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How to Get Boxing Thriving in America Again

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Posted 28 April 2019 - 02:32 PM

What Boxing Needs to do to Become Strong in America Again


Reach distribution rights with international networks from other countries to showcase fighters that bring exciting fights to American audiences.  Right now there are not enough American stars for USA fans to care, and people may never emerge from the Barthelemy-Easter coma.  That could be the most boring fight of all time!


If American promoters do not recognize why #1 is needed, boxing will never emerge from the average fight status on free TV ever again.


Showcase these fighters on free TV or no higher than standard cable.


Focus on the smaller weight classes as they bring the action a lot of times more than the heavyweights.


Use Mexico, the United Kingdom, and Japan, as countries to seek out and find these fighters.  Josh Warrington may be the best example of a classy person and great action fighter.  His war with Carl Frampton, may have been a little too one-sided to be among the greatest fights ever, but at least for modern times, it was a near-classic status.  Get Warrington's personality on American TV with consistency and regularity, he could over time become the next Manny Pacquiao  Look at the ratings that Pacquiao-Horn did on regular ESPN.


Make DAZN offered on standard cable, dish, and U-Verse systems .  Streaming is OK as a secondary source for boxing, but can't work as an exclusive only platform.  With only 70,000 USA subscribers on DAZN and raising prices less than three months into the service, DAZN is in trouble

Use 24/7 type shows to promote the action fighters during mainstream sports contests such as Playoff games, Super Bowls, World Series, and other top rated network shows.  Advertise the 24/7 shows during major events.


Convince fighters to take a small cut in pay by moving away from PPV platforms, to free commercial/cable TV to reach wider audiences.

Eliminate long-term deals with promoters and networks.  Fighters should have no more than a three fight deal with any promoter, than they become free agents.



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Posted 28 April 2019 - 04:29 PM

Great topic and lots of great ideas Jack!

Last night's Showtime Boxing card was tough to watch. Main event was a snoozefest. The showcase Heavyweight fight was bad and nobody cares to see Postol or his opponent.

There were basically 4 competing events on last night: DAZN had the WBSS semifinals at 140 and 118 lbs, plus the Bellator MMA event; ESPN+ had UFC Fight Night; and Showtime had Boxing all going on around the same time give or take an hour.

Competing events on same days hurts viewership. I was using my phone to watch DAZN, tablet for Showtime and tv for ESPN+. I was going to attend the Easter/Barthelemy, but changed my mind to save $$$.

Don't mind streaming services, but they have limited audiences. They are cheaper than PPV, so I can't hate that aspect. DAZN did up their subscription price and I'm sure ESPN+ will do the same eventually.

Networks and promoters need to be able to work together. They don't really wanna do this, until the masses start complaining. Took forever for Mayweather/Pacquiao to come together, but that fight had other obstacles.

Don't need to see many squash matches. Gotta have competitive matches that will get the public's attention. Folks love a good underdog story, but we need competitive balance on free TV, streaming services and PPV.

How do we get folks to take a pay cut now? PBC fighters are getting paid handsomely. Not sure they wanna make less money now. And I'm all for the fighters getting paid now, because boxing is a crap business and nobody cares about the fighter's long term health or financial status. There is no retirement plan or 401k for these guys and gals.

Promoting events is key. Advertising is gonna cost, but you gotta do it. Pay for commercials during other major events. Get boxers on radio, have live appearances at events, be on TV programs other than sports.

Need 24/7 365 testing and strict/harsh punishments for those caught cheating. What's happening with the Big Baby Miller/ Anthony Joshua fight is ridiculous. Trying to find a quality opponent on short notice is difficult. Miller should be banned for life after getting caught with 3 illegal drugs in his system.

Gotta build boxing stars. Need some personalities to spark some life into the sport. Promote all your fighters. Need some diversity at the events.

Follow the UFC's example on TUF "The Ultimate Fighter" series. Have more shows like "The Contender" on TV.

Get rid of the bias commentary (mostly HBO, but they are gone now) and the awful commentary. Focus on quality broadcasts. Mancini, Lewis and Leonard all need to go. Hire some younger folks who are articulate and have an keen interest in boxing.

Increase use of social media platforms and use them better to promote the events. Not just the "A" side. "B" side needs some love and attention too.

Journalists and media coverage needs to improve. Some writers and video bloggers/YouTube stars can be so biased. Hard to get a balanced opinion on boxing because folks have their favorites. Some are in the pockets of the promoters and crap on certain fighters because of style, race, language, etc.

Like the idea of gathering talent from other countries and promoting them. Just don't forget about the homegrown folks.

Eliminate the 4-5 belts in each weight class. Seems like everyone is a champ in Alphabet City. Need one undisputed champ for each division. No more Super Champ, Champ Emeritus, Champ in recess, Gold Champ, Silver Champ, Diamond Champ. Eliminate all of that.

Better referees and better judges. Not sure how they are ranked or selected, but some refs and judges should be fired. Bad scoring issues affect the public's interest, because we know boxing has been shady for so long. No open scoring.

Have boxers fight more often. Not this once a year stuff unless injured. Everyone should fight at least 2-3 times a year.

Just my 2cents for now. So much more can be done to improve the sport.

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Posted 29 April 2019 - 03:06 PM

Until boxing has a unified governing body, I think it's potential will always but somewhat stymied

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