By Percy Crawford | April 19, 2010

"Bernard Hopkins was saying he wants to fight Lucian Bute? Come on, dog! Bute would knock Bernard Hopkins out," stated future Hall of Famer James "Lights Out" Toney in a recent conversation with FightHype. Impressed with the IBF super middleweight champion's win over Edison Miranda this weekend, Toney strongly believes that Bute would likely be the first person to stop the aging Hopkins. "I have been telling ya'll for years Hopkins is a fraud. He went from calling out David Haye, a heavyweight, to calling out Bute, who is a super middleweight. He saw something in Bute and wanted that fight. After last night, he may be asking for a Pavlik rematch," Toney continued.

Of course, it should come as no surprise that Toney believes Hopkins would prefer a rematch with Pavlik, who lost his middleweight titles to Sergio Martinez on the same night, as opposed to facing Bute. For years, Toney, a former middleweight, super middleweight and cruiserweight champion himself, has campaigned for a showdown with Hopkins to no avail. Many consider both Toney and Hopkins to be the last of a dying breed of old school fighters who, despite having their careers intertwined through common opponents, never had a chance to face each other for one reason or another. It's Toney's opinion, however, that the reason why is because Hopkins has always been more concerned about fighting high reward, low risk fights and as such, will likely change his tune about facing Bute after Saturday's 3rd round knockout of Edison Miranda. "He's not going to want anything to do with Bute. Bernard Hopkins is a cross dresser," Toney added.

Toney also took the time to address recent comments made by heavyweight Jonathan Banks, who informed that he was in L.A. looking for Toney's mansion so he could become his neighbor in hopes of enticing him into an eventual showdown. "Tell Jonathan Banks good luck! He can't afford my real estate and I'm not hard to find, so he wasn't looking too damn hard. All of these dudes are coward's man," Toney boasted. Naturally, it didn't take him long to direct his discussion about cowards towards the Klitschko brothers, particularly Vitali Klitschko, who allegedly backed out of a fight with Toney a few months ago after originally coming to a verbal agreement. "I see Klitschko calling out David Haye talking about he done bitched out of a fight with him and his brother. Both of them done bitched out on fights with me, so what is he saying," Toney noted as he shared his thoughts on a viral video that Wladimir Klitschko released on YouTube. "None of these dudes want to see me right now! I am putting in work; I'm busting ass in that gym!"


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