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Showtime@10PM(ET)/7PM(PT) Hurd vs. Lara/Truax-DeGale II (SPOILERS)

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Posted 09 April 2018 - 03:37 PM

Williams vs Gallimore

Gallimore, as I said before, gets hit entirely too much. He was banking on being able to overwhelmed J Rock with power. Williams got rocked a few times but has the wherewithal to smother when he did. I never am a fan of fighters with no defense because the question is, after a guy takes your best punch and is still there, then what?


Truax vs DeGale

Firstly, James DeGale's corner did a horrible job with that cut. I know you can't expect a corner to always be able to stop a cut like that, but they barely put any grease on it and it was leaking each time before he reached the stool. At least let the fight action cause it to bleed again. Overall, nevertheless, I thought James did enough to win. TRuax, by his own admission, came out flat. Where he was effective with his aggression in the 1st fight, he kinda just fell in and smothered his own work this time.


Lara vs Hurd

Damn Shel you missed a great one lol A action packed Lara fight! :good: I, like many who watched, thought the difference was the knock down. Lara got dropped because his eye was closed and his corner did an AWFUL job between rounds addressing the swelling as did DeGale's corner with his cut. Ronnie seemed frustrated with Lara's help as well (taking too long with the water etc) Either way, great fight. Hurd's defense wasn't up to par but he didn't square up as much. He clearly worked on his footwork. Dude is relentless and his body work clearly paid dividends. If he can survive the early rounds, I think he can beat Charlo but he MUST work on that defense. He can't be getting hit like that vs Charlo (which Charlo made his business to mention). 

Spot on! i got home around 12:30, had to shower (get that weed smoke off of me), and watch as much of the fights as I could before I passed out. 


Gallimore/Williams: Both of them get hit too much for my liking, and I was almost sure Gallimore was ready to go in the championship rounds....I believe it was the 11th or 12th. Williams, to me, seems to think a bit too much and doesn't let his hands go when he needs to. When he worked behind his jab, he couldn't go wrong. I'm not sure how his rise back to title contention will be, but I hope he makes his way back. I wouldn't mind seeing Gallimore again either. 


Degale/Truax: This is the fight I fell asleep on, so I'll have to go back and watch it. I faded in and out, but all I saw was blood....and A LOT of it. I'll have to go back and watch this one again. 


Hurd/Lara: I actually woke back up for this one! As you all know, I can't fuckin stand Lara, but he made this fight what it was. Hurd was cutting the ring off like crazy, but Lara stayed in the pocket from jump. As mentioned, Hurd gets hit way too much, but shit, when you're walking around at about 180-190 lbs between fights, it's not that hard to take flush shots like he does. When he stepped on the gas, I thought it was over for Lara....but shit....Lara gave it RIGHT back! I can tell he was done by the 9th round, but he kept fighting to keep Hurd off of him. I don't know how many of those Charlo shots he'll be able to take, but who knows. His style put me in the mind of Margarito, but he has Paul Williams' frame (upper body posture and height). I'm not sure how he sucks down to 154.

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