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PPV/CC@5PM(PT)/8PM(ET)-Canelo vs. Golovkin-World Middleweight Title-SPOILERS (No Public Streams)

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Posted 25 September 2017 - 12:50 PM

I rewatched the fight again on the big screen this time. The draw was completely justified in my opinion. The HBO commentary was disgustingly biased. You give a guy credit for coming forward and lambaste a fighter for backing up and not being busy enough. Cool. I thought Canelo wasn't busy enough either. But to act like GGG was landing and using the compubox numbers throughout the fight to justify the point...then the final tally comes out and COMPLETELY do a 180 because they surprisingly don't line up with your narrative is ridiculous. All fight you heard about how many "big right hands" GGG was landing and the compubox numbers supporting him winning but then the compubox numbers show Canelo landing more power punches are a higher %. Not to mention, his power punches landed cleaner. 


End of the day, IDGAF who was supposed to be the bigger puncher, who was supposed to counterpunch and what the narrative was supposed to be. I scored the fight multiple times based on what actually happened. The synopsis of what I saw was Canelo came out early and outboxed GGG for the first 3 rounds. GGG was resilient and applied pressure throughout. Canelo's output dipped significantly at a time where GGG's increased. This trend continued until the 10th where Canelo had a big round. I thought the 11th was the hardest to judge. Canelo took the 12th in my opinion. 118-110 on ANY scorecard is ridiculous. I find it hypocritical also that Byrd was rightfully ripped for her card but nobody who had GGG winning 118-110 were. To say Canelo didn't win at least 4 rounds is silly to me as well



ANY other time, people trash Compubox, until the guy that they ride for, doesn't get the W. Moreover, when the favorite doesn't win, we have to see all of these slow motion breakdown videos of what landed and what didn't. 


I also look at what happened in the fight, and some things just didn't happen the way people are telling. Moreover, judges call what they see...some give fighters rounds for:

1. Coming forward all night

2. Coming forward, taking punches, and "throwing more shots" (even when they don't land)

3. Blood

4. Defense

5. Cleaner shots over the most shots thrown

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