By Jon Reynoso | August 23, 2011

"I strongly believe that if there's going to be a knockout in this fight, it's going to come from me. I don't feel like Andre Ward has got the punching power, and even if he did, you know, I got the granite chin. I've been dubbed as having the granite chin. I can't be stopped. I'm a beast, it's as simple as that. You can't knock me out. You can laugh all you want, but I will not stopped. If there's a knockout in this fight, it will come from me; that's for sure. I've got the ability to hit Andre Ward on the chin with one shot and stretch him out," stated an extremely confident Carl Froch as both he Andre Ward took questions from the media in attendance during today's press conference held in New York to announce their highly-anticipated showdown in the finals of the Super six tournament. Check out what else both fighters had to say!

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