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Please tell me that I'm not the only one who sees this?

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#21 MaxPayne



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Posted 12 June 2017 - 12:41 AM

Oscar was a dead man walking in that fight from the very first bell. How he even dropped all of that weight without permanently damaging his kidneys is a damned miracle.


Their whole ploy was to dance and then take him out in the middle rounds by which time they knew that Oscar would quit on his stool from dehydration and exhaustion.

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#22 mgrover



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Posted 17 June 2017 - 07:36 AM

Oscar had grown out of WW 8 or 9 years before that which is why Arum and Manny wanted the fight at WW with the "No Rehydration Clause" we saw used on Canelo.


I remember back when Oscar and Manny made this fight and I told people that clauses like this existed and all they could say is "No it doesn't, you're just hating on Manny".   Well let's go back and look at the facts, Oscar was not allowed to rehydrate, I believe he didn't even step on HBO's Unofficial Scales that night (the first time he's ever did that since the fight with Floyd).


It's obvious that Oscar's contract was set up so that he was not even able to mention the "Rehydration Clause" but nowadays they blatantly mention these type clauses but in a clandestine way such as "There will be a million dollar penalty for every pound you go over the weight" and stuff like that so that it doesn't appear to be this dreadful clause that keeps a fighter from gaining his natural size and strength advantage in the fight.


Oscar shouldn't of signed then. He was the cash cow, why was he so desperate to make that fight under any circumstances, I don't know.

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#23 BrutUalBK



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Posted 18 June 2017 - 09:13 AM


Oscar shouldn't of signed then. He was the cash cow, why was he so desperate to make that fight under any circumstances, I don't know.

It was a money fight, and no....Oscar wasn't the Cashcow he once was, in fact this was the time when Manny was garnering world wide attention and after De la Hoya had been knocked off the #1 Cashcow spot by Floyd nearly 2 years before.


The reason Oscar made it was simple, he is an intelligent businessman and knew that this would be his last big money fight with a rising/big named superstar.


It was smart for him to take the bout but he shouldn't have taken it for health reasons, anytime a 130lb Valero is whuppin your @$$ blacking both of your eyes, you can't run one complete lap around a track and you are not allowed to rehydrate for the fight then that just doesn't make sense to take a fight like this risking your health for a payday.


All of the above happened to Oscar, if anyone is unable to see that it is true despite no mention of it (the Rehydration Clause) in public then I'd say they are either Arum duped Pacquiao fans or Pacquiao fanatics who want to romanticize that Manny pulled off this so called "impossible" upset beating a supposed bigger (though he weighed less than Manny on fight night) dangerous De La Hoya.


It's a magician's trick, all smoke and mirrors with Manny, just as he always did with his ridiculous CW fights draining his opponents or waiting to they had already been KO'd or soundly beaten in prior fights before he took on his toughest challenges.


Cotto-drained and had been beaten with loaded gloves by MargoCHEATo

Mosley-had been beaten nearly 2 years prior by Floyd and Sergio Mora

Morales-had been beaten soundly by Zahir Raheem

Margo-that farce of a fight supposedly taken place for a Jr MW title where neither man was ever really a real titleholder at the time in that class


I could go on and on but people bought that lemon of a magician fighter in Pacquiao which is why they were so believing all the hype that he would somehow be the one to dethrone Mayweather, those same idiots were the ones who were drinking the Bob "Yesterday I was lying but today I'm telling the truth" Arum Kool-Aid.

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