By Charlene May | March 13, 2011

On Saturday, March 12, 2011, the MGM Grand Arena in Connecticut was rocking to the tune of another win for the people's champion, Sergio "Maravilla" Martinez. Martinez was in it to win it the minute he stepped onto the canvas. The champion executed his plan beautifully, and ended the night in stellar fashion. The impressive win confirmed that Martinez is a force to be reckoned with in the fight game, and secured his reputation as one of the top two active fighters in the sport.

The HBO televised event faced off with the Showtime pay-per-view event, Cotto vs. Mayorga, on Saturday night. WBC Emeritus Champion Sergio Martinez (47-2-2, 26 KOs) faced the previously unbeaten, WBO junior middleweight champion Sergiy Dzinziruk (37-1, 23 KOs). Martinez was brilliant as he followed his game plan nearly to perfection, scoring a TKO in round eight.

Once again, Sergio Martinez proved to boxing fans that he is indeed a valiant warrior, a pure fighter with the heart of a champion; a champion that has earned his title. Saturday night, Martinez penetrated his opponent's defense, dropping him five times during the fight, three times in round eight prior to the stoppage.

Martinez not only talks the talk, he walks the walk. In a previous interview, he emphasized how intelligence, hard work, passion, as well as physical prowess plays a part of who he is as a fighter. "The most important thing is to work very hard because the level I'm at now, I don't want to diminish. To be on this level, I need to give 100% of myself, not just talent, but hard work. Talent is nothing without hard work," said Martinez.

Sergiy Dzinziruk is no slouch, but he was hardly ready for what Martinez brought to the ring. Martinez demonstrated speed, focus, and offered up an arsenal of punches that seemed to shock his opponent.

Despite the absence of the Emeritus Champion's trainer, Gabriel Sarmiento, Martinez remained true to the mission en route to his dream of being the number one pound-for-pound champion. This is one fighter that isn't looking for easy fights. He embraces the sport and all that it should and could be; the best fighting the best.

Martinez is eager and ready to step up and has earned the best fights. He's a network's dream. I hope network executives can see the potential of this rock star in the making, a rock star that the people embrace. I have yet to speak to a fan or member of the media that doesn't like this fighter and hold him in high regard.

Martinez values the legacy of being great. Martinez also values fans and embraces every moment he is afforded to fight the fight. Martinez not only delivers as a boxer, he delivers as a man that works to help others in need, and embraces being a role model, using his influence for good. However, the gentle giant is one that promoters are beginning to fear, and rightfully so. The dude can throw a punch.

I look forward to seeing who will step up and face Martinez next. He is a fighter that remains true to his goal and invites the best into the ring. He has proven to me, from his words and actions, that he is as real on the inside as the work and intelligence he puts into every bout. "I don't know about my opponent, but for me, most of it is mental. Physically, I can be the smaller man and not the powerful man that is across the ring, but I will be the smarter man and I will beat him mentally," Martinez explained. He may have his head in the game, but make no mistake, his body is in the gym as well.

While I admire the mental strength of Sergio Martinez, the fighter has the technical and physical prowess that separates him from his opponents. Sergio "Maravilla" Martinez is indeed making his mark in the fight game. Most importantly, he is elevating a sport that's been hungry for a valiant warrior that is ready to step up and deliver the goods to fans. He is a fighter ready to handle the job of being the king of the ring, and all that it entails.

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