By Mike Kogan | October 26, 2012

To be honest, there are a lot of sides to every story, and I know [Shane] Carwin's side was bitching about the way it was presented and Roy [Nelson] drawing up a press release and the way he said this and the way he said that, but at the end of the day, it all boils down to being a bunch of crap. It's like, "Well, he picked his nose and flicked a booger on me and that hurt me, so now I'm not going to do the drug tests." At the end of the day, the end result is simple: it's a fucking test, you going to take it or not? That's it! It's just that simple. And now they are trying to spin it all around on who is actually paying for it. Is this guy paying for it or that guy? Why is this guy paying? Why ain't that guy paying? It's like, dude, you gonna give blood or not? You can tap dance around the issue all the hell you want. It's not like we are taking it to Roy Nelson laboratories. It's the same fucking laboratories that everybody else uses. VADA is just an organization that places the stuff. They don't have testing facilities.

And then they were like, "They wrote some bullshit about Shane on their website. How can we trust them?" Dude, every time Dana White opens his mouth about Roy Nelson, some nasty shit come out. You never hear him say, "Roy Nelson, yeah, he's fucking gangsta dude. He went 3 rounds with our champion and this, that, and the other." No it's, "He is a pain in the ass, he's terrible, he's psychotic and the worst person I ever dealt with. He's horrible." So does that mean we shouldn't trust the UFC and we shouldn't fight you under their banner? It's retarded. At the end of the day, you gonna do this fucking test or not?

Then it's like, "We'll take the test if it's USADA or WADA." If I'm not mistaken, WADA has nothing to do with the actual testing of athletes. I believe that WADA is an agency that oversees USADA's testing process or some shit like that. They don't actually test anybody, so their dumb asses don't even know that. The only reason they are saying that shit is because we don't know what USADA'S cost is, but we are looking into it right now.  If their cost is not too much more than VADA or on par with it, we will do USADA, and then I wonder what their excuse will be after that because I know they will have to bust out with some excuse. "Oh, USADA didn't look at us right."

All Roy wants to do is use this platform to bring awareness to an existing issue within the MMA community that everybody talks about, but nobody wants to do a goddamn thing about. Don't get me wrong, the athletic commissions are doing a great job with the things that they have and the resources that they have. The State Athletic Commission cannot spend 10 grand on every fucking fighter to get them tested up and down and sideways. They just don't have that kind of money. I'm sure they want to, but they can't afford it. It's up to the individual to do it, and the best way to do that is to piece it together the best way you can and get guys to volunteer for it in high-profile fights, like BJ Penn did with Rory McDonald. You don't hear any drama coming out of that.

BJ said, "You mind doing the testing?" Rory said, "Nope, not at all." And now it's publicized and it's another positive example. It's one of those things where you can talk about it and put a fucking ribbon on your shirt and say I support extensive testing just like they do with everything else in the fucking country. It's like you can support the troops until they ask you to raise your taxes for them, and then it's like, wait, I gotta raise my taxes for them? Motherfucker, what do you think supporting the troops means? You can support breast cancer with a big pink fucking t-shirt and a ribbon, and then when it's time to take action, you just throw it under the bus like everybody else. You gotta do something about it.

Roy Nelson wanted to step up and do something about it and use this platform to bring some attention to it and Shane Carwin obviously doesn't want to do it because he's probably a fucking juicer. Well...he's been busted before, so we know that he is a juicer. And I know everybody is going to start ragging on Mo. Hey, Mo got busted with some shit and we explained where the shit came from as transparent as can be, so whatever, and he's paid up the ying yang for it. If USADA had a voluntary testing process for all fighters, he would be the first one in fucking line. So that's for all of those haters.

Anyway, moving on…then they said Roy released a press release saying that Shane already agreed. No he didn't.  He was speaking in third person, like when they asked did he think Shane would do it, he was like, "Yeah, I think Shane would do it. Why wouldn't he want to do it?" he didn't say Shane had agreed to it already. But that's fine if you don't want to do it; whatever and move on. I would be happy if he just came out and said, "Our fight is being governed by the Nevada State Athletic Commission and I believe in their testing." Keith Kizer has already instituted random testing that both Roy and Shane underwent randomly. He could say that's enough for us. They can say they don't believe they should go above the authority of the athletic commission and their testing. That's fine too and that's cool.

The whole thing is it's all of this drama because the fucking people wouldn't shit or get off the pot. Instead of just giving us an answer of what they are gonna do, they started bashing everybody around; "Roy sucks, VADA sucks, VADA and Roy are buddies, they wrote something about me and put it up and how can they defame me?" Defame you? Motherfucker, you failed the test. You defamed yourself. Mo failed a test. You don't hear me crying about every douchebag out there talking shit about Mo failing his test even though I know the truth. It's whatever. You do stupid shit or an accident happens and it affects you in a bad way, people are gonna have an opinion, get over it.

It's like the Floyd Mayweather situation. Floyd was like, Pacquiao is a gangsta boxer and if I'm gonna fight this dude, I want the playing field to be even. You are undefeated, so you don't want to lose to a motherfucker that was juicing or that you think was juicing. And even with the whole Pacquiao and Mayweather thing, Pacquiao was fucking dancing around the issue and saying he's afraid of needles, not on the same day, and this and that. Bitch, you're about to make $50 to $60 million dollars. It's nothing but a vial of blood. Why don't you just do it and shut the fuck up? It's not like they are asking for your genetic profile and cloning your ass. It's just a little vial of blood.

And with Shane Carwin, it's not even him being reluctant. It's just him not answering is what pissed me off. Everybody has a right to refuse stuff. I don't want to be like...his position could be very simple. Just because you decided to do it doesn't mean we're gonna do it. I don't want to do it for whatever reason; not because he's dirty, but whatever reason. I wouldn't bash the guy for that. I would bash him for other shit because he walks around talking a lot of shit about Roy. He doesn't even know what the fuck he's talking about talking about he's a backstabber. All of this drama came because they didn't give an answer. Instead of giving an answer, they started bitching about this and that. That's when people were like, "Wait a minute! If you don't have nothing to hide, why don't you do it?" I'm not a believer of if you don't have nothing to hide, then do it…that's like the US Government got all of this fucking wire- tapping going around. It's like if you are not a terrorist, then you shouldn't worry about it. Motherfucker, maybe I wanna have phone sex with my fucking wife and I don't want you listening to it. Just because I'm not a terrorist doesn't mean I want you listening to my fucking conversation. Well, it's the same here. Just because he's not a juicer doesn't mean he needs to give consent to give blood, but just give an answer. I don't want to do it. I don't give a fuck. They have yet to say anything publicly that makes fucking sense.

We are gonna give it one more chance and see if something is within a price range we see fit and either way, if he doesn't want to do it, we're just gonna put it to rest. This is not intended to try and trap somebody into getting busted. This was intended more as a positive role model thing and now it's turned into the fucking Jerry Springer Show. If you don't want to do it, don't do it. Go ahead and juice all the fuck you want; you're going to pay for it for the next couple of years anyway. And then they say shit like, "Roy should pay for it out of his pocket." Motherfucker, he's making 22 and 22 to fight your ass. If he spends 30 grand on fucking blood testing, after he beats your ass, he's gonna end up with 10 grand. Fuck that! It's not like he's Jon Jones. If he was Jon Jones, he would be testing everybody and paying for it out of his own pockets. They even tried to say Roy was scared and trying to get out of the fight. Motherfucker, you lost to Brock Lesnar. Roy Nelson is not afraid of you.

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