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Andre Ward's Future Plans

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#1 MaxPayne



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Posted 06 January 2017 - 03:36 AM

The Ward Kovalev fight was a close fight no matter how you ended up scoring it.


Effectively, it was a 114-113 that could have gone either way. Kovalev started fast and Ward ended strong.


The bout contract had a rematch clause, which the Kovalev camp is very much interested in enforcing as any of us can imagine.


Ward of course, is allegedly leaning towards retirement unless the price is right.


Now if Ward really does retire, then there's no problem so to speak. The belts go to designated "Champions" and Kovalev continues his quest to regain the straps by beating whoever these "Champions" are.


The situation becomes much stickier if say, Ward decides he wants to fight someone else like Adonis Stevenson.


That's when Ward ends up in an all too familiar "ring": the courthouse. 


He also ends up on the losing end of a judge's decision, which is also a situation that he's very familiar. 


Frankly speaking, I'm sort of tired of the Ward situation. 


If he would rather retire than go into an entirely winnable rematch because the "paper wasn't good enough", then he has an inflated sense of self-worth.


Threatening to retire is the only leverage that he has with his promoter. If Ward could actually sell PPV's or generate revenues otherwise that his promoter got a cut of, then he could demand a higher payday.


However, that's the key point: he can't generate that revenue. Few people outside of Boxing hardcores give a fuck about him. I've made these points before so I won't repeat myself.


When Floyd had close fights against guys like Castillo and Maidana, he gave them immediate rematches because he felt that there should be no questions regarding his supremacy. 


That was one thing I always appreciated about Mayweather. 


I've become rather disenchanted with Ward and his camp, but then again, it's his life and he should do what he thinks is right. 


Just remember that no one cares about your gold medal or the Super Six. You wasted your prime years by being a fucking drama queen who wanted to cry in court rather than keep fighting and keep winning. Fuck off please. 

#2 mgrover



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Posted 06 January 2017 - 09:10 AM

the sticking point in the negotiations will be money, now wards gonna want more cause hes the champ. but the split was already 75/25 to ward

#3 Cshel86


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Posted 13 January 2017 - 02:17 PM

I'm a bit tired of the situation myself, and I wish he'd just go quiet until the negotiations are in full swing. On the other hand, I blame Kovalev...why couldn't he just finish the dude after he dropped him? Lol


Yes, we know that Mayweather immediately avenged what people recall were losses and "close" fights. However, as his career progressed, there are still people screaming that he lost the first JLC fight. It never ends with boxing fans, but we all know this. 


One thing I'm getting tired of, is Floyd. I watched his recent interviews on ESPN, and all he seems to be talking about his himself. Now, he's being asked these questions, but why not immediately divert the attention back to the Jack/DeGale fight and his other fighters?


This whole Connor McGregor nonsense is uncalled for. Dude, either come back and fight him or shut up about fighting....especially when they press him about a Pacquiao rematch. Now he has the nerve to speak on Ward and Hunter. He's doing too much. 


Back to Ward, I'm sure the whole rematch money was discussed before the first fight. On the other hand, the first fight flopped in the PPV market, shamefully....thank you boxing "fans". So, the split for the winner in the rematch may not be all that appealing, now that the numbers looked as horrible as they did. 


I can't blame him for wanting to sit out if the money isn't right. We've seen it before, especially with guys like Arum, and I'm sure Ward has learned about purse splits since his court situation. 


What if both handlers are trying to take some money off the top, just in case they come up short again? It's possible. From what Duva said, RN gave Ward extra money for the first fight, so his initial guarantee wasn't as lucrative as the $5M. 


Again, what if the handlers on both sides are trying to line their pockets, just in case the ship sinks again? What if there is enough money out there to pay both guys favorably, but Sergey just isn't aware? 


As most know (or should know), the promoters assumes ALL of the risks to make a fight happen. When they lobby for the money to secure dates, venues, license fees, sponsors, etc,. and of course the fighters' pay, they expect to make a profit. How do they keep money in their pockets? They'll go out and lobby up something like $6M, pay Fighter A about $800k, fighter B $200k, the undercard fighters a total of let's say, $200k....that's $1.2M. Of course they secure the above factors before paying the fighters for let's say, $700k....that's somewhere around $4M remaining. Of course these are high numbers, but you get the point. Who pockets that leftover money that they're probably going to make back from PPV (if necessary for the fight), gate sales, etc.? 


So yeah, Ward has to know that there's gonna be some money available for the rematch....and of course he has to pay all of those sanctioning fees....it looks like he's trying to break even at the very least and not get shafted. Who knows though. You'd think all of the possible outcomes would've been discussed in prior negotiations, but who knows what they were discussing. Maybe they thought the first fight would be a huge sale. 

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