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My Article- How to Save Boxing!

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Posted 06 July 2019 - 02:08 AM

How to Save Boxing?

Jack Plato

A reduction of promoters- There are too many promoters in boxing.  Right now the promoter is too involved in the politics of the sport.  The promoter needs to go back to marketing and advertising the fight NOT involve himself with the sanctioning of the match, or be connected to any sanctioning body.

Elimination of long term contracts between fighters and promoters- There should be no more than a three fight relationship between any promoter, fighter, and any network. Even involve this relationship on a fight-to-fight basis. Than the fighter will have greater opportunities to get the best deals available to him, and won't be tied down.

Only recognize the big four major world championship belts-  No more regular, super, emueritis, intern titles should be gone or no longer recognized.  Many people want to do away with all sanctioning bodies, but this is not realistic in today's market.  You have to crawl before you can walk, and at the very least going back to the main federation belts ONLY (WBC, WBA, IBF, WBO.) is best.  The IBF and WBO have almost no minor league titles. The other championship organizations of the WBA and WBC should live by the example of only one belt in each weight class.  Stop with all the other minor-title bullshit. The minor belts are only hurting the sport that you claim to love.

Bring in more International Referees and International Judges- The Association of Boxing Commissions often insists on local commission appointees for referees and judges.  The powers that be need to recognize that there are some great judges both in the USA and abroad who should be allowed to showcase their talents in the States.

Harsher reprimands for poor judges and referees. (Fines, suspensions, even forced retirement) if they continue to perform poorly - The controversial Bredis-Glowacki fight and the farce officiating of Robert Byrd allowing rabbit punches, elbows, not hearing the bell.  The man may have been fine back twenty years ago. Advancing age at 75, and a bad back. He should not be officiating anymore. A fighter could get hurt badly due to his recent lapses in judgement. Also, his wife Adalaide Byrd has submitted horrible scorecards in a combined SEVEN cards of boxing and MMA.  Yes, to her credit, she was the only one to score Rios-Abril correctly at 117-111 for Abril. She has had too many bad cards. Her 118-110 Canelo score in the first Golovkin-Alvarez fight was one of the worst scorecards in the history of boxing. (116-112 to 115-113 Golovkin in the first fight should have been the correct result.)  She may have been fine ten years ago or more, but too many bad cards suggest her time to retire has come.

There also needs to be an exit door for New York's Walaska Roldan.  Who seems to have one bad card after another. She scored an insane 117-111 for Jeff Horn over Manny Pacquiao, a match that should have seen a 115-113 to 116-112 result for Pacquiao.  A draw verdict might have been OK, and some Aussies had it 115-113 for Horn. That's a bad score, but giving Pacquiao only three rounds as she did.  That's incompetent or corrupt, show her the door.

More 10-10 rounds in Boxing- USA jurisdictions frown on assigning even rounds in boxing, and this is one of the stupidest they have ever done.  Many close, almost impossible to score rounds, are FORCED to be scored 10-9 in the USA, because local commissions don't like to assign even rounds.  Due to this fact, there is often no clear distinction between a round where fighter A totally dominates without a knockdown and a very close hard-to-score round between fighter A and fighter B.  Both instances are scored 10-9 rounds in most cases.

Noise-Reduction Headphones- This is an area where I support the WBC who implemented this idea.  This will help reduce potential judging bias and crowd noise, so that the judges can give their undivided attention to the fighters, and the actions of the referee.  This improves concentration for judges so that they have a better focus of the action in the ring.

Instant Replay- This is being used in Nevada and New Jersey and is also supported by the WBC.  It allows a review person with headphones to study the action in the ring and watch for things like the review of the following:

  • Low blows or fair body shots

  • Rabbit Punches

  • Whether cuts were caused by fouls or punches.

The ref can call time and consult with the replay officials to do a review of the action in question, or he can wait until the end of the round and choose to review the action at that time.  This second pair of eyes aids the ref in helping to make the correct decision in the interest of justice and fairness in the fight. The ref makes the final call, but at least he has that tool to instant replay to help him,

International Commission for Officials Performance and MANDATORY random VADA drug testing for all boxers, especially those in the top 20 of any sanctioning organization- No special favors, or exclusionary rules for star fighters.  When you choose to fight anywhere in the world for a sanctioned contest, you MUST agree to random VADA drug testing!  Put mandatory Vada testing into the contracts of all fighters!  If you get caught, you the boxer have the right to another test sample, just to make sure the results are accurate.  If that second test comes back positive you are BANNED from boxing anywhere in the world for two years. A second offense would be a MINIMUM of a five year ban to life.  A third offense would be a lifetime ban. Also, in order to be reconsidered at any point in the process, the fighters must seek treatment and counseling. If they don't, they can't come back to boxing until they show that they are clean.

#2 KSUN247



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Posted 06 July 2019 - 07:46 PM

I agree with all of this, especially the VADA testing. Hate cheaters. They all have some BS excuse for getting caught too.

I would also have a rating system for the announce teams too. These guys need to get rid of their biases based on the house fighter. Call the fight without the unnecessary jock riding.

#3 The Original MrFactor

The Original MrFactor

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Posted 09 July 2019 - 12:03 AM

Great Article. My only issue is my desire to NOT have 10-10 rounds. I think that they should add 2 judges off campus with a TV view with no sound. I think we'll get better decisions that way.

#4 Jack 1000

Jack 1000

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Posted 09 July 2019 - 04:09 AM

Great Article. My only issue is my desire to NOT have 10-10 rounds. I think that they should add 2 judges off campus with a TV view with no sound. I think we'll get better decisions that way.

The WBC supports a 5-judge program with required commission approval first.  I am not sure on this.  They have this in the Olympics for boxing and some of those decisions are worse than in pro boxing!



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Posted 17 July 2019 - 07:49 AM

1. I'm not sure why boxing is struggling with instant replay. I mean, most fights are on network tv anyway....just pause the action and take a frickin' commercial break (if needed). I don't get it. Sometimes, house fighters have the liberty of a timeout being called for just about anything, so I'm not sure why a timeout for an instant replay should hurt. I guess the biggest question is, how long should the instant replay break be? 


2. As far as long-term contracts between fighters and promoters, I get it, but what can we do? Some guys (e.g. Pacquiao) did what was best for his career for THE longest by extending his contract with Bob multiple times over the years, thus, putting the megafight on hold for as long as it was. I put it this way, most of these fighters need promoters because they have ZERO personality to sell a fight. I personally have a problem with the extra platforms nowadays....it's causing more fights to be put on hold and they're still screwing us out of money. DAZN's gonna go up to what, $20 before the end of the year? ESPN+ is $5 now, but it'll slowly creep to about 10-15 bucks within the next year. So, we're looking at 2 streaming services possibly reaching a total of $30 by next year....and $30 will get you 2 (maybe 3) premium channels on a monthly basis. On top of that, we have Sling TV, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime (TV), iTunes, Amazon Music, etc....all of these things eventually run close to $100 (if not more) monthly....the same price as cable when it's all said and done. They're losing their minds out here. Lol


3. Year round drug testing is a MUST. I'm still not sure what it's gonna take to get this going, but it needs to happen fast. I think it should've been in place yeeeears ago, along with guys getting their handwraps and gloves checked THOROUGHLY before and after fights. It's scary to see shit like guys getting brain damage and dying, and nobody seems to give a shit. Protect the fighters! If my fighter got brain damage during a fight, I'd expect his opponent to be tested and so on immediately after the fight...just to clear the air. I've seen and heard a lot more fighters being permanently injured in boxing than I have in MMA, not to say it doesn't happen over there, but at least they seem to give a shit about their fighters. 

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