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Does Anybody Care About Weight Classes Anymore?

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#1 Cshel86


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Posted 28 December 2017 - 03:08 PM

I've been noticing a trend of fighters entertaining the idea of jumping multiple weight classes, and fans have pushed it even further. I've seen it more and more in fighters at 140 and below, mainly Mikey Garcia and Vasyl Lomachenko. 


These dudes seem to not give a damn about weight classes and they're starting to sound more and more like internet fans, while calling out bigger fighters at an alarming rate. 


Guys are saying that Lomachenko is gonna move up and wipe out 135, 140, and even make a few fights a 147...mainly a fight with Manny. Mikey took two years off and doesn't seem to know what f*ckin weight class he is in. He just uttered that he would've stopped Cotto, had he landed the assignment earlier this month. 





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#2 The Original MrFactor

The Original MrFactor

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Posted 29 December 2017 - 07:26 AM

Guillermo Rigondeaux probably does now. It always makes me think of the Louis/Conn fight. One of the best fights I've ever seen(not live, mofo's!! I aint that old). That was a good big man vs a good little man. A guy I trained with once told me that a good big man should usually beat a good little man. Size matters.


Chris Byrd was a great little man in the HW division. A lot of people hated him, while he was a HW, but that good little man beat a lot of mediocre big men. When he got in with a very good big man, he got stopped. Please dont get on my case and say, but Vitali...

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#3 KSUN247


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Posted 29 December 2017 - 03:18 PM

I think part of it is for legacy. Guys want to be known as champs in multiple divisions,(i.e. 4- and 5-Divison champs). Another is chasing big money fights in certain weight classes. All about getting paid now. What I dislike, but understand, is why guys walk around weight is sometimes 30-plus pounds above their fighting weight. Those type of weight cuts are dangerous. I can see maybe 10-15 lbs, but over 30 lbs is CRAZY. If you normally walk around at 175 lbs, and wanna cut weight, campaign at 168 lbs or maybe 160 lbs. Don't kill yourself to make 147 lbs or 140 lbs. Just saw an article with Bud Crawford weighing 177 lbs.

Plenty of good fights to be made in just about every weight class, but guys don't wanna challenge themselves and OVERESTIMATE their worth. They only do it if the money is right and usually after a backlash from fans and being called out by the media and other boxers.

Rigo begged for his fight with Loma and then took an "L" in the loss column and public perception. At least he was compensated for his loss. He probably wouldn't have taken that fight if the other guys in his division didn't avoid him and move up to 126-130 lbs.

Everyone isn't special like Floyd, Manny*, RJJ, Oscar, etc.

Mikey Garcia has been talking so much lately. He's not the star that he thinks he is. He better KO Lipnets and then fight Linares. I like Garcia, but he is only chasing money and talking like he's a superstar.

But Vitali did quit. LOL!

#4 sduck



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Posted 30 December 2017 - 02:52 AM

Higher expectations + lack of competition makes people more risking and willing to jump weight classes for bigger fights

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#5 Cshel86


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Posted 02 January 2018 - 10:28 AM

Higher expectations + lack of competition makes people more risking and willing to jump weight classes for bigger fights

...but they don't always do it, and when they do....fans start making excuses about weight disadvantages, etc. (ala Rigo/Lomachenko). Don't you just love it? Lol


I usually see the guys at smaller weights jump weights pretty often, like the Donaires, Chocolatitos, etc. of the world. When those small guys hit that 122 mark and look for challenges at 126 and above, shit starts looking shifty for them. Lol

#6 mgrover



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Posted 02 January 2018 - 07:50 PM

Think people have been spoiled by Mayweather and Pac who took on these weight classes and got shit done and make it look so easy. But some fighters have trouble just moving up 1 weight class because it ain't easy, its impressive to do.


But thinking back maybe we shouldn't look with such rose tinted glasses, maybe these fighers who could jump so many classes were actually just weight bullys.

#7 AZWildCat


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Posted 16 January 2018 - 10:44 AM

Chasing p4p, daring to be great, after a quick paycheck,no one else to fight in division,... Many reasons for it not always the best one.

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