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Showtime@9PM(ET)/6PM(PT)-Garcia vs. Porter-SPOILERS (No HBO Card Discussion)

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Posted 10 September 2018 - 10:55 AM

Spence looked like Kareem Abdul Jabbar standing next to Porter. Spence is going to beat the shit out of him... Porter does not hit hard enough and will find out that Spence hits hard as a motherfucker with both hands

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Posted 10 September 2018 - 11:53 AM

Got a chance to watch the fight again last night (without weed) and it seemed closer this time around, than on fight night. On Saturday, it just seemed like Porter was overwhelming Danny. 


A lot of those body shots were on the hip and the belt line, but those shots around Danny's elbows and in the heart/solarplexus area, were very telling. Porter did land a few headbutts, the more obvious ones were in round 4-7...it was one of those rounds where Danny caught him flush with a left hook and Porter rushed in and butted Danny in the mouth twice. Another headbutt caught him in the nose and of course the last one opened the side of his head up. 


Overall, Porter fought well on the outside and inside. He did what he wanted to do in most rounds and took risks and did what he had to in others. Danny on the other hand....man, smh....he almost put me in the mind of Broner this past Saturday. He just wasn't throwing enough when it mattered. 


It appeared as though he didn't want to fight on the inside, but I believe a lot of that was him holding Porter to prevent their heads colliding and rubbing against each other. 


As a matter of fact, I won't even put the Broner label on Danny....let's go with the Badou Jack label. He just didn't do enough, but when he imposed his will, he had success. He did just enough to create close moments and some seesaw action in some rounds. That's been his undoing against guys that outwork him. 


7-5 rounds is fair, in my opinion. As I always say though, anytime you get into a 115-113 situation, there's gonna be an outcry about a draw or the other guy winning by 1 point, and that's exactly what seems to be happening here. 


Porter kept Danny on the defensive all night long, so it seemed. When Danny jabbed up top or to the body, Porter was waiting with the counter right hand. When Porter jabbed or rushed his way in, he smothered Danny and worked the body. When I saw Porter leading with body shots, I saw the tide of the fight change. 


Danny's gifted, no doubt, but he seems to wait too long and rely on counter punches and the big left hook too much. His power isn't crazy at WW, so he should look to be more active. When he led, he made it clear who was in charge. When he fakes the right hook to the body and come up top with the left hook, he becomes more elusive and takes more risks. 


I like Danny's body work because he ducks his chin and takes chances and lands most of the time. Porter slowed down after Danny landed some big shot, but he just wanted it more than Danny. 


My biggest question is....just who in the hell did Danny spar in preparation for this??? He looked like a sitting duck when Porter decided to step on and off the gas. When he was first or punched with Porter, he had success. When he waited to slip and counter, he allowed Porter to rack up points and shots throughout. 


I'm not sure who the other guy was in Danny's corner talking, but there needs to be some changes made in that corner. My thing is, it's nothing wrong with adding someone else (if that isn't already the case). Angel's work made Danny the unified champ at 140, but he needs more help at WW. That big left hook story doesn't need to be front and center, when Danny has more tools to get the job done. 


Porter earned that shit this past weekend, I can't take anything away from him. 

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Posted 24 October 2018 - 12:05 PM

Just saw one of Danny's past fights (versus Kendall Holt) and I'll be damned....Danny's out here lookin' like Tony Manero from Saturday Night Fever and shit. 

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