By Mike Kogan | January 03, 2013

The downfall of Strikeforce happened when Strikeforce was sold to Zuffa. When Zuffa purchased it, that was the downfall of Strikeforce. After that, it was operating like a red-headed stepchild, and in fairness to the guys that sweat their asses off and train their asses off just to fight on a Strikeforce card, they are all so much better off now that it's done with because now they have direction and some idea. They know when they are gonna fight and how they are gonna fight and whatever.

Some of these guys are getting one fight a year. You can't expect a guy to be a professional fighter and train 5 to 6 days a week and dedicate themselves 100% to a sport and earns 6 and 6 to fight, and he fights once a year, and make it. It's physically impossible. So for the guys' sake, I'm glad it's over. Like Mo said a while ago, it's a cancer and now it's finally died and it's great.

No matter how much you love grandpa, when he's peeing in the bed and stinking up the fucking place and leaving your room all fucked up and sick and in fucking pain, you just want his misery to end. Just die goddamnit and everybody will be better off. Strikeforce, before it was sold, was a great product and a great atmosphere and they had a lot of good momentum going. The team they had there was great and the fighters were happy. But now it's over and I'm glad it's over-over this time.

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