By Percy Crawford | February 07, 2011

There's no time to think; only time to react! In this unique series, get inside the mind of your favorites fighters and industry insiders. Similar to a game of Word Association, we get their initial first thoughts after given a single word or a simple phrase. You don't want to miss their responses, some of which are sure to surprise you. So without further ado, check out the reaction time of former Strikeforce light heavyweight champion King Mo Lawal.


"We taking over. We're becoming complete fighters and taking it to a whole other level."

Japanese fans

"Loyal to the day you die. They are always there for you. They are respectful and the best fans in the world."

US fans

"Fair weather; the educated are few and the bandwagons are many."


"Great fighter; one of the best ever."

Scott Coker

"Cool as hell. He's a good guy and he's respectful. He is a quiet riot."

Mayweather vs. Pacquiao

"Oh my God! I hope it happens. I hope it happens. It would be the biggest fight in combat sports, period. I don't care what nobody says. I hope it happens. Man, I hope it happens. I'm crossing my fingers and my toes."

UFC fans vs. MMA fans

"UFC fans just follow the UFC and their fighters. MMA fans follow everything because they enjoy watching fights, and that's the way it should be. If you are a MMA fan, then you enjoy the fighters and the fights, and they don't take any of this for granted. If you want to just be a UFC fan, that's cool, but you're not truly a fan of the sport, just an organization, so how is the sport going to grow when the fans aren't willing to?"

Anderson Silva vs. Georges St. Pierre

"Ah man, that would be a big fight. Spider vs. Rush is like the MMA version of Mayweather vs. Pacquiao."

King Mo vs. the winner of the Strikeforce heavyweight tournament

(Laughing) "If the money is right, I will do it!"


"Man, it depends. I don't have much to say to them because I ain't fucking with the media that much no more. I only fuck with a few people here and there; the ones that I think are educated and the ones that are cool and I feel are not biased. That's who I'm fucking with."

Dana White

"Smart dude. He makes his money. He controls the media; he controls everybody. He is a controller. He is the clean, white version of Don King."


"Big thangs; mad wins and no losses. I'm only gonna have that one loss from the past and that's all."

MMA in 5 years

"I don't know; hopefully co-promotion; Co-Promotion baby!"

If you can be any fighter in their prime, who would it be?

"Emanuel Augustus or James Toney. If I was Emanuel, I would learn the management side of it a little better. I'm not bashing him, but I would have made sure my career was more guided. If I'm James Toney, I would keep doing my thing. I would talk a lot more. I would talk about everybody!" (Laughing)

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