By Michael A. Bryant II | December 07, 2011

"I'm going with Khan...When you look at Peterson, with the story or without the story, he's a major threat. To me, is Amir Khan looking to get a win and not a struggle and not a resistance from Peterson, then it's going to be a long night for Amir Khan. But I think it's going to be a shootout early on and the best plans wins. The best plans wins; the best training and conditioning, mentally, and stick to the game. I don't think the corner is going to play a role in who win or lose this fight...I don't see this fight going 12 rounds. I see this fight going 7 or 8 rounds tops," stated future Hall of Famer, who talked about this Saturday's jr. welterweight showdown betwen champion Amir Khan and challenger Lamont Peterson. Check out what else he had to say about the fight, the late great Joe Frazier, and much more.

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