By Editor | November 15, 2008

Monte Barrett makes his way to the ring first. He looks anxious and ready to get the fight started as he hops back and forth in his corner. He looks to be in great shape. David Haye enters next to the sounds of McFadden & Whitehead's "Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now." He takes his time making his way to the ring as he smiles and plays to the crowd. Haye also looks to be in great shape.

Both men come out pawing with their jabs falling short. They trade jabs. Haye lands a jab to the body. Barrett is stalking. Haye lands another jab. Right hand lands for Haye. Another right lands for Haye. 1-2 from Haye falls short. Barrett coming in a little more cautious. Jab lands for Haye. Barrett lands a jab to the body and they clinch. Left hookercut lands for Haye. They clinch. Lead straight right from Hay snaps the head back of Barrett. Double jab lands for Barrett. Round to Haye.

Haye 10 Barrett 9

Barrett lunging in a bit with his jab. Jab lands for Barrett, but Haye answers with a quick 1-2. They trade jabs. Wild left hook from Barrett just misses Haye upstairs. Short, chopping right hook lands on the inside for Haye. Barrett shoves him to the canvas. Another WILD hook from Barrett misses haye. Jab to the body lands for Haye. Nice right hand lands for Barrett. Haye answers with a right. Barrett lands a jab. A better round for Barrett, who may have won the round on the strength of the big right hand he landed, but I give to Haye for outworking him.

Haye 20 Barrett 18


Barrett stalking as Haye looks to circle and counter. Wild left hook from Barrett misses. Woooooo...another WILD right hand from Barrett misses and Haye counters with a nice right hand. 1-2 lands for Haye and Barrett taunts him. Right hand lands for Barrett and Haye backs up to the ropes. Barrett lands a series of shots to the back of Haye's head along the ropes. The ref gives him a warning. Both men roughhouse on the inside. WOOOOOOOOOO....BIG left hook lands for Haye and Barrett is down. He's up. He takes the count. Barrett comes forward and both men swing wildly. Another right hand lands for Haye and Barrett is down again. He's up again. Another right lands for Haye. Barrett holds on. There's the bell. BIG round for Haye as the crowd is on it's feet cheering.

Haye 30 Barrett 25


Barrett shoots out a slow jab. Haye lands a left to the body. Barrett lands a jab. BIG left hook and a right hand lands for Haye. Another left hook lands for Haye. Barret swings and misses with a wild right hand. Haye grazes him with a right as he misses and Barret goes down again. He's up and takes the count. Right hand lands for Haye. Another. Wooooo...another nice lead straight right lands for Haye. OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH....HUGE uppercut lands for Haye and  Barrett is floored as he crumples to the canvas. WOOOOOOOOO. He gets up, but he looks done. The ref let's it continue and there's the bell. WOW. Barrett's corner should seriously think about stopping this out of concern for the health of their fighter. Round to Haye.

Haye 40 Barrett 32


Left hook lands for Haye. Right and a left lands for Haye. Haye slips and falls to the canvas and Barrett takes a cheap shot at him while he's down. The ref takes a point from Barrett. The action resumes. Haye charges Barrett. Another uppercut, left hook and a right hand lands for Haye and Barrett is down again. That's it. It's over.

Haye TKO5


"I'm the hardest pound-for-pound puncher in any division," stated Haye. Vitali Klitschko, who was in attendance and standing next to Haye during the post-fight interview, remarked, "I was very impressed by the fight." Haye continued, "It doesn't matter if it's Wladimir or Vitali...either of the Klitsckho's the biggest fight in heavyweight boxing so let's make it happen...Monte Barrett, he's been around the block and I dispatched him in style...I want to be the heavyweight champion of the world...the two Klitschko brothers next year...big plans, big dreams."

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