NABO heavyweight champion and future Hall-of-Famer James Toney continues his quest to fight for the UFC and whether you want to see "Lights Out" inside of the Octagon or not, you have to admire his persistence. He's already traveled to Memphis, Tennessee and Las Vegas, Nevada to track Dana White and he doesn't plan on stopping there. "I know where Dana White lives at. I will be at his house if he doesn't get this thing done," laughed Toney.

Toney spoke to about an opportunity he once had to spar with an MMA fighter. That moment could very well have been the catalyst that sparked his interest in contacting White. "I sparred with Arlovski before. It was ugly. They had to pull me off of him. They didn't want to let that go on for too long," recalled the outspoken Toney. Thus far, his persistence has paid off to an extent, as he was able to secure a sit down meeting with the UFC President following UFC 108 in Vegas. Whether or not the UFC will move forward with plans to bring Toney in remains to be seen, but the idea is intriguing and has sparked a number of discussions around the internet.