By Percy Crawford | February 26, 2013

During a recent interview with, Floyd Mayweather Sr. let it be known that Robert Guerrero isn't the only person who may be in trouble on May 4 now that he's back in his son's corner. "Guerrero is gonna be in trouble if he thinks he's kicking my son's ass, and like I told the reporter that came into the gym the other day, I don't give a fuck how old his daddy is, if he get out of line, I'll kick his ass. So my son gonna kick The Ghost ass and if his daddy get out of line, I'm gonna kick his ass," Mayweather stated, making it clear that he had no problems with stepping to Guerrero's own father should he get out of line during the promotion of the fight. Naturally, Guerrero's father, Ruben, took offense to the comment and wasted no time to respond.

"We can go in the parking lot, me and him, and let's see who's walking back. I'll kick his fucking ass, him and his son. I can meet both of them in the parking lot. I don't need Robert. I'll kick both of their fucking asses. That fucking ass will go down. They want to heat it up, I'll heat it up," Ruben Guerrero replied in a recent interview with Rick Reeno of "I'm 30-0 in the barrio, knocking fools out. I'm undefeated in street-fighting. I'm a street fighter bro. They brought him in because he's a band-wagon. I've been with my son since he was five years old. My son never treated me like a piece of shit on TV like his son did. That guy don't scare me. He ain't shit to me."

As you can guess, it didn't take long for Mayweather Sr. to respond once he got word of Ruben Guerrero's comments. "Wait until we get to the press conference. We gonna see, because I wish that motherfucker would call himself swinging on me. They can close the door because I'm gonna put his ass on the floor. He don't need to worry about what happened between me and my son. Worry about what's gonna happen to your son and your ass if you run up on me. I wish that motherfucker would call himself coming up on me. I don't know where he was shot at, but I bet it wasn't worse than when I got shot. I'm gonna break his ass down, so I hope he didn't get shot in the body," Mayweather Sr. fired back. "Then again, I'm gonna hit him on the fucking chin anyway, so it don't matter. Motherfucker was talking shit about Lil' Floyd and that ain't gonna go down. He say he fucking 30-0 in the streets? He can get ready to be 30-1 because I don't fuck around. I will be 60 years old on March 15th and I bet you I will break any motherfucking 50-something-year-old motherfucker down. It don't matter how old he is. I will be at all the press conferences and when he see me, he better be ready. None of that street talking shit scare me, motherfucker. He better check my reputation. Like I said, they better close the door and give him room to fall if that motherfucker get in my face, because I'm gonna whoop his ass and you can mark my words on that. Watch what I tell you. He getting into some shit he ain't ready for. This was the most exciting call I could have got, Percy."

I think May 4 just got a little bit more exciting!

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