instead, he got by with a sloppy but effective fight plan. To make matter worse, he allowed Broner to make things interesting by getting dropped in the final round. Now, what could be viewed as "look good the next time" may come off as "that was unimpressive and yall may need a rematch" to some (not me). 


Danny Garcia- Truth be told, if he wanted the FM fight, he'd probably be able to get it the easiest. He's undefeated. He and his father are marketable. He has exciting fights on his resume. It just seems like he wants NO PARTS of Floyd. Fighting Paulie this summer further cements that.


In summary, it just seems like these guys pissed away an opportunity to not only capitalize on the biggest payday of their careers, but to become the new torch bearer for the division and boxing. I honestly can't be mad at Floyd for saying "fuck it...I'm gonna fight Andre Berto and call it a career." 


Your thoughts?...

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#621889 Floyds Options For September (Update- Likely Andre Berto on Free CBS) Page. 1...

Posted by Franchize on 07 July 2015 - 07:33 PM

To be honest, Floyd SHOULD fight whoever the hell he wants at this point. Guys who haven't done half of what he's done are taking bullshit fights. Floyd should fight someone like Rios and go gentle into that good night 

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#621846 Fixed fights

Posted by Jack 1000 on 05 July 2015 - 09:57 PM

Bad Officiating,


Also forgot to add Russell Mora's allowing Abner Mares to punch Joseph Agbeko 60+ times in the balls with no points taken away. That was their first fight.  Al Bernstein calling the fight, and normally as collected as ever was outraged.  Mora called such an obvious low blow in the 11th round a knockdown!  I think there was some shit between Mora and Golden Boy that went down that night.  It was just awful!



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#621785 Al Haymon Lawsuit...

Posted by thehype on 02 July 2015 - 11:30 AM

The lawsuit is simply an attempt to scare off Haymon's investors, Waddell & Reed. As long as the investors stand firm, nothing will come of this.


If they had anything of note to stand on, then Top Rank, "the nation's premier boxing promotion company", would have filed a lawsuit for FAR MORE than $100 million, which is 1/3 of what Golden Boy filed for.


Furthermore, Top Rank, "the nation's premier boxing promotion company", just made MORE than $100 million after actually doing business with Al Haymon.


The fact that certain media and fans are citing violations of the Muhammad Ali Act is LAUGHABLE considering that it's supposed to protect FIGHTERS, yet FIGHTERS can't even count on it to get themselves out of contracts that their PROMOTERS are using to violate the Ali Act themselves (i.e. Mikey Garcia, Andre Ward, etc.).


Also, the accusations of "predatory practices" are just as LAUGHABLE considering that Arum, De La Hoya, and others are FAR MORE guilty of doing the exact same things (i.e. blocking venues, locking up dates, etc). 


The reality is that Golden Boy and Top Rank have just opened Pandora's box without even realizing it, because when push comes to shove, IF these lawsuits make it out of discovery (which I doubt they ever will), then there's going to be whole lot of EVERYONE'S dirt being uncovered, and I'm not so sure Top Rank and Golden Boy really want that, especially considering that De La Hoya and Arum have made public statements that will ultimately do more harm for their own cases:


Oscar De La Hoya in 2010 said the following:


Now, we have to think outside the box; we have to think like the NBA and MLB and have one commission and one major promoter in the sport. That’s one of the reasons I commend UFC for what they have done in such a short period of time; they are the only real player in their category, the mixed martial arts world. They have been able to organize themselves, have all the TV dates, a pay-per-view every month; that’s why they are valued at more than $1 billion. They are doing the right thing, and it’s time for boxing to do the right thing...

We need to sign all the talent and get all the TV dates; then you can have your own agenda and have a schedule for the fans and the sport. You can do a monthly PPV, a bi-weekly HBO fight, you can have the best fighters fight each other. When you have five or six promoters, it’s very difficult.
My plan is not to take over boxing, but really do what no other promoter was able to do, and that is have unified rules and one commissioner and make sure the fighter is taken care of and is not cheated out of anything.


And not for nothing, but to see some media and fans act like some of the allegations they're claiming don't happen ACROSS THE BOARD with ALL PROMOTERS makes me realize just how biased and hypocritical people in this sport really are. Some people act surprised if they hear that a fighter was paid money not to spar with someone...yet they forget when all-time greats openly admit to doing it (like when Lennox Lewis paid Maurice Harris to hang around his camp just so he wouldn't spar with Mike Tyson for their fight). Or how about when Manny Pacquiao was somehow signed to GOLDEN BOY after accepting a suitcase full of money, despite the fact that he had already signed with TOP RANK? Or what about all the evidence that VisionQwest found allegedly proving that Michael Koncz was employee for and received checks from TOP RANK? Where was the outrage and the investigation when the company sent out a press release stating that as FACT????
This is all so laughable and yet pathetic at the same time.
People SCREAM for change in boxing, but when it starts to happen, they want to run back to the old way of doing business (i.e. fucking over the fightes).

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#621756 Is Mike Stafford Broner's Problem?

Posted by mitukczuk on 01 July 2015 - 11:43 AM

Been thinking about this actually. AB is his own nemesis at the moment. No trainer will change that I think...Virgil, Sr. or any other respectable trainer would grow tired of his bullshit rather quickly. He needs to grow the f up and finally take the sport seriously. I actually admire Stafford for staying with AB for so long. Having to work with a fighter with such talent and seeing him throwing it all out of the window must be very discouraging for a trainer.

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#621044 Oscar De La Hoya hinting at comeback

Posted by thehype on 12 June 2015 - 11:14 AM

For a split second, I thought he was serious....but then when he mentioned Golovkin's name, I quickly realized he was full of shit! LOL

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#621041 Oscar De La Hoya hinting at comeback

Posted by Franchize on 12 June 2015 - 08:18 AM

Victor Ortiz vs. Oscar

The Battle of the Attention Whore/Crazy

On one condition, Loser stays the fuck away from boxing forever. Winner joins him. 

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#620943 HBO@10:30PM(ET)/7:30(PT)-Cotto vs. Geale-SPOILERS

Posted by KSUN247 on 06 June 2015 - 10:16 PM

Cotto did make a small statement tonight. So Canelo vs Cotto should be a great fight.
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