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New WBC Champ (Canelo Gets Special Belt--Charlo Full Middleweight Champ)

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#1 KSUN247



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Posted 29 June 2019 - 02:22 PM

Does anybody really know what a "Franchise" Champ is? Canelo has been named the WBC Franchise Champ and now Charlo is the WBC Middleweight Champ. WTH!


Also, saw that if Canelo loses a fight as the Franchise Champ, he'll still be recognized as the Franchise Champ. So does he have to lose twice to lose the Franchise label?


Maybe Charlo and Canelo will never fight. Same with Andrade. Rumor is Canelo is looking at another fight at 168 lbs or moving up for a Kovalev fight later.


Amir Khan was supposed to fight for the WBC "Pearl" Championship. Now, it's just the WBC International Title due to the original opponent not being able to compete. 


I know a lot of money is involved, but the WBC is on that BS with this belt madness.

#2 Jack 1000

Jack 1000

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Posted 29 June 2019 - 05:47 PM

It's like this,


WBC went to reps of Canelo (Delahoya) and Charlo (Haymon) to work out the mandatory, which Charlo has been for fourteen months.  Canelo is under DAZN and DLH, Charlo is under Haymon and Showtime.  A deal could not be struck because of this.  So they just have a special commemorative belt to Canelo and made Charlo full champion.  Even Charlo is not too happy about this, as he feel Canelo bypassed him.


The truth is that "Uncle Al" knows that Charlo does not beat Canelo or GGG, and DLH does not do business with Haymon.  Brother Charlo's loss to Harrison, which was controversial and easier to make because Haymon control's both fighters, concerns Al, that he does not want another Charlo loss to Canelo.


The WBC knew that this potential fight was not going to happen within the near future, so they gave Canelo a special belt and made Charlo world champion.  Unless Charlo calls out GGG and Canelo, he will only be a belt holder and not a champion to anyone but the WBC.  Charlo is going to be the second coming of Stevenson, unless he does something to sue, claiming that his rights to a Canelo fight were violated.  And they were.


Mod note- Will be locking this thread, but only temporarily until tomorrow, like Sunday afternoon, to prevent any potential Spoilers from tonight's (Saturday, June 29, 2019) card from going in this thread.  Tomorrow we will open it again and discuss this whole WBC situation in greater detail.




#3 Cshel86


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Posted 02 July 2019 - 07:29 AM

These sanctioning bodies are ruining certain fights, but we've all seen this movie before. I'd feel slighted if I were Jermall, but that's just me. As we all know, Canelo's fought everybody they said he wouldn't, so I definitely saw him facing Jermall somewhere down the line. 


It's almost as though the WBC said, "Here ya go, Charlo....be happy with this belt while we give Canelo a make shift belt and keep him away from everybody while we milk him". Again, Canelo's fought everybody, so I can't say he's ducking anybody. 


Plot twist, though....maybe this Canelo officially putting Jermall's name in the same sentence as his, thus beginning a build-up between them for a future match. I sincerely hope that's what it is. If you think about it, there was NO reason for people to really mention Jermall and Canelo in the same breath....now we have a reason. 

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#4 KSUN247



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Posted 02 July 2019 - 03:10 PM

Just wish all the political BS in boxing would go away.

Think Charlo and Canelo would be a helluva fight. Based on both of their last fights, I'd give Canelo the slight edge. However, I do want Charlo to win.

I will say this, not sure I'm seeing improvements in the Charlo's games. Both Charlos just seem to try to KO everyone. Let the KO's come. Don't force it. Not sure if they aren't listening to their trainers or just stuck in their ways.

With the elevation of Canelo to Franchise champ, it does have benefits for Charlo. It gets his name in the mainstream media. Instead of being a not so well known challenger.

Just heard Canelo has a knee injury and now he won't be fighting in September. Perfect time for someone to step up and challenge a top guy in the division.

Andrade vs Charlo, Andrade vs GGG, Charlo vs GGG and I'm good. Any unification is great for the sport, just gotta get over promotional hurdle.

#5 mgrover



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Posted 06 July 2019 - 03:36 PM


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#6 Dolimite



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Posted 07 July 2019 - 08:56 AM

Politics and numbers. Canelo is guaranteed money. He is the goose with golden eggs. They keep that dude happy. Whoever he fights money will pour in. Dude is their bottom bitch.

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