Moments ago, undefeated lightweight contender Mercito Gesta scored a unanimous decision over a very game Oscar Cuero, who pressed the action looking to make a fight out of it despite the fact that the 15-7 Colombian was obviously brought in just to be an opponent. Early in the fight, Gesta appeared to be hunting for the knockout as he allowed Cuero to find some success outworking him at times. Regardless, the body work of Gesta, which would pay dividends later in the fight, allowed him to maintain control of the rounds.

As the fight continued, it was clear that Gesta's body shots were taking their toll on Cuero, who looked like he was beginning to tire. In the 5th round, Cuero was deducted a point for holding as the fatigue was setting in. In the 7th, Gesta picked up the attack against the tired Cuero, chopping down the body before ultimately scoring a knockdown early in the round. Although Cuero would survive, it was the beginning of the end. In round  8, another right hand would put Cuero down again. While he beat the count, the referee had seen enough and called a halt to the action.