By Paul Magno | January 11, 2018

Thursday is Sack day...and that means it’s time to pull out my humongous, distended sack, pick off the lint, and let loose with what’s inside. Stand back, this could get messy.

Mayweather, The Promoter


I just heard the interview where Floyd Mayweather says Top Rank only promotes Hispanic fighters and he would be able to make fighters big stars.

I agree with what he said about Top Rank, the same could be said about Golden Boy in which they only focus on Hispanic fighters (and I'm Hispanic btw). However I honestly don't think Mayweather is a good promoter. One of the best to ever lace up a pair of gloves? Most definitely, a good promoter? Not in my opinion.

Am I the only one that remembers the UK fight that Tank Davis had and he made it about himself? Also he tried building jleon love, Jack, Bey, and Tank. Even Jessie Vargas. None of those guys are stars, and Jack is highly underrated IMO.

Anyways that's just my opinion on the matter. What do you think?

Keep up the good work man.

-- Aldo Sandoval

Hi Aldo.

I think Mayweather is great at promoting himself, but really hasn’t shown an ability to turn off that self-promotion switch when it comes to his fighters. As a result, every one of his guys is promoted as “Mayweather’s fighter” and not always as his own man. That’s fine in the short term, but not so great in the long term. And, in the case of Mayweather fighters who actually go on to be true world class fighters, it’s a real shame because they are always in the shadow of their promoter. On some level, this is to be understood. Mayweather IS a larger than life figure and one who is extremely polarizing in the sport, but he has to learn to step back and learn to promote his own guys according to their own assets and charms, rather than as extensions of his own legacy.

Keith Thurman, Diva?

Brother Magno. Keep keeping these people honest. I love that somebody lays the truth out there. You don’t see it ever in the boxing media. 

Anyway, I know you been critical of him before, but what’s gotten into Keith Thurman’s head? He’s talking about not fighting Spence or anybody really and then he goes off on this rant like he’s Floyd Mayweather, talking about knowing the business and letting the Spence fight get bigger. He used to be way different in how he approached the public. Does he got a big head now? What do you think of Thurman and where he’s at now?

-- R. Taylor

Hi, R.

Somebody got into Thurman’s head, that’s for sure. If Thurman was such a great businessman, he’d know not to TELL the public that he plans on stringing them along. Even if he truly felt that it would be in everyone’s best interest to put off an Errol Spence bout, what the hell does he gain by thinking aloud about his plan? If I were the voice in his ear, I’d tell him ‘Shut up and at least pretend to be eager to satisfy the fans-- you are NOT Floyd Mayweather.’ For many reasons, Mayweather was able to get away with talking business in public. Everyone else who tries it comes off as having a cringe-worthy lack of self-awareness. In other words, Thurman looks goofy playing the role of welterweight prima donna and it’s not at all smart to be on record as being the one intentionally standing in the way of a fight the fans want.  

Khan and Broner: Pair of Aces or Two Jokers?

Khan and Broner are coming back. Do you think they can turn things around and make good on their potential or are they just screw ups for life?

-- Anonymous

I’m leaning towards the latter. Khan has just signed a three-fight deal with Eddie Hearn in the UK and Broner is once again pledging a return to seriousness...but there’s no reason to believe that, as men, they will be the least bit different this time around. Both are phenomenal physical talents with charismatic personalities, who STILL found a way to screw things up. And, unless something big happens in their respective careers, their legacies will scream of wasted potential. 

Hate Boxing?


How come you never have anything positive to say about boxing? Do you even like the sport? Why don’t you focus on the positive things like rising stars and the good fights that do get made? Given that you hate everything about boxing it’s crazy that you took a job writing about it.

-- Mike Smitt


I don’t see the point in being just another boxing writer regurgitating press release talking points and pretending not to see the realities of the world they cover. There are plenty of writers out there who live in a fantasy land and happily blather on about pointless, meaningless nonsense. And there are many others who are flat-out on the take and eager to be some promoter’s media bottom bitch. I sure hope that there’s room for one or two of us who actually want to report on reality and write about something beyond the scope of advanced public relations. Admittedly, it’s hard to make a living in this business if you’re not aspiring to be a puppet of some sort, but I’ve found my niche and have been making a modest living for awhile now. So, there’s a market for what I do. What you should be asking yourself is why no other writers who apply critical thought to the business can find a way to make a buck. The business despises critical thought and will move to silence anyone speaking beyond the perimeters of pre-approved talking points and strategic marketing plans. But things would be infinitely better for both fans and fighters if there were a few more people out here speaking with insight and their hearts on their sleeves. 

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