By Percy Crawford | February 27, 2013

"I would like to be back in there next month if I could; the next possible date. I mean, you know, give me a month to get ready. I have already been training and I am right near the cruiserweight limit right now. I stay around my weight. I stay in shape, so it's just about signing that paper and getting it started. I mean, I would fight pretty much everybody they have there. I'm ready to fight...hopefully I can get somebody in the ring soon," stated former heavyweight contender now fighting at cruiserweight, Eddie Chambers, who talked about his eagerness to get back into the ring and get a title shot. Check out what else he had to say!

PC: How are you doing Eddie? 

EC: I'm doing okay, man. I'm just eager to get back in fight mode, but I gotta get some of these guys to get in the ring first.

PC: For sure, and before we even get into that part of things, you suffered a bicep injury in your last fight against Tomasz Adamek. How is the bicep doing and have you been able to get over the way the Adamek fight ended?

EC: The bicep is good. It's as close to 100% as it's going to get at this point. I've been doing some strength and conditioning work with it and it feels good. I'm ready to get back in. However, the way that the fight ended with the decision not going my way, and in my mind, I felt like I did win that fight regardless of what other people think, but at the same time, the negative part of it, the loss, I feel like my stock didn't go down in my opinion at all. I think it went up because I fought with the injury and I was still competing and I fought through the adversity of what that kind of injury can bring. As far as the negative part, it's kind of lingering because of the fact that I can't get a fight. A lot of people are saying that I have injuries and I pull out of fights a lot, and just a lot of negative publicity that I have been getting from that for the last few fights, including this last one. It stings a bit and it's still there, but I'm ready to move forward and kind of ignore the detractors that have been saying those negative comments about me that I just mentioned.

PC: When you announced that you were going to cruiserweight, the boxing world seemed excited because a lot of people felt that's where you belonged, but unfortunately for you, the other cruiserweights didn't seem as enthused.

EC: Right, I agree 100%, man. Those guys don't really want it. I have been fighting guys so much bigger than me for so many years, and it's not like those guys couldn't box. I just feel I have been on another level as far as skills, but I had a disadvantage in size, so now I am in a situation where I am fighting guys my size for the first time ever. And it's pretty rare for me to see a guy who I am looking at eye to eye in the ring (laughing), so it's a little different. But I think there is no question about it as far as I am going to be extremely dangerous in this division. The only problem is, like you said, getting these guys in the ring. It's going to take some work to do it, but I'm up for the challenge.

PC: When you were a heavyweight, the belts were held over in Europe, and now that you are a cruiserweight, it's pretty much the same situation and those guys are able to dictate. How frustrating is that?

EC: Right! It seems like every division around 200 and up, the Europeans are controlling, so it makes it harder; makes it really really harder. It's hard enough getting a decision over in Europe, and now it's to the point where you can't even get a fight, and getting a decision if I do get the fight.

PC: Eddie Chambers may have to suck down to light heavyweight (laughing).

EC: (Laughing) If I could, I would be, man. I really would be. And then the fights would be a lot better and more exciting than in the cruiserweight division. Not saying those guys don't have talent in the cruiserweight division; there are some good, talented fighters there, but I don't think they are up to my standards.

PC: What's the timetable on when you would like to return?

EC: Man, I would like to be back in there next month if I could; the next possible date. I mean, you know, give me a month to get ready. I have already been training and I am right near the cruiserweight limit right now. I stay around my weight. I stay in shape, so it's just about signing that paper and getting it started. I mean, I would fight pretty much everybody they have there. I'm ready to fight.

PC: I know it's not a far decent down to cruiserweight for you, but physically, how do you feel since you took a few pounds off?

EC: I like it because the progression has gotten better when you look at the body, and I look more like the prototypical athlete now when you see me. So I'm actually enjoying the fact that I'm cutting up a little bit and getting abs. I'm happy about that, and the performance is actually getting better because taking some of that unnecessary weight that I had on makes me a little faster and mobile to where I can get around the ring and throw combinations. And my hands are pretty much gonna stay up at elite stage as far as hand speed. So with my hand speed, I can now move with feet along with it.

PC: I know you have your heart set on cruiserweight, but like you said, these guys are not running to fight you or sign on the dotted line. If something was to come up at heavyweight, are you willing to move back up without even taking a fight at cruiser to compete at heavyweight again?

EC: Absolutely. If it was the kind of opportunity that you would leave a division for a heavyweight championship, that would be something that I would definitely be interested in. I'm not the person that most people would seek out to fight, especially being that I don't have the fame behind me or the following behind me. I don't generate a lot of money or a lot of hype, so there is really nothing for me at heavyweight at this particular time, but then again, look at the cruiserweight division. There isn't a whole lot there either as far as people willing to step up to the plate. I just gotta hope that being a good person and a good fighter and working hard is going to get me to that title shot.

PC: You touched on this a little bit on Twitter, but when you see guys like David Haye, who can draw because he talks a lot and he can fight, but when you see guys like that who generate public attention, but choose to sit back and fight when he wants to and who he wants to, how difficult is that for you to stomach?

EC: It's very frustrating, man, because he chooses to be on the sideline, and I have to be on the sideline. Haye got people paying attention to him from all of the talk and all that stuff, and I'm happy for him, but it's frustrating to me because I'm somebody that wants to fight and needs to fight and excited to get in there and take on any challenge, and not just the ones that are gonna make all of the money. Of course that's partially what we do this for, but that's just one part of it. I want to make the fans happy and I want people to remember me as a great fighter, and I'm willing to take those fights to do that. Some of these other guys are just trying to get a couple of easy fights so they can get that money shot. That's not me. If you look at my resume, there are constant tough fight and huge guys, and so why can't I get the same opportunities that some of these other guys have that have been sitting around waiting for it, and they get it just because they say a few things or they are funny or they yell loud enough for people to hear them. I don't know, I guess I'm just not talking enough and I'm not speaking loud enough either.

PC: You may have to bust up in some press conferences.

EC: (Laughing) Well, that's not really me, but what I'm going to start doing is speaking the truth and just saying what I see and calling people on it, man. I see some of these heavyweights and cruiserweights out here that I believe are pretenders and not contenders, and that's the truth. I'm not gonna say any names at this point because we already know who they are, but since they are there and they do have titles, and they wanna say they are this and they did this and that and they don't have half of my resume, but still have belts, it makes me shake my head a little bit. But if they are who they say they are, then they need to step in the ring and prove it. I feel like I'm the perfect person to prove it on if they can do something.

PC: I hope something happens for you soon my man. Is there anything else you want to say before I let you go?

EC: For the boxing fans, the fans who do support the sport and who have been around for the good times for me and the bad, like right now, keep your eyes open. There are some great fighters who haven't been getting a lot of press recently, but time heals all and some of these fighters will get a chance to perform and bring boxing back to what it was in the glory years of the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's. I think that was some of the most exciting years in boxing and hopefully soon we will get back to that. I just hope the fans pay attention and stay with us. I will definitely keep you posted Percy and hopefully I can get somebody in the ring soon.

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