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The State of Boxing

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Posted 04 September 2014 - 05:52 PM

i dug up an old story about beyonce and haymon from 2011, you can google it. aparently he worked with live nation which handled beyonce's tours. he tried to pull a coup d'etat on her management and tour rights, doesnt sound unfamiliar for him. anyway i guess she sued haymon for that and no there is a rift between haymon and jigga/beyonce. haymon tries to pull these slick moves over situations all the time behind the scenes to make out on both ends and eat on both sides, its screwed up. more titles mean sanctioning fees, and more money for haymon probably because thats him getting his fighters title shots. i dont think haymon has any intention of aligning quillin up with any top middlweights because they all fight on HBO, and HBO hates al haymon. quillin having that WBO title was the only thing that would draw any top middleweights over to showtime, which is the only network haymon can get his guys on, so now that he doesnt have that nobody needs to fight him and they wont. i just see some middleweights fighting for a vacant title now and nothing being acomplished for peter quillin. this is a bad move. i feel bad for quillin, he isnt going to get any top 5 middleweight. 


we will see plenty of fighters on hbo that are gbp fighters, but i dont know if any haymon fighters will be allowed in that mix. the only ones i would see being exceptions are the kind fo fighters hbo drools over, such as maidana, mathysse, thurman, garcia, and maybe khan. this korobov-quilin fight was going to be another fight where we were going to see a cross over between hbo and gbp, which is healthy for boxing, but the al haymon involvement makes people sour. i think he forced quillin to vacate because of the jayz thing. i think jayz wanted to have a brooklyn native in quillin, fight at his brooklyn arena, the braclays. but haymon jsut fucked up 3 things with one move, while making things better for himself and worse for boxing fans. 

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Posted 04 September 2014 - 06:58 PM

Well, at least the shake up with Golden Boy did one thing; painted a much clearer picture of the stain Haymon is on boxing. I respect a manager looking out for their boxer to profit as much as possible considering how brutal boxing can be on the body and how short lived a career can be....but I can't respect a manager that puts his own agenda above the best interests of their boxer. Is idiotic that Haymon wouldn't allow this fight to happen, have confidence in his guy to win and earn 3x more than he ever has before, and then plan a title fight in the Barclays Center with Jacobs around Christmas time. 

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Posted 04 September 2014 - 07:07 PM

It looks like Haymon, Quilon, or both are afraid of a loss to Korobov,


Why not fight your mandatory guy rather than give up your title if a fear of a loss is not the reason? Than Peter could have fought Jacobs around Christmas time or first part of 2015, with Al Haymon promoting both guys.



#14 littlemac



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Posted 04 September 2014 - 07:15 PM

It looks like Haymon, Quilon, or both are afraid of a loss to Korobov,


Why not fight your mandatory guy rather than give up your title if a fear of a loss is not the reason? Than Peter could have fought Jacobs around Christmas time or first part of 2015, with Al Haymon promoting both guys.



Pretty much my exact thoughts.......Haymon is a joke. He pretty much just told his fighter he isn't that confident in him. 

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Posted 04 September 2014 - 11:07 PM

Haymon isn't the sole reason why boxing is in its state. Boxing was built by men like Haymon. ARUM is no different and Goosen.

Trout stop fighting after he heard the scores. He gave up.

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Posted 06 September 2014 - 03:55 PM

I am concerned with a few things that have been happening in boxing. First, fighters thinking that using your legs is considered running. When did boxing become rock em sock em? You hear so many fighters and trainers complaining how their opponents "run." If I am not mistaken isn't boxing hit and not get hit. Figueroa, Pac, Maidana, Kovalev, GGG, Garcia (Danny) and a slew of other fighters think that their opponents have to stay directly in front of them in order it to be a real "fight." The danger in this is, fans think that the only good boxing match is a brawl. One reason why I think Lara and Trout were given a L against Canelo is because people felt they "ran."


Another thing with boxing that is becoming obvious: Bullshit titles. Cats are looking at being interim champions or whatever bullshit belt that the organizations make up as being a legit champion. Like everything, money corrupts shit and makes it complicated and worse. See college football. I think like many stated on this board, there needs to be one belt per division.


Have any of you notice the that the younger boxers are more celebrities than fighters? Some fighters are  more famous what they do outside the ring than inside. I think it is a cool marketing ploy for people to tune into see you but at the same time over exposure can be a bad thing as well. There has to be a balance. I believe that promoters should do what Motown did for their singers, they made them take finishing courses. They taught them how to give interviews, dress and act in public. I think the same should be said for boxers. Some fighters have an automatic 'it' factor and others are as dry as California. The ones that already have it should be polished and groomed to perfect that 'it' factor. While the ones who are dry, should have someone to coach them to be more entertaining. Andre Ward and Broner are two great candidates for such a program.


Lastly, Boxing writers have got to be writers and not fucking nut huggers of other fighters. If your job is to write about the sport and point out BS, it should be consistent. There are a lot of fights that should not be happening but these so called boxing writers' pens are silent. I read on yahoo and the Bleacher Report that writers are applauding Manny P for taking on such a tough fighter. Lucas M. is getting credit with fighting Ortiz. Writers have to be the check and balance to boxing. They can't be paid writers or else we will have more Garcia and Salka fights. I hadn't been on the internet for a few, I did however see the back and forth with 50 and Mayweather on his ability to read. I have a BS degree from the House and an MBA from UCLA, I read pretty damn well, and I would give up both degrees to be financially secure. I am disappointed in 50, with Furgeson and all this other shit happening, this is how you decide to use your platform? And yet you are all up in that white chic's face, the one who called you a gorilla and you are cool with her? Either 50 and Mayweather had thing for each other or 50 is on some evil shit. Either way, it saddens me how in 2014, we can't uplift each other.


AZ my Bruins gave me a heart attack last Saturday!   





I've been concerned with Boxing myself but moreso starting in the late 90's, back then i thought the sport would be dead in North America within 30 years, no longer do i think that with the booming Latino population. Long gone are the days of Heavyweight rivalries and in now are the lighter weight Latino fighters that will carry the sport on here.


As to your concerns, i've voiced my disgust with the popularization of modern tactics of excessive holding and in this case excessive running to a point where a guy isn't using smart footworks but is avoiding the fight altogether, creating boring non fan friendly fights. You bring up Lara vs Ginger. It's a good example of Lara abandoning his smart, crafty offsetting footwork he would use to exploit angles and his quicker all around speed, instead Lara was dashing out across the ring, avoiding fighting alltogether for extended periods of time and that is simply not going to win a fight nor is it entertaining to watch, if Lara had attemped to use his standard style of baiting outside the pocket he just may have won the fight, but instead he fought as if he just wasn't interested in winning or even wanting any part of the fight, so he lost for it. Thats the difference in running vs good crafty footwork. Why Lara abandoned what's worked for him and tried what he did is beyond me and i just can't figure it out, what i can say is that fight was incredibly boring and unworthy of a main event or even PPV material. I'll say this too, if the fight was entertaining for the majority of fans left still buying this crap, then fan expectations have went to shit and this sport deserves it's current state. One of my most favorite fighters to watch in the past was Chris Byrd in his prime, he never ran, he never held, his style of dodging, ducking, sidestepping and pecking back was a thing of beauty to watch, It doesn't take a slugfest to entertain me in this sport, but i sure as hell ain't going to give any props to a guy like Lara when he performs a near complete avoidance strategy in a main event fight like he pulled against Canelo and it pains me to not see more voice against that abomination of a boxing strategy.


I can't say i've noticed the celebrity thing, unless i'm watching Boxing on tv i don't hear a damn thing about it, if i mention the names Canelo Alvarez, Amir Khan, etc to people i work with, any of my friends and family with the exception of 1 person, they have no damn clue who i'm talking about. However if i mention legends from a decade past, Tyson, Holyfield, DeLa Hoya, Jones jr, even J.C. Chavez, they know who they are. The only 2 names today i could mention is Mayweather and Pacman. This is an example of just how much boxing has died to the once casual fan base. If there are actively fighting what we'd call Boxing Celebrities now, they certainly aren't close to what they used to be in popularity, fake or real.


I can't comment on the writing as i don't read any of it, but judging by nuthugging announcers who quote writers during the fights once in a while, i'll take your word for it.

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