By Ben Thompson | August 20, 2011

Recently, recieved word that Michael Koncz, on behalf of promoter Bob Arum, traveled to the Philippines armed with information that they hoped would convince pound-for-pound champion Manny Pacquiao to terminate the services of VisionQwest Resource Group, the company he hired to review all of his business contracts dating back to 2005 to ensure that all of his accounting, both business and personal, is in order. In two separate interviews, however, Koncz has "adamantly" denied the report, focusing primarily on the fact that Arum had nothing to do with his trip to the Philippines. That being said, feels compelled to provide more information on the subject.

Speaking to Ronnie Nathanielsz of the Daily Inquirer, an "angry" Koncz would comment, "I am adamantly denying it right now and whoever that so-called source is, is full of bullshit!" He continued, "[Arum has] no right to interfere with people employed by Manny. Why would he do such a thing? Bob never did such a thing," before closing with, "[the claim] is totally absurd and I have no idea who this person close to VisionQwest is." It should be noted that I never said the source was "close to VisionQwest". What I said was that the source was "close to the information". Shortly after that, Koncz would also go on record with Timothy James Sladeck, who operates Manny Pacquiao's official website,, stating, "Who the hell is Bob Arum to instruct Manny Pacquiao on who he should hire or not hire? Bob has never interfered with Many Pacquiao's businesses or who Manny Pacquiao hires...and I am not Arum's personal courier and you can quote me on that." It should also be noted that when it came time for Manny Pacquiao to sign his contract to face Juan Manuel Marquez, it was Koncz, as opposed to a representative of Top Rank, who traveled to the Philippines and back to get the job done, so in a sense, he is acting as a courier for Bob Arum.

Nevertheless, those are interesting comments from Koncz, who appears to be contacting everyone except the original author, myself, to let them know that in no way, shape, or form is he doing anything on behalf of Bob Arum and that no one is interfering with Manny Pacquiao's business affairs. Keep in mind, Michael Koncz has my phone number, as well as my email address, and yet at no time has he reached out to me to dispute the story or enquire about my source, although in his conversation with Sladeck, he claims to have an idea of who it is. The truth of the matter is that he has no idea, but according to our source, shortly after a representative of VisionQwest contacted the Nevada State Athletic Commission in an attempt to gather information pertaining to Pacquiao's bout agreements, Arum did indeed go on the offensive, arming Koncz with information to present to the eight-divison champion. Apparently, Koncz had a meeting with Pacquiao and presented him documentation that made it appear as though VisionQwest "tricked him" into signing a power of attorney that granted them full control of his business affairs. Naturally, that did not please Pacquiao and he stormed out of the meeting with the intent to terminate the services of VisionQwest.

Although Koncz is denying our report, shortly after the story broke, Michael Lodge, President & CEO of VisionQwest Resource Group, contacted via email  with the following statement: "VisionQwest has arrived in Makati, Philippines and will meet with Manny to address all open issues." Now, if my source is "full of bullshit" and the claim is "totally absurd", as Koncz states, then why would the President & CEO of VisionQwest Resource Group contact me out of the blue to let me know they would be meeting with Pacquiao to "address all open issues"? Perhaps Koncz can contact Nathanielsz and Sladeck, or me for that matter, and let us know exactly what prompted VisionQwest to contact me. Seeing as how he recently told Lem Satterfield, "I'm the one who is dealing with VisionQwest, and I'm the one who is providing them with all of the documentation and all of the access to the bank records, including my own," surely he must know why Michael Lodge would send me that statement. Clearly something's going on, so if I were Koncz, I don't know if I would be so quick to dismiss the story.


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