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If you missed the chat session with UFC heavyweight contender Pat Barry, check out the entire transcript to see what he had to say. "I would like to fight Struve. It would be a David and Goliath. I think I will match up with him because he's a great kickboxer. I would like to fight him next and then work my way up to Kongo," he stated and you don't want to miss what else he had to say about his dominant win over Antoni Hardonk at UFC 104, his future plans and much more. Check it out!

thehype: FightHype would like to welcome Pat Barry to tonight's chat session.

PAT BARRY: Fresh outta surgery and chatting with the fans.

PAT BARRY: Get Hype on Fighthype!

foxxrock: Hey Pat. Congrats on the win. What did you think about your performance?

PAT BARRY: Thanks!

PAT BARRY: That fight was exactly what we trained to do. It was exactly the gameplan and I finally, for the first time, didn't stray away from it.

nookiedpollution: out of 10 how would you rate your takedown defense?

PAT BARRY: It needs a lot of work and if you're referring to the takedown defense against Hardonk in Round 1, it was not a takedown attempt. I dropped him with a short right hand.

PAT BARRY: My takedown defense is still very suspicious.

PAT BARRY: I really don't know how my takedown defense is right now.

Gegard: Prior to the fight, was it difficult to get ready mentally knowing that you were fighting a friend?

PAT BARRY: NO. That made it a little bit more relaxing to know I was fighting a guy that I knew. Who would you be more nervous to fight, your brother or a guy with a tattoo of a knife on his forehead?

Hankton: Who do you think are some of the better strikers in the heavyweight division?

PAT BARRY: Myself, Hardonk and Kongo.

Jinky: What's been the most difficult transition from K-1 to the UFC?

PAT BARRY: Wrestling and Jiu Jitsu is the hardest part, but when it comes to my striking game, I actually have to dumb it down a little and slow it down in order to be effective in MMA.

PAT BARRY: And them long ass shorts are the hardest part (laughing).

Lockart: How much farther away do you think you are from a title shot?

PAT BARRY: Very! Very far away. I've only had 3 fights in the UFC and I've shown that I'm very suspect on the ground.

thehype: That's okay...Lesnar didn't have many fights before his title shot and he's very suspect on his feet (laughing).

PAT BARRY: I want to fight the best, but I'm willing to take my time.

Monk: How soon would you like to get back in the Octagon and is there anyone in particular that you think would be a good matchup for you style-wise?

PAT BARRY: I am literally 2 hours out of surgery and still in my hospital gown right now with my ass sticking out.

PAT BARRY: I would like to fight Struve. It would be a David and Goliath. I think I will match up with him because he's a great kickboxer. I would like to fight him next and then work my way up to Kongo.

PAT BARRY: No doubt. My boy Percy from Louisiana come on.

foxxrock: Who are some of the fighters you looked up to coming up in this game?

PAT BARRY: Guys like Fedor, Cro Cop and Kevin Randleman.

PAT BARRY: Mike Tyson is my hero though.

nookiedpollution: i'm surprised you didn't use that many leg kicks on your last 2 fights, why is that?

PAT BARRY: You don't get in and kick with a kicker. You're not going to outbox Tyson. Hardonk was expecting me to kick him, so I punched him to death.

PAT BARRY: My bad, I'm getting my prescriptions in.

thehype: Getting or taking (laughing)?


PAT BARRY: My hand is throbbing (laughing).

Gegard: What do you think about Kimbo Slice or any of the other heavyweights competing on TUF? It seems like a lot of them are a level or two below some of the current contenders.

PAT BARRY: And they are. Not they are, but they seem that way. Kimbo Slice is a name and from a business standpoint, he is very neccessay, but as a fighter, I don't think he should be in the UFC. But fans like to see big guys beat each other up.

PAT BARRY: From a business standpoint, I understand it, but do us legitimate fighters like it? NO! But we will just have to get them out one at a time.

Hankton: What do you like to do during your down time?

PAT BARRY: I'm a pizza and a movie guy. I like to go home to New Orleans and never leave. Ever! I'm in my natural habitat.

Jinky: When you train, is there any particular area that you concentrate more on, like your ground game, or do you work everything equally?

PAT BARRY: I focus more on wrestling and Jiu Jitsu than anything else in my arsenal, but that doesn't mean I don't focus on my striking.

PAT BARRY: I will never neglect my striking.

Lockart: What's the hardest part of training?

PAT BARRY: Going back to practice the next day. If you can get to the gym, then practice is easy. The hardest part is going back the next day.

Jinky: Do you think there should be some kind of ranking system in the UFC?

PAT BARRY: I think it's fine the way it is because it works. If it ain't broke, dont fix it. Just relax and let it go.

PAT BARRY: Don't rock that boat baby!

Monk: What do you think is the biggest fight that can be made in the UFC or in all MMA?

PAT BARRY: Fedor vs. Gina Carano. That would be the most known fight known to this universe.

thehype: The sad thing is that I'd pay to watch that (laughing).

PAT BARRY: Me too.

nookiedpollution: hey Pat, when's the last time you were in a street fight?

PAT BARRY: Never. Not once in 30 years. I run too fast.

foxxrock: Do you think Kimbo will beat Houston Alexander assuming they do fight at 107?

PAT BARRY: No! Kimbo Slice is not a trained fighter. He's a really tough street guy, but not a tough fighter. Houston has more training.

Gegard: Who do you like in the Fedor vs. Rogers fight?


PAT BARRY: I would love for Fedor to lose, but I don't think Rogers is the man to beat him.

thehype: FightHype would like to thank Pat Barry for taking time out to chat with us tonight.

PAT BARRY: Thanks for coming out! Keep supporting me and shout out to New Orleans. Get Hype on Fighthype baby!

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