"We actually started yesterday. He is a very fun guy. He's a lot like Mo, but he's also combative. He is a very nice guy and one thing I can honestly say that I didn't understand is that this guy has great defense," stated world-class trainer Jeff Mayweather, who revealed that he'll be working with UFC heavyweight contender Roy Nelson to help him prepare for his upcoming May 26th clash with Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva at UFC 146. Having previously worked with former Strikeforce light heavyweight champion King Mo Lawal and former UFC light heavyweight champion Vitor Belfort, Mayweather is quickly beginning to establish himself in the world of mixed martial arts. He's looking forward to helping Nelson improve his standup in the coming weeks.

"He's a very fun guy and he's entertaining. He loves to have fun, even when he's working out and stuff; he's a lot like Mo in that aspect. He is a fun guy to work with. My whole thing is that I'm trying to tighten his defense up, maybe increase his hand speed and increase his punch output a little bit. In the first day, I can say I was surprised by his defense," Mayweather explained. "He is a very fun guy to work with, very talkative, combative, and a lot like Mo when it comes to me doing my 'Doom' session. But it's one of those situations where hopefully I can add to him and he will take my advice in the right way and he can pull off this victory. I heard this is a very important fight for him and his UFC career is basically on the line."