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HBO@10PM(ET)/7PM(PT)-Lemieux vs. Rosado-SPOILERS

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Posted 10 December 2014 - 12:31 PM

Rubio's a big MW though...and GGG is a bigger guy than Lemiuex. Rubio weathered that same crap early in the fight, but Lemiuex was dumb back then....he blew his load quick. He stretched out the ass whoopin' that he gave Gabe. 

In my opinion, i dont know, i dont think he did stretch it out. , i personally just believe gabe can endure more than most can. Lemieux tries to do that to everybody he fights, and they either succumb to it or they dont. every once in a while there will be a guy who can and fire back, the problem is lemeiex cant take it hen its put back on him. hes shown me that.


ggg is good at blocking shots with his gloves. i think that will be able to take some thunder off lemiex shots. rosado actually was ablte to do alot of that in the final round , he was taking shots but not all of them ere clean, most of them were partially blocked in some form, it just seems like his punches do so much damage because of the snap, but the fact was that gabe was still standing. gabe was not throwing back because his eye was bad and he was focusing on his defense.


edit: i think lemiex tries to blow his load on GGG and gets counterkilled in the process. i think lemiex will actually die from a right hand in this fight. not to mention GGGs power jab, id like to see lemiex walk into that a few times. gabe has zero jab watsoever and no power at middleweight. GGG is the exact opposite. Id becurious to seee how lemiux takes GGG second fav punch, the left hook to liver.


either way, thats gonna be a super big drama show. cant wait

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